i was washing my car
wearing just a bikini
everyone who passed by
was happy to see me
you came out of the house
and wet me with the hose
i was soaking wet
from my head to my toes
you lathered me up
with the soap for the car
i felt so sexy
just like a porn star
you pinned me to the car
with my back to you
i was so excited
and you were too
i felt the bulge in your shorts
when you pressed against me
i was begging to be fucked
because you had me so horny
you pulled my bikini bottoms
to the side
and up my soapy asshole
your dick did slide
your hands were gripping my cheeks
as you banged my pucker
a neighbor walked by
calling you a lucky mother fucker
we fucked like animals
in the wild
another neighbor went by
and he just smiled
we were putting on a show
for the whole neighborhood
but it didn't matter to us
'cause we were feelin' so good
your cock was in so deep
as far as it could go
when you started fucking me faster
i knew you were ready to blow
my asshole was juicey
and my muscles were tight
the urger to cum
we could no longer fight
you spun me around
and pushed me to my knees
then you came all over
my soapy titties
i felt so dirty
but at least the car was clean
and the neighborhood applauded
our soapy sex scene

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