tagErotic PoetryWet Wild & Untamed

Wet Wild & Untamed


Walking in town, shopping for items needed for tonight's dinner,
My thoughts preoccupied from the hurt I have suffered
At the hand of men over the past few years,
Bringing me down, clouding my once vibrant eyes.

Suddenly, the clouds opened up its doors, and it began to rain,
Soft, warm, misty rain, falling upon the city.
Raising my smooth face upon the heavens,
I closed my dark green eyes, welcoming it, as it washes away my pain.

Reaching up with my silky fingers, I take the clip
From my wild, wavy dark auburn hair,
Freeing it from the constraints...wild like a Vixen.
I laugh lustily as it falls in a wild dark silk cloud around my shoulders.

Shaking my head slightly, I rake my fingers through the wild mass,
Sending curls of fiery chestnut hair cascading all around me,
As the warm misty rain coats it, in a caressing touch.
I rejoice in its cleansing of my soul, while others scramble for cover.

Walking home with my shopping bags in hand, my eyes light up,
With the vitality of a wild feline in the throws of pleasure; I'm so untamed.
Men watch and their eyes widen in male appreciation,
Of the wild thing I have become as the rain pours all over my petite frame

I run my fingers through my wild mass of wet auburn hair,
As raindrops run down my silky skin...over my soft lips.
I lick them, tasting the rain drops with my tongue,
Feeling wild, beautiful and free, as the rain washes over me!

Note: This really did happen to me this afternoon. While everyone ran for cover as it began to pour, I walked through the streets, with my skirt and blouse, feeling the water wash over me, coating my clothes to my voluptuous body. My dark hair was a wild cloud around me, wet and wild...as men watched me,....but I did not smile at them, I was so pre occupied feeling the rush of the rain, lifting my spirits, rejuvinating my soul...and placing a smile upon my lips..that I needed very much this day....*smiles with feline grace*

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