tagNon-Erotic PoetryWheeler Dealer Rufus Brown!

Wheeler Dealer Rufus Brown!

byUncle Pervey©

A "Wheeler Dealer" named Rufus Brown,
Got an idea in his brain.
He "thought" the "notion" he came up with,
Would make him MONEY without PAIN!

Old "Wheeler Dealer" Rufus dressed up,
Just like he thought a "Gangster" would.
The "Sharkskin" suit he put on was WHITE,
And his "Black" shirt and tie looked GOOD!

He'd bought a pair of "Lizard-skin" shoes,
Italian made with "pointed" toes.
He squared off his wide-brimmed "Fadora,"
And in his lapel STUCK a ROSE!

Old Rufus examined himself GOOD,
In a "full-length" mirror he had.
He grinned and gave his image a wink,
And said "You ain't lookin' too bad!"

Old Rufus jumped into his "Caddy,"
And headed for the "Horse" races.
He figured he'd get the INSIDE dope,
And BET all the "WINNER" places!

The "Wheeler Dealer" was lookin' GOOD,
But was a LITTLE OUT of STYLE.
All the "Hoodlums" dressed like "Bankers" now,
And saw him COMIN' for a MILE!

They'd HEARD about the "Wheeler Dealer,"
And they quickly "figured" his game.
So they'd LEAD him ON when he CAME!

Old Rufus Brown the "Wheeler Dealer,"
Acted just like the "Gangster" shows.
He "talked his TRASH" all over the place,
And "snickered" and "winked" like the "Pros!"

The "Hoodlums" in their dark "pin-stripe" suits,
And "wearing" "conservative" ties,
Laughed theirselves SILLY behind his back,
And fed the "Wheeler Dealer" lies!

They HAD all the RACES fixed alright,
And TIPPED Rufus to each "Winner."
Everyone that is EXCEPT the LAST,
And the EIGHTH race WAS the "SKINNER!"

Old Rufus Brown the "Wheeler Dealer,"
Won his MONEY with a HOT pace.
He made it clean up to "Fifty Grand,"
And LOST it ALL in the last RACE!

"Wheeler Dealer" had to "Hitch hike" home,
He'd even lost his "Caddy" ride.
He'd learned a LESSON he'd NOT forget,
And that LESSON "Dimpled" his PRIDE!

Now Rufus Brown the "Wheeler Dealer,"
He's BACK to CON JOBS for just SMALL change,
And don't GO to RACES no MORE!!

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