tagErotic PoetryWhen Playful Becomes Sexual

When Playful Becomes Sexual


We're doing absolutely nothing at the moment.
Just laying here
I'm staring at him and he's staring at the ceiling, pretending not to notice me.
When he knows what I'm doing.
I stick my tongue out at him, he smiles.

He continues staring at the ceiling
Again pretending not to notice me
I move closer to him and push him off the bed
I run and he chases after me
He's faster and pins me to the wall

I bite him
Which causes him to growl at me
But, I'm free, so I run again.
He knocks me to the ground
"Ouch, mother fucker!"
He rolls me over and pins me to the floor
He has this look between anger and lust on his face
He thinks I'm gonna submit to him
I'm not.
He moves in between my legs and rocks against me

"Are you going to let me up?"
"Why not?"
"I've got you where I want you"
"And that's on my back, on the floor, with you on top?"
"As much as I love you being in between my legs, Giant, the floor is not comfortable"
"It is to me"
"Then switch me places"
"NO?! you'd rather me be on my back?"

I wiggle and try to break free
No such luck, he's fucking strong!
He holds me in place

So, I try purring.
Ah ha! That works
He releases his hold, somewhat

I wrap my legs around his
And thrust my hips up
Rubbing against him

He groans and rocks against me in response
He likes that!
I smile
"Gonna let me go now?"

I reach around and stroke his back
In circles
He moans

"Want a massage?"
"Gonna let me up so I can?"
"But, you want a massage. I can't give you one like this"

He has that wicked smile

"I didnt mean THAT kind of massage"
"I know"
"What do you want?"
"You always want me, that's nothing new"
"True, but I really want you"
"You always really want me"
"True enough"
"Bite me"

So, I do, hard, on his shoulder

"Rule number one: Don't tell a vampire to bite you and expect to not get bitten"
"I know"
"Is that what you want me to do? Feed? I can't do it while on my back, have to be on top"
"Yes, Yes, I know, but I like being on top of you."
"You don't say!"
"You know me"
"I do, very, very well. I know exactly what makes you tick, babe"

And, I do and he knows me too. Very well.

He's still rocking against me
He leans down to bite my neck, licking it
I start rubbing him faster and growling
I'm wet, I can feel it leak through my pj bottoms
He's, of course, naked.

After he's done molesting my neck, he gets up so he can pull my shirt up
Over my breasts
I watch him watching me for my reaction
I grumble
He grabs them and starts massaging them, hard. Playing with my nipples in the process.

"You're bad, didn't I mention that this floor is uncomfortable?"
He ignores me and continues molesting my breasts
Then, he slide his hands down, slowly.
Over my stomach to the waistband of my pjs.
Hooking his fingers in them, he slowly pulls them down.
Or tries, but I'm not gonna let him take them off
He glares at me
I smile at him, sweetly

I give in when he starts pouting
I lift my hips up, so he can pull them off
Which he gets the hint REAL fast and slides them off my hips and down my legs and off they go!

So, now I'm half- naked.
Much to his pleasure, but I still have my shirt on.
But, apparently not for long, cause he's now working on taking it off!

I take my shirt off
Now, i'm totally naked, much to my dismay.

"Can I put my shirt back on now?"
"You know why"
"There's no reason for you to think like that, you're gorgeous"
"You are!"
"You ARE!"
"Fine, I am, but i'm putting my shirt back on nonetheless"

So, on goes the shirt. Ahh, much better. Back to being half naked. Much to HIS dismay!
This, of course, does NOT effect his raging hard on.
Which is pressing against my thigh

"Are you going to fuck me or are you just gonna sit there?"
"How the fuck are you gonna do both!?"
"I'm gonna slide my dick inside you, pull your hips up and you're gonna move while I stay still"
"Well, that answers my question, now doesn't it?"
"Mmm, okay, you do that"

And he does. Mind you, he's BIG not too mention above average. I'm soaked by now.
I absolutely love it when he's inside me. I feel so...FULL!

I moan as he thrusts into my hot, wet pussy.
He lifts my hips and holds them up

I start moving, the best I can, anyway
But, he doesn't stay still for long
He's soon lowering my hips and his body down to mine
He captures my lips with his and kisses me passionately.

We start moving, slowly at first.
He picks up speed. Sliding in and out of me fast and hard
His hands under my ass, lifting me up again as he moves

I move slow. Opposite.
He loves it.

Slam, pound
Moan, groan, growl, purr, grunt

He thrusts in and out

He moans
I grunt

He starts pounding away.


He just smiles and continues
I grind into him...HARD!

I dig my nails into his back
He responds by digging his in my ass cheeks
He never stops kissing me
He's addicted to my kisses.

My soft, almost pouty lips are being devoured by his.
I slip my tongue inside his mouth, he sucks on it
I moan happily as he does so
I start luring his tongue inside my mouth
I'm successful!
I start sucking his then I bite it!

He grinds into me and lets loose
I knew that would happen
He loves being bitten

He fills me with his hot, sticky cum
He rolls off me

"What? Not gonna get ME off?"
"I know it"

"How bout I ORDER you to get me off? You'll have no choice BUT to do it"
"True, but you weren't in the mood to get off"
"Good point"
"See, I know you"
"We've already established this darlin"

I put my pj bottoms back on and stand up
Shaky but I manage it.

"Where ya going girl?"
"Need help?"
"No, I got it"

I go to the bathroom, when I'm done doing what I do
I come back out and he's passed out on the floor

"Wake up!"
"Did you wear yourself out, darlin?"
"Apparently so"

I'm now laughing at him, he looks so confused

"C'mon, darlin, i'll run my fingers through your hair. I know how much you like that"
He murmurs and gets up
I sit on the couch and he lays down with his head on my lap. I start running my fingers through his hair.
I start tugging his hair
He likes that, too!
He likes it rough!

But, eventually he falls asleep again
Leaving me to my thoughts

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