tagErotic PoetryWhen we make love

When we make love


The excitement is in the air for tonight is the night that we finally get to do what we’ve wanted to do for such a long time.
As I approach the bedroom door the anxiety and passion almost overcome me but my mind keeps its focus as I enter the room.
I see you laying on the bed and my heart pounds in my chest like it’s trying to come out.
You are so beautiful in that naughty little nighty I have to be with you touching and feeling you and making sweet glorious love to you.
So as I walk up to you our eyes meet and all at once the energy and electricity is so intense I can feel the passion in the air.

Our lips meet and we embrace as the energy runs through our bodies causing a great tingling sensation as our bodies start to react to the heated passion.
I caress your face and slowly take off your sweet little nighty exposing your luscious breast and caressing them gently with the tips of my fingers.
This causes your nipples to harden with excitement and sheer delight.
So I lower my head to your intoxicating breast and begin to lick and suck on your beautiful hard nipples causing a low moan to come out of you.

While I kiss and suck on your beautiful breast I take off the panties you are wearing with the nighty exposing your sweet hot and extremely excited mound.
I move my head downward kissing your belly stopping to lick your cute bellybutton then down further and further until I get to the top of your mound.
I gently spread your sweet hot mound and put my tongue right on your little love button sending waves of heated passion through your whole body.

As I begin to lick your little love button with more intensity your body reacts by bucking and grinding into my face.
Then all at once a moan of passion that sounds almost like a yell as your body tenses up and you push my face deep into your love mound.
Then you relax and lay back with a very satisfied look on your face feeling like the world is at your feet. But it’s not over.
While you are so relaxed I put both of your legs on my shoulders and spread your sweetness open putting my manhood up to the entrance and look deep into your eyes.

You look back into mine knowing what is next as your body starts to quiver in anticipation.
So in one hard forward thrust I bury my manhood deep inside of your extremely tight love canal.
We start to get a rhythm going as your body meets mine with every thrust.
I love the way you feel around my throbbing manhood like a woman who’s never made love before.
As I force my manhood in and out of your tight love canal I lick and kiss your sweet legs and ankles.
Then I feel the greatest thing I have ever felt as your body starts to tighten with intensity around my throbbing manhood as your body is building to climax.

As your body starts to quiver and shake I feel my own climax coming on as my balls tighten up and I keep driving harder and with deeper thrust until.
We both climax at the same time and I drive my manhood so deep inside of you that it cant go any farther unloading my juices deep into your womb.
You can feel the heat with each jet that squirts into your battered womb as I unload what feels like a gallon inside of you making you weak and extremely satisfied.
Then we lay back and hold each other for the rest of the night dreaming good dreams and thinking sweet thoughts.

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