tagErotic PoetryWhen you say it

When you say it


You've never spoken it aloud until today, not once.
 It tore at me,
devoured my heart every time you simply referred to me as "my Russian whore".
I'll confess that got me wet...
I'd be lying if I said that it didn't
And you know exactly why
But tonight... tonight you said it.
And I knew all along what it would sound like.
 I knew that when you finally said it out loud, I'd swoon.
The way it rolled off your tongue like the Chianti you love so much,
Billowed from your lips like rich cigar smoke.
It seduced me, thrilled me
Sent a shudder through me unlike any other
Moisture gathered slowly
Soaking the lilac lace at the zenith of my long creamy legs
The tenor of your voice reverberated through every inch of me
My name... finally... you said my name.

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