tagNon-Erotic PoetryWho Will Be Strong For The Strong 1

Who Will Be Strong For The Strong 1


Standing apart from everyone else
Quiet and stoic, as she watched them cry
And mourn the passing of their loved one,
Who was so very important in their lives.
But it was now time, to say goodbye.

Her vibrant dark eyes, welled up momentarily with tears...
Yet she said not a word...not a whimper..not a sigh..
Knowing full well her soul has always shone within her eyes
She quickly banished it behind a shield to protect her soft nature
From the corner of her eye, she noticed her mother and sister weeping,
Coming up beside them, she placed her arms around them both...
As they wept, yet her cheeks remained dry,
She tightened her grip slightly,
To lend them her support and strength
Raising her chin defiantly at her own feelings...
Her delicate jaw clentched in a great effort
To keep her emotions in check to great lengths.
Having accepted it long ago,
To take control of a bad situation in the family
Everyone, automatically turning to her
In their times of need.
Yet they dont ever see the vulnerability,
Hiding behind her soft green-brown eyes,
Too occupied with their own lives.

Having walked her mother and sister to a comfortable sofa,
Making sure they would be alright, so they may repose for the moment,
She backed away slowly, to leave the silent funeral parlor salon..
As she walked, for what seemed like hours, she entered the ladies' room,
Closed the stall door, and slowly slid down its cold surface.
A surreal feeling overcame her senses.

After an eternity of sitting on the lonely, cold floor
Silent tears began running down her smooth young face
She hugged her knees to her chest, as she wept alone
Knowing the future will hold many such moments; as it has just begun.
For a woman who's always had to be strong for everyone else, but.....
Who will be strong for the strong one?

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