tagErotic PoetryWild Desire!

Wild Desire!

byUncle Pervey©

Why do you punish me, with your sweet love,
You know I love you more, than stars above.
Your nipples are like jewels, they taste so sweet,
And I love eating all, of your sweet meat.

You are my sister but, what do I care,
As long as you will let, me have my share.
I'll suck your clit until, you sigh with joy,
You know I'll always be, your Darling boy.

I want to lick and suck, each of your breasts,
I'll suck your nipples til, they're like "Rosettes."
Your nipples will stick out, when I am through,
I'll lick and suck them til, they tingle too!

If you will give to me, your pussy Dear,
I'll fill you with my love, like foaming beer.
I'll spurt it in as deep, as I can go,
I'll light your fire inside, and do it slow.

Turn on your belly Dear, and let me see,
That precious ass of yours, it's "Heavenly!"
Now let me lick and suck, each scrumptious cheek,
They taste so good to me, it makes me weak!

Your crack is perfect Love, it's such a treat,
It hides the "Glory Hole," I want to eat.
But I will lick out first, your luscious crack,
That wraps right under to, your sweet small back.

Your hole looks like a Rose, that's closed up tight,
And as I tongue it Dear, it feels just right.
When I push my tongue in, I hear you moan,
And as I tongue your hole, it makes me groan.

I'll tongue-fuck it until, it's puffy red,
Then slide up on your back, there on your bed.
Now Sister spread your cheeks, so I can shove,
My swollen cock inside, your asshole Love.

Your asshole feels so good, it's hot and tight,
I want to stay in there, and fuck all night.
When I push in real deep, it feels like fire,
Your heat makes my lust burn, with wild desire!

Your Spincter's squeezing me, when I pull back,
Your silky cheeks caress, me in your crack.
Now you are milking me, of all my cum,
I'm slamming deep inside, your burning bum.

I've shoved my spurting cock, in all the way,
It's squirting gobs of cum, spray after spray.
My hot cum's filling you, with red hot fire,
Your asshole feeds my love, with wild desire.

You've got a "Sister's Love," that lights my fire,
And what you do for me, fills my desire.
I want your love Sweetheart, just give me more,
You know that you're the one, that I adore!!

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