Through misty shrouds of frosty eyes
Blizzards grow with a thousand more lives
Forever sung in celestial screams
Freezing out the minds of the priests and the wise

She’ll watch the dawn approaching
The sunlight calls her name
Her loins are growing restless
And bring on season’s change
Her fruit is vilified
Forbidden sin will never die
The flame of souls has guttered
On the brink of barren life

Winged things of fear unfurled
Slash naked throats that dripped the blood
Talons rake beneath Her bosom
Degradation, their pride is spent
Pride is spent

Autumn spreads its golden wings
And plays a part for those unclean
A frozen web of coldness is spun at last
Winter spawns from her white thighs
To be caressed and laid inside
And throw her lusts untempered to the snow

They howl at the full moon rising
Winter glides with, dark infinite grace
Wrapped alone in a blanket of snowfall
How many secrets can they find in this place?
Will you know of fantasy
Of beauty held between her legs
And frozen stars that guild Astarte’s pall?
Will your Queen of Arctic lust
Chill your breast with stars of frost
Or love in ice and lick to arouse the whore?

Turn aside the curses that have hurt you very deep
Churches prayers are fading
Yearn the shrines of blessed sleep
Garrotte the insurrection of a God that seeks no end
“We aren’t what we were, and shan’t be, again…”

Desire draped in pleasure
To the comfort of your sin
Stain the silky wedding bed
And let the passion in…

Winter’s cumming… HARD!

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