tagErotic PoetryWish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here


Wish you were here
In my empty arms
Touching your heart with mine
Feeling our senses rise
Knowing that we combine
Into something,
That makes us feel as one.
No longer two.

How I want to touch you
In all your warm places
Making them warmer,
With each of my breaths
To hot to contain,
To hot to remain.
Within your aching flesh.

Touching you
With my knowing hands.
That learned to love you best.
Learned each hidden place.
That takes your breath away.
And leaves you wanting more.

How much I want to bind you
Tie you with my soul
Lock you to my body
And never let you go.
Never let you know...........another
No other would love you so

How I want to enslave you
Have you kneel at my feet
Take me in your hungry mouth
And drink your fill of me
And beg for more
Till I fulfill your need.
And then again.
And then again.

How I want to engorge you
With mouth, hot tongue, and teeth.
Take you to your limit.........then stop
And bring you back to ease.
Then take you back again.
This time a little higher.
But give you no release.

How much I need to feel you
Wrapped around my strength.
Pulsing and enfolding me,
Holding me............... much to deep
So deep, I pound against your heart.
Till the pain fulfills our need.

Then slowly ever growing
We erupt as one.
Flowing like dreams together
In its molten glow.
and Never letting go

Never letting go
Of the eternal moment
When love became flesh
And turned it into soul.
God.........how I wish you where here.

Copyright R.B. Golden 4/24/02

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