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Wishes For My Lover


Wishes For My Lover

I wish for you to awaken with sunbeams dancing on your head,
and with slow sleepy kisses on your neck that turn into warm embraces and smiles in your heart

I wish your day be filled with kind thoughts and caring people
and that the day fly by so quickly so that you can return to my
welcoming arms…and tender kisses

I wish you an evening of pure pleasure…a candlelight dinner
with juicy morsels to be tasted together very sensually, feeding
each other nibble by nibble…succulent strawberries and grapes,
and anything your heart desires...a warm bubble bath for two….
sipping wine, while each relating the days events.

Then I wish you a passionate night.. a total exploration of
every inch of your body.. to be kissed, caressed ending with a massage starting with your feet and every other place you
wish to be touched…

I wish you a feather soft dream tonight...one that is so sweet,
it will carry you straight thru the night... with melodies of
touching you...touching me.... sensations that keep you tingly
all over...But most of all, I wish you sweet love and devotion, the kind that reaches down deep into your soul and unites us for an eternity….

© 11/6/02

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