tagErotic PoetryWithin The Hour

Within The Hour


"I haven't beaten you just for the pure pleasure of doing it in a while."

That is correct.
You haven't beaten me...for pleasure
In a long while....

Your comment foretold what was to be our next encounter

"Within the hour," your message began
"Get out the ropes
And anything I might want to use to beat you with
Call my cell phone to tell me you have done so"

Immediately submissive
I prepared myself
For your arrival

I selected the ropes
Gently placed them on the floor
The scratchy rope
Coiled tight
Lifting it to my nose
Smelling the aroma
The red rope
Recalling the times
You've wrapped it
Around my wrists
The cotton rope
So many uses

I selected the implements of pain
The dowels
The items I dislike the most
The whip
Fingering the broken tip
Noting how I need to find a new one
The yardstick
Oh, the pain this inflicts
The metal rods
Trying to remember
What these are

I stepped back
Admiring the display
Yet something wasn't right
My face contorted
He will be displeased
I was missing items
Oh, I remembered
The crop
Used to put me in my place
Used to humiliate me
Clenched in my teeth
The paint stirrer
A simple implement
Yet it provides
Intense pain
The flogger
The tips
My skin

I called your cell phone
Immediately to voice mail
A brief message, I have done as requested
I hung up the phone
Wondering what to do next

I sat
I waited

I didn't have to wait long
You called
I heard you getting in your car
"I'm going to call you in a little while
Are you going to be home?"
Yes, I said meekly
"I want you to undress
I want you to lie on your bed
On your stomach
I want your legs to be spread apart
I want the scratchy rope
Between your legs
Is that something you can do?"
Yes, I replied

My mind racing
If you were at home and getting in your car
I had about 15 minutes
Unless you were someplace else
Then I don't know when you would get here
I hurried
I lit the candles
I closed the blinds
I undressed
My body feeling the cold air
I brushed my hair
Tying it back
Braiding it
I put on the pearl earrings
I felt my pussy juices
Filling my cunt

I sat
I waited
My hands in my lap

You called again
"Unlock the door
Lay on the bed"
I ran to unlock the door
I lay on the bed
My legs spread wide
Scratchy rope between them
I stared at the ropes
On the floor

Something wasn't right
I realized it immediately
I forgot
The condom
The lube
I jumped from the bed
Pulled open the drawer
Placed the items on the bedside table
Lay back down
My heart beating fast

The door opened
I heard you lock it
Your footsteps
On the wooden floor
Watching me
"Oh, my
It gives me pleasure
To see you like this"
My eyes closed
Afraid to open them

"Place your hands
By your thighs"
I moved my arms
Placing them close to my legs
The scratchy rope
Around my right wrist
Tied to my leg
The left wrist
Cotton rope
Tied tight
Tighter than the scratchy rope
Tight around my thigh
Your hands grabbed my ankles
Pulling my legs together
The rope
Wrapped quickly
Around my ankles
I was unable to move
Unable to resist

Your hands on my body
Grabbing my shoulder
Grabbing my hip
Rolling me over
Onto my back
My neck straining
"You thought I was going to beat your ass first"
Yes, I whispered
You tie my ankles
Hard against the bed
Unable to move
"Which should I beat first
Your tits or your pussy"
Whichever you desire, I whispered
"That is the correct answer"
I knew
I was submissive
I was yours
To do with
What you wished

The flogger
On my nipples
Striking softly at first
Increasing intensity
Striking my pussy
My eyes closed
Wanting to look at you
Yet afraid to do so
Striking my tits
My cries
My whimpers
Holding it in
Your hand
Around my neck
Squeezing tight
My eyes
Closing back
In my head
On my feet
The flogger
The pillowcase
Pulled over my head
Blindfolding my eyes
Sucking in the air
Through my mouth
As the flogger
Continued to strike
Against my nipples
Against my pussy
Against my feet
My hand searching
Touching your pants
Searching for your cock
Hard in your pants
As the flogger
Continues to strike
The pillowcase jerked
From my face
Sucking in air
"Suck my cock"
I hungrily suck
Your cock hard
In my mouth
Your moans
Of pleasure
As you fuck my face
Sucking hard
I want you

Wetting your fingers
On my pussy juices
Wiping them
On my nipples

Your hands
Striking my pussy
Slapping it hard
My body jerks
Shoots throughout
You grab my breast
Squeezing tight
I watch

The crop
Runs over my nipple
Down my stomach
Around my pussy
Lifting slightly
Strikes my nipple
I cry out
Striking again
On my pussy
Jerking my body
The crop
Pushed against my chin
Lifting my head
My eyes looking back
Toward the wall
You slap my nipple
Tears in my eyes
The crop
Slaps against my face
I cry
Tears fall down my cheek
Slapping my pussy
Hard with the crop
I whimper
Your cock
Shoved into my mouth
Eager to give you pleasure
I suck
"If you can make me come
In thirty seconds
I won't beat you"
I suck
Wanting your hot juices
Exploding in my mouth
I tried
I tried hard
To make you come
Not wanting more beating
I wanted to please you
I failed
You didn't come
You withdrew your cock
I knew
I was to receive more beatings
I cried

I rolled over on my stomach
Your hand
Slapped my ass
I cried out
Your hand
Slapped my ass again

The paint stirrer
Against my ass
Against my thigh
Against my feet
I cried out
Burying my face
Into the covers

The dowel
Hard against my ass
Hard against my thighs
Intense pain
Breathing fast
More strikes
On the ass
On the thighs
I wanted you to stop
The pain intense
"Count to twenty
Then I will stop"
Slowly I counted
The strikes landing
On my ass
Then my thighs
Harder as the count increased
I counted
Calling out the numbers
Afraid you couldn't hear them
Repeating some numbers
Over and over
Four, four, four
Ten, ten, ten
Waiting for the strikes
Increasing in strength
Almost finished
On the thigh
On the ass
On the thigh
I cried
I waited for more
But you stopped
The pain intense
"Your ass is red
Your thigh is red"
I could feel it
I knew

You untied the rope
Holding my ankles
You untied the cotton rope from my wrist
Tugging gently
You untied the scratchy rope
Pulling the rope
From my wrists
From my thigh
Scratching my skin
An amazing feeling
Exciting me
"I can see the rope marks
On your wrists
On your ankles
It pleases me"

"Suck my cock"
You lay down on the bed
Your pants to your ankles
I knelt between your legs
Your cock hard
My mouth wet
I licked your cock
Tasting the wetness
I sucked your cock
Deep in my mouth
Wetting it
Sucking hard
Wanting to please you
Wanting to hear your moans
"I want to come in your mouth"
Yes, I want you to do it too
Sucking hard
Your cock jerking in my mouth
Filling my throat
My hands on your hips
Digging my thumbs
Into your skin
Holding onto you
I sucked
"Squeeze my cock
Hard with your hand"
My right hand
Moved to your cock
Thick at the base
I squeezed
As I sucked
I could feel the blood
Pumping in your cock
Throbbing in my hand
I sucked
"Suck my cock
My cock is hard
For you"
I sucked
Wanting you to come
Deep in my mouth
I could feel your body responding
Your cock hardening more
"I can see the pearl earrings
A sign of your submissiveness to me"
Yes I am yours
Yours to do with
What you want
I sucked
Your body stiffening
As your juices
Filled my mouth
Not wanting it to end

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