His embrace surrounds my body, the shell of my soul,
but he doesn’t feel me.
His ears are touched by my words, the river of my emotions,
but he doesn’t hear me.
Why can’t you see me instead of you?
His lips move across mine, the seal of my desire,
but he doesn’t sense it.
His being fills my womanhood, his ultimate conquest,
but there will be others.
Why do I waste my tears on this man?
in him I see myself.
A woman who won’t see his soul, because...
he won’t reveal it.
A woman who won’t hear his words, because...
he won’t speak them.
He hides his emotion.
A woman who can’t taste his truth in his kiss, because...
he’s poisoned it.
A woman who is an object of his need, until...
it is satisfied.
in him I find me, woman.

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