I start at the back of your neck because this is the best place to breathe in the scent of woman, this is the place where the feel and smell of hair is most intoxicating this is where I try to memorize the ecstasy forever but cannot. This is where your passion is. I look at your face. I trace my fingers lightly over your eyebrows and eyelashes, I trace your cheekbone to your chin, I brush ever so softly your lips. This is how I can look at you and I see wonder and beauty. And put my palm against your cheek and close my eyes and I can see in my mind your warmth, a flickering red warmth. I take your palm and bring it my check to feel your touch. And from your hand I take in the scent of toil and cooking, and the scent of overcoming strength. I kiss the inside of your arm and up the inside of your arm, very slowly. This is where your excitement is, and I can feel it on my lips. And I kiss the top of your shoulder and taste the sunshine and open air and heat. I kiss the middle of your chest, over your heart and it beckons, so I lay my head on your bosom and I hear pain and hurts but the beat is strong and surviving, and comforting. I feel peace.
You are so sexy in just your t-shirt and your anklet only. I can’t decide whether to make love to you tonight or just to snuggle into your neck and enjoy your scent and the feel of your hair on my cheek. If I were to make love to you, I would fling off the covers (don’t worry the fireplace is going) so I can see you in all your glory, I can see the gold light of the candles dance on your body, and even as it embarrasses you, I drink in with my eyes, patiently and unreservedly, your naked beauty. I start at your feet, kissing each toe, separately, and your arch and heel and your ankle and come back around to your instep, so that I understand the roads you have traveled and the roads where you have lost your way. And I would kiss up your legs to your knees, and the back of your knees, which are slightly moist, and full of your scent, and I understand the weights you have borne. And kiss the back of powerful thighs, and move up from the coolness of your butt to the warmth of your spine and I kiss up your spine and I caress and massage the muscles around your spine, and to the back off your neck. I turn you over. And I spend a long time, with my eyes closed, memorizing your face with my kisses, feeling your peaceful mood through my lips. And I move down to the center of your chest, and feel your breast and nipple with my cheek and I kiss it lightly, and the other breast, now jealous, demands attention that I am happy to give. I kiss down the center of you to your navel, kissing just barely, kissing only the light down on your belly so that it makes you shiver. And I will move down further, my kisses getting more insistent. And I will stop at your essence, and if you allow yourself, you can be lost completely in blackness with only one sensation, and if you focus on that, you will float, and not believe how incredibly light your soul is, and how it can hover over the universe, and in your ecstasy you will take in the wonder and the appreciation of existence, and breathe out, hard, because the sensitivity gets too tender, and you will put our head back and shut your eyes tightly so you can try to remember the feeling of ecstasy that you had just a fleeting moment ago. And you will smile.

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