tagErotic PoetryX-ray Eyes!

X-ray Eyes!

byUncle Pervey©

I had a little accident,
But much to my surprise,
When I recovered I found out,
I had some X-ray eyes!

The thing that was so marvelous,
Made me a happy soul.
I found out that my X-ray eyes,
With guidance were controled.

I tried them out one Summer day,
While walking on the beach.
I came upon a pretty girl,
And she was quite a peach.

She wore a full sized swimming suit,
That didn't bother me.
I pressed my right thumb to my palm,
And stripped her bare to see.

I lusted for her luscious tits,
Then moved down to her thighs.
I saw her pussy had no hair,
That was a nice surprise.

And then I watched her bending down,
And saw her perfect ass.
I hungered for her body then,
This pert and lovely Lass!

I watched awhile then turned away,
To see what I could see.
I saw another lovely girl,
Just strolling down to me!

She was a black girl and so nice,
Her body was just right.
She had a body long and lean,
A really gorgeous sight.

When she got near I pressed my thumb,
And her clothes went away.
I saw her scrumptious body and,
It made me want to pray.

Her titties rode up high and proud,
Her nipples were SO BIG.
They were also pretty and dark,
And shaped just like a fig.

But the thing that surprised me so,
I looked down at her thighs,
There wasn't one single hair there,
All I could do was sigh.

I wanted so to pull her down,
And eat her pussy out.
And then I saw her perfect ass,
And I began to pout.

My cock was hard and burning hot,
And bulging in my pants.
I saw that both girls noticed it,
And thought I'd take a chance.

I smiled and told them all about,
My perfect X-ray eyes.
I told them how their asses looked,
Described to them their thighs.

And then I said "We're all alone,"
Just you and you and me.
If you will take your swimsuits off,
I'll make you cum you'll see!"

By eating your naked pussies,
They don't have any hair.
I'll eat your pussies both of you,
I'll eat you'll cum you'll share.

And when I've finished eating you,
I'll eat and suck your ass.
I'll make you both cum loud and long,
So how about it Lass?

They both agreed and thought it fine,
And pulled off their swimsuits.
They laid down and opened their legs,
And I began to root.

I ate the black girl's pussy first,
It looked like it was sweet.
I licked and sucked it til she came,
To me it was a treat!

And then I moved to the young blond,
And nuzzled her sweet hole.
I licked and sucked with all my might,
She came and blessed my soul.

I rolled her on her belly then,
And spread her cheeks apart.
And put my lips to her asshole,
I ate with all my heart!

She came again before too long,
I really made her squeal.
I feasted on her scrumptious ass,
It was a real fine meal.

My lovely black girl watched me close,
To see what I would do.
I turned her over and I said,
I'll use my tongue on you!"

I stroked her velvet soft warm cheeks,
And pulled them open wide.
I saw her perfect asshole and,
My breath caught and I sighed.

I licked and sucked her sweet Rose-Bud,
Until it wrapped around,
My plunging tongue and squeezed it tight,
I really went to town.

I pulled her hips against my face,
And tongued with all my might!
I tongue fucked her and made her cum,
Because I did it right.

When I got done I thanked them both,
For being there for me.
They said they'd like to thank me too,
And that's the end you see!!

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