tagErotic Poetryx to the third power

x to the third power


i'm beyond x-rated
i'm triple x
i play the game well
and know how to sell sex
i'm cute and flirtatious
with a pretty voice
who wouldn't pick me
if they had a choice
dirty talk
and all sorts of positions
making people masturbate
is my life's mission
vibrators, dildos
cucumbers too
there's not a stiff object
that i won't screw
spanking, cuffs, gag balls
with a little playful biting
i know it's not just men
who find me exciting
oral, anal,vaginal
they all require dick
but let's not forget
the pussies i love to lick
solo, duo, group
i've done all three
cum baths and golden showers
have been given to me
swallowing cum, licking ass
and blindfolds too
there's more that i could mention
but first i'll let you digest these few

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