tagNon-Erotic PoetryYDD is a Ying Yang

YDD is a Ying Yang

byMy Erotic Tail©

I was up late, in the wee hours of the morn...
For a friend was crying from a comment of his scorn.

His comments don't bother me I'm not insecure,
But for this girl I felt sorrow for sure.

I had tried for months to get her to post,
for her poems, I adored the most.

She was shy and didn't want to play,
In the ussual Authors way.

But from my persistance, she finally did.
Then she sat crying from what YDD bid.

My temper was raged and emotions were high,
through literotica threads and comments I did fly.

To hunt down this verman and call him outside.
To find out where and why, YDD did hide.

To challenge him to a dual like the proud Samuri...
To look YDD, eye to eye.

For we tend to defend...
our home, our words, our family and our friends.

I called on the wisdom of the Dragon to help me this day,
For he is the wisest and he I obey.

I called on the Tiger to give me some strength,
For my hunt and search will go to great length.

Then there it sat right before my eyes.
The answer to who and where YDD did reside.

Perhaps he didn't hide, he did so much more...
There I found him, he had knocked on my door.

I wasn't wise enough to notice way back when,
But went hunting when my patience was thin.

Now what do I do? Now that I know who he is.
Do I tear him half and in his mouth I will wiz?

The Dragon snickered at my haste.
Said that, "My own wisdom was a waste."

I was confussed at its remark,
the Dragon that does, live in the Dark.

"You wish do do battle with a zen master of pen?"
I said, "Yes," with a curious grin.

The Dragon said,
"You may be able to take ten men apart,
But YDD will win if you battle, the pen is an Art."

To take up the pen and battle till when?
YDD is The zen master of the pen.

"For you leave comments too,"
said the Dragon of blue.

"And are you not a teacher of the Arts?"
"Well yes," I answered with my heart.

"Perhaps YDD is a teacher of words,
and what he is saying is not that absurd."

Do I feel threatened cause I know not a meter,
Or grammer and flow and my words barely tetter.

When we are in a class and the teacher calls us out...
Do we cry, become raged and or pout?

I raised my brow to the wise Dragon of blue.
Perhaps it is YDD, that you should bow to.

For the lessons he teaches, not of just words,
but of the emotions that stirr within you, that are blurred.

"And do you not teach, Honor above all things?"
I knew exactly what the Dragon means.

"Verbal lashings only show your limitations,"
"Put your energys into your creations."

The Dragon of blue,
gave me this wisdom that I share with you...

The Same Difference~
Every living creature on this planet is the same.,.
We have life!
Yet every creature is different...

Every living creature has the same destiny...
Yet we will all die differently.

Every creature will hunger and thirst
But for different things.

We are all bound to this Earth...
But our ties are different.

We are all like the buds of a rose bush.
We will all bloom at different times.

The rose has its beauty that we wish to see,
but if we get pricked do we not bleed?

But the one thing we will all do the same?
see this world ...differently!

I hung my head in shame!
As I read those words frame for frame.

For the enemy was not YDD,
It was the uncertain me!

I do not write for a vote or for you,
I write for the enjoyment for me and the dragon of blue.

This is an amature forum and literotica's archieve,
This is where enjoyment is felt and strived.

For if it were a profession, I would'nt get posted,
They allow us to play and our words are boasted.

Freedom of speech is a beautifull thing,
Let our words shout out and ring.

YDD will probably say, "This is no poem, it should be a song...
for the words are not correct they are all wrong.

But they come from the heart,
So it is my, literary Art!

For all things in this world there is an opposite,
Good comment or bad, YDD and I are it.

He has his opinion and he is a critic,
I praise all, who write here on lit.

I Bow down to no one, But bow humble to all.
For the lesson I've learned, to YDD I bow to most all.

For the enemy is not, YDD,
but the fact that I let it bother me.

My friend is now happy as can be,
For the Dragon has shown her and me.

Exactly who Ydd is?
For honor I will keep his Identity hid.

You can scorn me and give me a one.
But once I have written my work is done.

I do not write for votes or a rating,
My words are mine, that I am saving.

I've never been known to mumble,
And to all I bow humble~

I wish never to be harsh or mean,
I only ask him one simple thing.

What does YDD mean?
Will he comment and leave me this thing?

One final note...One final thing...
YDD is a Ying Yang!

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