tagErotic Poetryyeah baby, i like it raw

yeah baby, i like it raw


straddle my chest
and titty fuck this bitch
then smack me in the face
with your thick, hard dick
and rub your pre-cum
on my soft, full lips
make me swallow your balls
as i stroke your shaft with my hand
then i will spit-shine your anus
'cause i'm an asshole fan
while my face is in your butt
you forcefully fist my sloppy, wet cunt
i'm unable to control my sounds
and like a pig, i squeal and grunt
you call me a tease, a hoe, and a slut
then shove three fingers in my hot, tight butt
when you cum, you drain your jizz in a glass
then spoon feed it to me,
'cause i'm such a nasty ass!

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