tagErotic PoetryYou & I: Complete

You & I: Complete


I lie back
And look at you, naturally
Gazing deeply into your eyes
Oceans that glisten as the tide rises
Laughing as your hair tickles my thighs

You lie back
As I caress every part of you with my lips
I sample the bounty of your breasts
Kneading them softly
Until I reach your womanhood

I sit back
And let the your nectar swirl in my mouth
A bouquet as sweet as the finest of wines
A taste as rich as any French dessert
With the most luxurious of fragrances

I lie back
As you hover above me
You laugh as you taunt me with your body
Slowly you lower yourself upon me
And complete me

I think back
I look at visions of the past
And wonder how I ever lived without you
And the sunlight catches you blonde hair
As it sparkles like the clearest waters

Your eyes roll back
As you shower me with your warmth
Your skin glistens against the setting sun
Your body still shakes like a willow in a breeze
You are so damn beautiful

I try to hold back
I never want this to end
I tense up and my body explodes
And I am rocked by the total bliss
I am in awe of your power

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