tagErotic Poetryyou just cant keep eachother

you just cant keep eachother


and in the end we know what is going to happen to us...to the we that just slipped away.

in your arms i lay awake and silently dream that you will pull me into your body...breathing into my hair.

all i want is to hear is your voice in my ears letting me know that we will be okay.

i know you will stay silent...i know that you only let me lie next to you because you are unaware that i am even here.

pleading with your silent...still...controlled being i ask you to keep me.

to let me continue on with you ... in life ... in lust ... in love ...in and through it all with you.

but we are not to be. and i know that in the morning when you open your eyes you will push me away...nudging me to my own side of the bed.

i'll feel your weight shifting, lifting, in a slow but eager pace to get away from me.

pretending to sleep...pretending to be unaware of your disgust as i peek at you through narrow slits and see that you are looking down at me shaking your head and licking you lips with lust.

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