tagErotic Poetryyou, me, & she

you, me, & she


one of my fat titties in your mouth
the other fat titty in mine
and we each have a finger
up some hot slut's behind

we lay her on her back
as her long legs she spreads
and at the same time
we both give the hoe head

the bitch grinds on our faces
yes, mine and yours
we lap up the tangy pussy juice
from this first-rate whore

i kiss my up her smooth body
a sloppy kiss she and i share
she holds my asscheeks open
you put your hungry tongue in there

i move my wet, horny cunt
to this heated hoe's face
the bitch swallows my girl goo
at a spine tingling pace

you squeeze my ripe, round melons
you fuck this freaks hot twat
the way she's sucking on my swollen clit
you must have hit her g spot

cum and cunt lube
are all over the place
yours up her gushing snatch
mine on her sweet, slutty face

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