tagNon-Erotic PoetryYou passed me by

You passed me by

bySex The Drug©

Once I swam in a pond like a frog
And fluttered to the sky on a swing
Once I laughed with carefree joy
Embracing whatever life conveyed

Life is awakened by the daily clamor
Fresh dew on my brow
Back is rigid with hair askew
Today is an untouched day

Forgotten or never known
Heard but rarely listened too
In plain site, yet not focused on
Bruised and tattered, life on back

Hand stretched out for the days work
Unsure what it will return
A dirty look, a coin or two
Pity, that is certain

As darkness falls with lights aglow
The search gets under way
Warm spots taken
Cover will have to do

Back now in that pond
Swimming like a frog
Maybe I wont awake
Maybe this will be the day.

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