tagNon-Erotic PoetryYou Raped Me!

You Raped Me!


You were a man I loved
A husband I trusted
With all my heart and my soul
Never believed that could ever change
Until last night
You came home drunk and horny
So damm horny that you did't care
I was't in the mood
We're been having problems
Such awful problems
But never, never did I think that you would sink so low
In the light of the morning my love you may not remember
But I do and I always will
Crying againest the wall
Pounding my fists in an endless rage
My pain almost overwelming
Knowing what I know
Forever scared by the memory of what you did
You .........
Don't you remember last night yet?!
Here let me remind you!

Tried to lie to myself
Tried to make myself believe in these hours since you left work that I dreamed it all
You would't hurt me
Could't violate your own wife
Not this way
God no! Not this way
Sadly these bruises upon my pale quivering skin and this soreness between my legs
Testment to my new brutal reality
Shocking to the core
No, I refuse to be silent
No, I refuse to be the good little wife
Not gonna let you get away with this
A crime you committed in our bedroom will soon be a secret no longer
Soon everybody's gonna know
All our friends
Every last single member of our familys
I'll tell them all
Every dirty rotten detail I will reveal
Nowhere for you to run
Nowhere for you to hide from the fact you scum that.....

Throwing up
My stomach heaving at the thought that I might be pregnant
The seed of your cruel act growing inside of me at this very moment
Makes me think of a million ways to escape
Razor blade in the bathroom
Full bottle of pills on the bedside table
My thoughts taking a dark turn
In the early light of dawn I start to shake and shiver
Hating myself for still loving you
Hating you even more for letting me
Assaulted once more by the memory of your rough hands and whispers of lust
The sheets on the bed a tangled mess
Just like my head
My brain screaming inside to let you go
To end now
Right now
My life, yours, or both
Clutching the torn tatters of what once was my nightgown to my chest
I feel like I'm having a heart attack
One that's all your fault you scum cos of what you did last night when....

No broken bones
This time
Next time however you said if I try to resist
They're never find my body
God, what happened?
Tell me that
What happened to the man that I married?
The man that I loved
Who is this person wearing his clothes?
Talking his talk and walking his walk
Who is this beast that took his place in our bed last night?
Was it really you all along?
Could I have been so blind not to see?
Could you have really hidden him that well?
The true terror lurking behind those blue eyes
Thought that I knew you
Now I know for sure
I never did
Never have and never want to again
Waiting for you tonight
Alone in the dark with a gun I will have my justice and so will you
You raped me and husband.......

You will pay!

author's note-The above is just fiction. Sadly however this crime does happen more then you know between husbands and their wifes. If this is happening to you please don't stay silent. Tell! No matter what! Tell!

© 2006 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)

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