tagErotic PoetryYou Watch

You Watch


as she reverse mounts me
hanging her very wet,
bushy cunt
just beyond the reach
of my mouth.
Her tongue presses,

then stops;
presses, then stops still
against my hardening bud.
With two fingers spread
she runs them back and forth,

back and forth
alongside it. Moaning
loudly, she covers my stiff clit
and while sucking,
rolls it deep into her mouth.

I arch my back, offer more,
as she sinks, then twists,
two fingers deep inside me.
At her touch on my spot,

you shove your hard cock
between her pussy
and my lips,
coating my face.
I come then,

fast and hard;
she drops her
quivering cunt into
my cream soaked
mouth, filling me
some more.

*~* Thank you for reading my poem. I truly hope you were pleased. Please take a moment to vote and maybe even leave a comment. I love getting any and all feedback. Thanks again! *~*

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