tagNon-Erotic PoetryYour Essence (From Her)

Your Essence (From Her)


I gaze out the rain-drentched window
And my heart hungers for you
For your touch
For your breath
And for your very essence.
My soul aches, wondering where you are
Wanting your strong arms around my tender body
Keeping me safe from harm,
Keeping me warm with your eternal love.

I stand here alone, not feeling sad,
Yet feeling nostalgic.
I sense your presence out in the world somewhere,
Knowing our soul searches for the other.
I have been alone for so long,
Believing that you will come and claim me
As your soul mate.
I will await you, wanting so much to be loved by you again,
Just knowing you search for me,
Will never make it too late.
Our eyes have beheld each other, many times before
Throughout eras of time,
Everything that I am, years for you,
And I want to make you mine.

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