tagNon-Erotic PoetryYour Essence (From Him)

Your Essence (From Him)


I sit astride my black destrier,
My long cloak flying mightly, behind me.
I close my eyes, drinking in your essence
Absorbing the image in my mind of you.
Your long dark lustrous hair
Flying behind your like a silken banner.
Your dark green-brown eyes so deep and soulful.
I so desperately want to kiss your soft lips
And claim you as mine once more.
Your small voluptuous body, nestled against my strong one
Protecting you from harm, yet capturing your femininity.
I whisper your name upon the winds of time..
"Monique....Monique....I will find thee."

My heart and soul yearns to breathe in your soft scent,
To gaze into your beautiful deep eyes.
Our souls are forever linked throughout eternity.
Aye, and I know that you search for me, as I search for you.
I will never stop trying to find you, no matter where you are...
Please know that I love you....
I shake my fist in frustration, as I hunger for you...
For all that you are and will be to me again...
I need your essence, as much as I need air to breath.

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