tagNon-Erotic PoetryYour Soul In a Buyer's Market

Your Soul In a Buyer's Market


Selling your soul in a buyer's market

Just kill the brother of a man, kill 'em dead.
What a wonderful way to live life to it's fullest.
"I hate you all" she whispers in my ear...
-So why are you trying to kiss me?
"It's control I seek, control of the weak,
not companionship, I abandoned ship,
and I'm treading water above you... I love you.
Drown in my quarry, filled with concrete,
and the shoes you wear are just the same."
-If you really hate us all then why is it that you play these games?
"Because if I am famed, if I am an idol,
then the world, again, will no longer be my rival.
I will be the winner of you, I own you, you're mine."
Again she inputs a wink of her eye.
And she does, she won me like a carnival prize,
however, she didn't recall thinking that I might be her demise.
She took it for granted, that the table would never be slanted.
But the time has come for some reverberation in this station,
and the quake that shakes will be more than the Earth.
-The heavens and mantle will rumble and groan,
the sky in hell, will be above and below,
and the just, whom He trusts, the ones who don't fuss,
will be granted a life of squandered eternity, as we see so pleasingly,
but not me... oh no, not me... I sold my soul in order to accomplish this goal.
You're welcome for the love that was made again whole.
For a soul is gold, but only when sold, and this is 24k California bold.
This is the time in this world of bills and thrifty little thrills,
what on Earth is the worth of a whole lot of frills?
"Damned little punk... I'll have you killed!!!"
And the fact that makes that statement slack,
is that if you murder me, I want my soul back...
I put it in the contract...

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