tagNon-Erotic PoetryYume Miru ( I dream and Dream)

Yume Miru ( I dream and Dream)


Yume Miru ( I dream and Dream)

When the hardness of a long day passes
And leaves me feeling blue
When I lay awake in bed at night
and my thoughts linger to you
When the depression of a thousand minuets
Weighs upon my heart
When the wind whispers your lost name
Then the tear drops start

When I whisper words into the night
With prayers I hope come true
When I just want everything to be all right
Yume Miru

When I squeeze my pillow late at night
Wishing it were you
I pray to God that just one more time
You'd say I love you too
When I close my eyes and feel the pain
Of the loneliness of night
I fold my hands and say a prayer
That everything will be alright

When I wipe the tears of off my face
And sing a different tune
When I know I've lost my chance with you
Yume Miru

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