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  • I hope you keep it going and have a great finish in mind all 5 so far

    on Anime Convention Harem Ch. 08 (13)
  • First: either you stole this story, outright, from the original author, OR you ARE the original author (unlikely) and are reposting your own story, OR you "based" (meaning, you copied it, but changed a few details) your story on one which was written by someone else, and convinced yourself it's not plagiarism--it's an homage!

    Second: "to", "too" and "two". Learn when to use them. I don't think you got it right once in this story.

    on A Twist of Fate Ch. 01 (3)
  • I thought that statement eat your poop was very fitting for the end of this chapter. Very good. Thank You

    on Dominant Species Ch. 37-40 (7)
  • Quite a few women want to experience a big one. It takes a bit of effort but those that really desire it usually succeed in getting it.

    on Helen's Tale (5)
  • it was going so well until you started in with the pat and dry slang words like "pussy" "cum" "tits" "clit"...not only do they sound juvenile, they're just...too easy! First rule of writing, show, don't tell. Anybody can type "pussy" but it feels like it has no personal meaning for you, so the whole thing gets flat when you whip that out. I liked the plot though. Until the sex started it was going well, and the sex itself wasn't bad, just the well, don't suffer but...kind of trite language used to tell us about it.

    on Sexy Educator (2)
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October 1947

To men on a train meet a young woman then her sister. by  in Erotic Couplings

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Tristan's Tale Pt. 06

The Tournament. by  in Mind Control
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Surfacing Ch. 37

Families Rising and Reforming. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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A strange tale of the future of humankind. by  in Romance
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Surfacing Ch. 36

Parents and the Offspring They Make. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23

The last chapter. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 63HOT 4.93

Dream Drive Ch. 10

Blood and snow and death. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 45HOTContest Winner 4.93

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 04

Meet the family. by  in NonHuman
 24HOT 4.93

A Shepherd Afield Pt. 05

Ben faces the trial of his life. by  in Erotic Couplings
 59HOT 4.93

Surfacing Ch. 34

Pushing and Shoving to Decide Our Fate. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 25NEWHOT 4.93

Surfacing Ch. 38

Negotiation is Relative. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 44HOT 4.93

House Aurenthin

The history of the Lowest Drow House in "Surfacing". by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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The Rehab

Following one's dreams. by  in Romance
 145HOT 4.92

Three Square Meals Ch. 60

Wounded little birds. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 80HOT 4.92

Dream Drive Ch. 07

Games under the mountain. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 80HOT 4.92

Dream Drive Ch. 09

Humans and demons. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 35HOTContest Winner 4.92

Jack's Wage Slavery Pt. 02

Jack must position himself for a sacrifice play. by  in NonHuman
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