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  • Simply terrific!

    on The Transplant Ch. 03 (5)
  • Yet the story is getting a smidge repetitive now. I know the love aspect is extremely important to Emri, yet the erotic nature of it is what keeps me going. It is getting a little too much of the same. The same sex, the same things they keep saying to each other.

    I hoped Navid was gonna buy him a playboy bunny costume or something to spice things up a little.

    btw, this is an erotic story that is not a full diary. Those who criticize; get off of your high horses. Not everything needs to be factual. It is an idealized version of the truth. Maybe in real life Emri is not even a blonde and maybe his man is not Persian but Arabic or Egyptian or smthng.

    What does that change really? It is a good story, and Emri is not standing trial here!

    Emri; do not pay attn to these meaningless complaints. You do not need some faceless internet nobodies' approval of your relationship. They still keep reading and Navid is hardly that controlling. I'd hope Noah gets less possessive and jealous himself and bring a girl or something to the bedroom for a threesome though. We need smthng.

    Nobody will think they now love each other less just b/c they open up - you have more than convinced us that these two are Romeo&Juliet x 10000 on crazy steroids.

    on Noah's Starship Ch. 18 (10)
  • Boy oh boy. If you know that you are going to hate the story then find another story! By complaining that all MMs stories are the same or men too wimpy, you are branding yourself as stupid.
    So any of your complaints can be ignored because who pays attention to stupid people anyway?

    on Irvin and Isabel Davis (89)
  • This choice of the story is just amazing!! I am eagerly awaiting further stories from you. You *are* writing more, right? Please do...

    on Stress Relief Pt. 02: Hug choice (1)
  • I came

    on Time for Some Fun Pt. 09 (3)
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A strange tale of the future of humankind. by  in Romance
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