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  • Would you continue the story about Bug and Jerry, you left everyone guessing what happened with the little gift that as left in the car, Looking forward to reading another chapter.

    on RMC: Rocky Mountain Christmas (69)
  • I keep hearing a late-teen male voice doing voice-overs. Time for the Literotica channel.

    on The Accidental Gigolo Pt. 02 (33)
  • Very reminiscent to my first same sex experience. After returning from a summer camp with a cabin mate, he lured me into a secluded spot in our local canyon to make a confession; that he loved staring at my penis while in the camp communal shower, because it was bigger & thicker than his. He proposed that we unzip and pull out and touch each other's penises. We immediately went hard and erect, and started tugging each other's cocks. I shot a huge load of semen, as did he. We continued doing this for several months, eventually doing oral on each other.

    on More than Friends (18)
  • Girl goes back to court as an adult, tells a jury that her cop uncle was coming over and banging her mom all the time as soon as dad would leave for work. Half the time fucking in the living room right in front of her minor self!
    Cop loses job, both get jail time and everyone lives happily ever after!

    on Brandy's Bedroom (89)
  • Thank You!

    Please continue...

    on The Deal Pt. 01 (6)
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New Stories

 3NEW 4.35

The Literotica Annual Summer Lovin' Story Contest!

Coming soon! Submit your tale for fun, fame, & a chance at $$$! by  in Gay Male
NEW 5.00

Island Fever Ch. 13

Jeremy assesses all the women on his island. by  in Group Sex
NEW 5.00

A Woman's Story of Love Ch. 21

A woman's story of love, in one hundred episodes, Part 21: "Like". by  in Illustrated
NEW 5.00

How to Ride a Tikbalang Ch. 10

Anywhere the winds blow. by  in NonHuman

While Kat's Away, Tif Will Play Pt. 01

Tif goes to Cabo with friends while Kat is in Hawaii. by  in Group Sex
NEW 4.67

I Never Imagined - Emma Pt. 03

Further discoveries follow recollections of lovers past... by  in Lesbian Sex

Mr. Tovall Speaks His Mind Ch. 02

Mom and Sis meet the boss, a speech-impaired billionaire. by  in Exhibitionist & Voyeur
 1NEWHOT 4.78

Cobblestone Streets

It all fell apart at the crosswalk. Time to move on. by  in Loving Wives
NEW 5.00

Root and the Pharmacist's Wife Pt. 04

Lute and Ellen end their affair with a threesome. by  in Erotic Couplings
NEW 3.67

Spaghetti and Porn Movies

The newlyweds' first dinner and porn movie. by  in Erotic Couplings

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Random Stories


Never a Dull Moment Ch. 1

Couple plans wife's infidelity. by  in Loving Wives
 1 4.45

Who the Fuck Are You, Anyway? Ch. 2

Tim meets the team and learns flirting skills. by  in Humor & Satire

Unplugged Tahitian Bank

Young woman pays her dues at the bank. by  in NonConsent/Reluctance
 10 4.09

Anal Toys for Men

How to buy an anal toy for a man. by  in How To
 2 4.37

The Boy with the Bulge Ch. 02

He gets it hard in the ass. by  in Gay Male
 1HOT 4.50

The Rich and The Famous Ch. 01

Life & love with the cast of a new L.A. TV show. by  in Novels and Novellas
 9HOT 4.82

Jason's Story Ch. 10

An encounter, and Jason's last day. by  in Interracial Love
 2 4.42

Sister Mistress Ch. 10

A prelude to the rest of the story. by  in Mind Control
 1HOT 4.87

Unexpected Threesome Ch. 14

Amy gets some private time with Ned. by  in Group Sex

Foot Hypnosis - Chloro Soles Pt. 01

Dani uses foot hypnosis to keep her true identity a secret. by  in Fetish

Top Stories

 338HOT 4.94

Three Square Meals Ch. 100

In war, there are no winners, only survivors... by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 328HOT 4.93

The Missing Dragon Ch. 05

The end of the beginning. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 85HOT 4.93

Split Trails Ranch

A western romance. by  in Novels and Novellas
 85HOTContest Winner 4.93

The Link Pt. 02: The Hunted

A strange tale of the future of humankind. by  in Romance
 9HOT 4.93

SexGames Ch. 01

What would you do if you could do anything at all? by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 102HOTContest Winner 4.93

Tristan's Tale Pt. 06

The Tournament. by  in Mind Control
 7HOT 4.93

SexGames Ch. 02

The machine causes fantasy and reality to collide. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 53HOT 4.93

Endangered Ch. 10

Over the Moon. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 9HOTContest Winner 4.93

Mapping Command 04: Insurrection

The end of the troubles and a lot of suprises along the way. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 12HOT 4.93

Goetic Justice 2

A shadowy organization tries to have Ryan killed. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 592HOT 4.92

The Rehab

Following one's dreams. by  in Romance
 221HOT 4.92

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23

The last chapter. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 164HOTContest Winner 4.92

Tristan's Tale Pt. 04

The thrills and dangers of Tristan's new life. by  in Mind Control
 161HOTContest Winner 4.92

Three Square Meals Ch. 060

Wounded little birds. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 155HOT 4.92

Three Square Meals Ch. 090

This time it's war. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 99HOTContest Winner 4.92

Tristan's Tale Pt. 05

Tristan takes on Caer'Aton. by  in Mind Control
 126HOT 4.92

Three Square Meals Ch. 084

Revenge is a dish best served cold. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 140HOT 4.92

Three Square Meals Ch. 101

Lost little kittens... by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 132HOT 4.92

Endangered Ch. 06

Saving the species. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 61HOTContest Winner 4.92

Lady in Red Pt. 02 Ch. 24

A life ends, a wedding, a life begins. by  in Novels and Novellas
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