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  • "He just took me in his arms and kissed me hard! He persuaded me to invite him in and the next thing I knew, we were having sex in our bed!"
    Ok, so stupid action one (in the story's time line) - after a man who isn't your husband kisses you (in what is clearly a non-platonic fashion)... what the FUCK are you doing not slapping him or threatening to scream or DEFINITELY telling him there's no way in HELL he's coming INTO your house...???

    "I must have had a few too many drinks and you weren't there to take care of me."
    Stupid action two - are you a child or invalid...? How do you manage day to day living without him "there to take care of" you...? Not a reason just a useless excuse...

    "This guy flirted with me from the time he found out you weren't coming."
    Stupid action three - when a man starts paying MORE attention to you BECAUSE your husband is absent...? That's when you work HARDER at staying in control of your actions (STOP DRINKING!!) because THAT GUY you can't trust.

    "I enjoyed the attention ... It felt good to have a man seem interested in me."
    Stupid action four - Unless your marriage is as good as over already, the only guy you should be WANTING to "seem interested in you" is your husband. To not shut a guy like that down is to tacitly give him the green light for whatever...

    "I wasn't that certain I even wanted to be with him..."
    Stupid action five - you STUPID fool... what you SHOULD have been is certain that you DIDN'T want to be with him. Sheesh...

    "...but he was persistent and I was weak."
    Stupid action six - And was he MORE persistent than however much persistence you needed to display in order to stay married and faithful for however long you were married...? I doubt it - if sure didn't LOOK like it took him years to get into you...

    Though she seems to live on stupid actions I still liked the story...

    on Tell Me Why (91)
  • I really hope to see more of this story

    on Bonded and Bred Ch. 07-08 (4)
  • I really liked the story. This is what fantasies are made of. I can only dream about this happening to me.

    on Naughty New Neighbors: Ass Training (11)
  • Good story.
    Liked the theme, like to read more of her exploits

    on Erotic Trimming (1)
  • Very well thought out story line. I also liked how you handled the characters and their relationships. Is there a continuation?

    on Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04 (10)
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