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  • Alas!

    This was a great set-up for a concluding chapter or two: Would he be busted? Would they have a threesome?

    Sadly, we will apparently never know.

    on Connecting with Amber Ch. 02 (4)
  • Sam Clemens would be proud!

    on Mr E and the Guilty Conscience (213)
  • Some of your stories are the best on this site including this one. I do have a difference of opinion though. Two years is not that long of a time to create the dissonance of attitude you refer to so often. Seven - ten years, yes. Two years - no. The epic affair of wife in this story should still be very fresh in her mind.


    on Long After the Fact Ch. 02 (210)
  • I love your story and if I had to wait on you to add new chapters I would be mad at the cliff hanger love how you have progressed with the characters and see the car going to get the Sucabuse

    on The Succubae Seduction Ch. 26 (9)
  • Loved it! Very hot and very well written. Wouldn't say no to a continuation of this story.

    on Lord Ruthven's Domain Ch. 04 (3)
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Can love really calm the savage beast? by  in Romance
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Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 02

Trouble on the mountain. by  in NonHuman
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