tagLesbian Sex1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 01

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 01


"So, where did you say you were going tonight?" my roomie questioned as I stared into the small, shared closet of our dorm room.

"Study group for my History course," I lied, well, 'sort of' lied.

Where I was going that night was related to my History course but it wasn't a study group. No, I was going to my instructor's home for a 'private' session to discuss my work in her class. "And," she had said to me, "Perhaps we can figure out a way to raise that B to an A."

Well, I thought as I picked out a suitable tee to wear with my capri pants, my favorite capri pants, the ones that hugged my ass, and if the rumors on campus were true, I'll walk out of my instructor's home with an A+.

"Bummer," my roomie declared, "A bunch of us are going to The Library to unwind; maybe you could meet us later, after your study group?"

'The Library' wasn't that. It was, instead, the name of a student hang-out near the campus that served snacks, beer, and, of course, more beer. Genius when you think about it. "Where were you last night?" Parents might question when they couldn't reach their child/student when they called the dorm. "Oh, I was at The Library," was the usual answer.

Not a 'lie', at least not in the usual sense.

"Maybe," I replied to her, "Depends on how late the session lasts."

"Hope you can," She said to me, her voice sounding disappointed, her eyes quickly scanning my ass as I stepped into the capris. Giving my ass an extra wiggle, for her benefit, I pretended not to notice that she was eyeing me.

Questioning the wisdom of seducing my roomie when the term had started, I quickly touched up my hair and the little bit of makeup that I use. Don't get me wrong, the sex between my roomie and I was pretty good but since that night of seduction, she had started to become, oh, I don't know, clingy?

I'm not into 'clingy', know what I mean?

My roomie, Jean, wasn't a beauty in the classic sense of the word. No, she was rather plain, if truth be told. Nothing outstanding about her at all except the fact that she had quite the rack, almost 'too' much, one might say. But, she normally dressed to de-emphasize her bust size, feeling self-conscious about it's size she once told me. When I walked into our room early in the semester, catching her as she was putting on a bra, my mind began plotting on how I might have a 'go' at sucking on those gorgeous tits. It didn't take me long to get in her pants once I decided that I wanted to do so.

That was pretty much the story of my life after I discovered how satisfying that girl on girl sex was. If I desired to get into a classmate's panties in High School, I did. Never was I not successful at doing that, never. It might have taken a bit longer than I would have liked but, in the end, I had my way with them. Never had a dissatisfied customer either. Once my tongue found their clit, they always, but always, came back for more.

The thing is, though I was only nineteen, I'd been addicted to the taste of pussy since my fourteeth birthday when I received a 'special' birthday present from my step-sister, who was seventeen at the time. She snuck in a small bit of wine into my room after our parents had gone to bed. "For our private celebration of your birthday," she said in a low whisper. In hindsight, I realize that the wine was to get me tipsy, loose, malable, so to speak.

It worked.

I was giggly after only half a glass and when she offered to teach me how to kiss properly, I was all for it. It didn't take her long, once she saw how excited I got when she frenched me, for her to get her hands on my budding breasts which only got me more excited. The more I let her do to me, the more excited I got, wanting more, wanting those feelings I didn't understand to go on and on and on. When she suddenly pulled off my sleep-tee and started sucking on my small tits, I clearly remember that I liked it, liked it a lot. The clincher for me, though, was when she went down on me that first time, that first night. Didn't really know what an orgasm was that first time, but I do know that I had one, and for me, that sealed the deal.

After she finished eating me, step-sis pulled off her PJ's bottoms and pulled me to lay between her legs, positioning my head over her pussy. "Now, do as I tell you," she whispered as she nudged my mouth towards her snatch. That first taste of pussy was, for me, like crack to an addict. I loved it! Don't know why. Don't really care.

I haven't looked back since.

"Want me to wait up for you, if I get back to the room before you?" Jean asked as I gathered my notebook and purse. She was sitting at her desk, working at her laptop. Walking over to stand next to her, I stopped, smiled at her and lifted my tee up on one side, exposing a bra-less breast to her, inches from her face.

"Have a taste, baby," I said to Jean, teasing her lips with my nipple.

Closing her eyes, Jean opened her mouth and sucked my nipple between her lips, sucking on it like a baby would it's mother, softly biting. I taught her well, I thought to myself as a spasm of pleasure rolled over me from her sucking.

"That's enough, for now," I said teasingly, pulling my nipple from her lips and dropping my tee down again, "Whenever I do get back, you'd better be naked and ready for me, understand?"

"I will, Tess, I will," Jean quickly answered, her tone clearly betraying her desire of me.

Oh, I knew that she constantly desired me and, bitch that I can be, I liked having that power over her, and over others.

So sue me!

Willie's house was but a few blocks from campus. Dr.Wilhelmina Horton was her name but on the first day of every semester, of every class that she taught, she announced that any student that called her other than 'Dr.Willie' would get an F.

Dr.Willie it was.

Her class was tough and the only course that I didn't carry an A in. I was serious about doing whatever I could to raise my B+ to an A+, and if that meant prostituting myself to do so, I would, plain and simple. If, as the rumors hinted, Willie liked young pussy, so be it. She wouldn't be the first 'older' woman I slept with and surely, not the last. Besides, I thought to myself as I walked up to her door to ring the bell, once she felt my tongue tickle her clit, she was mine to do with as I pleased.

Yeah, I know, I'm a cocky bitch...

"Come in Tess," Dr. Willie said when she opened the door to my ring. Walking past her as I entered, I caught the almost-not-there scent of lilacs, not an unpleasant smell, mind you. Turning, I smiled at her choice of attire, admiring her as she closed her door.

In the classroom, at lecture, she was all business;power suits, power dresses, the like. Tonight, however, she was wearing a pair of golf-style shorts, exposing her tanned, long legs and a button-up blouse, but only buttoned half-way up, showing a bit of cleavage.

If I were a guy, I'd think that she wanted to fuck me. As me, I hoped that she wanted to fuck me.

"Have you eaten?" She asked and, without waiting for an answer, said further, "I took the liberty to make us a small Chef's Salad. Hope you like it," she finished as she motioned for me to follow her into her small kitchen/dining area.

"I often eat alone," She said, "So having some company is a pleasant treat for me," her eyes dancing across my face as she talked.

We (she) had decided that we could eat and discuss areas of the course where I could do a bit better. Turned out that while I scored well on the Q/A tests, it was the essay questions that brought my overall grade average lower.

"Of course, I realize that essays are graded subjectively," Dr. Willie was saying as we cleared the salad bowls and such, "So, perhaps I might need to revisit some of your essays to see if I might have been a bit too harsh with you."

"That would be great," I replied with as much humility as I could muster, "It really would, Dr. Willie."

"Oh, please, Tess, we're out of the classroom so please, drop the formalities and just call me Willie, okay?"

"Yes Ma'am...I mean, okay, Willie," I rejoined.

"Now, I'm going to have a glass or two of some excellent wine; I know you not of age, you're what? Eighteen? Nineteen?" She asked as she skillfully extracted the cork from the bottle of Red in her hand.

"Nineteen," I replied, "But, you must know that most of us undergrads drink, legal or not."

"Of course, I do, Tess; I don't live under a rock," She answered with a chuckle, "So I take that to mean that you'll share some wine with me?"

"I'd love to have some wine with you, Willie," I said with the biggest flirty smile I had in my arsenal.

"Come, let's go to the den, sit and we'll finish our discussion," taking me by my free hand to follow her.

We talked a bit more on the areas in her course we were covering this semester, and at the end of it, she said she'd definitely look over my written essays again.

"I can't thank you enough," I said as I held my glass for her to refill for the third time, "I mean, if you want me to do extra credit work, I will; I'll do anything to bring up my grade."

She stopped pouring her own refill for a second when I said that, her eyes scanning my face as if trying to gauge the meaning of that statement, a small smile on her lips. Finishing topping off her glass, she leaned back into the cushions of her over-stuffed couch that served as our seating.

"Enough about classwork for a bit," She announced after taking a sip from her glass, "How is it that a good-looking young woman like you isn't out on a date tonight?"

"School is my priority," I answered honestly.

"Admirable, but surely you have a boyfriend, don't you?"

"No, I don't...don't really care that much about the dating scene with guys," Again, answering her honestly, "they only want to get into your pants, anyway."

"Well, that certainly hasn't changed since my early college days," She chuckled in reply.

I could see that. I mean, in her mid-forties, she was still attractive enough to garner admiring glances from men these days. She was rather tall, five-ten'ish to my five-six'ish in height; her body displaying little, if any, fat or excess weight. I judged her to be no more than one-forty on the high side, one-thirty probably closer to the truth. She appeared to be a full C-cup, perhaps slightly more, a little larger than me, I judged further as I thought about it.

So, yeah, I could see where she had her share of suitors 'back in the day'.

"I mean, guys ask me out all the time," I said further in reply to her question, "but, I lie and tell them that I have a boyfriend back home and that usually shuts them down."

She laughed at my choice of strategy with guys.

"But don't you get lonely, though?" She pressed further.

"Sometimes," I admitted, "but, I usually find a way to handle it when it happens," hoping the double-entendre wouldn't be lost on her.

It wasn't. She smiled a 'knowing' smile at me, nodding in agreement.

"Still, it feels good to be able to share those moments with another, don't you think?" She asked, her damned eyes searching for a clue on my face.

"Yes, it does," I admitted without admitting anything.

"Don't get me wrong," Willie said further, "I love my life as a professor but every once in a while, I like having someone with whom I can share those special moments when the lonliness gets to be a bit much, know what I mean, Tess?"

There it was. The opening. A chance to let her know just how much I was willing to do to raise my grade.

"Yes, I do," hoping that I could feign the look of embarassment as I said further, "Don't think horrible of me but, honestly, sometimes my roomie and I 'help' each other when we feel lonely."

"Nothing wrong with that, Tess," answering as she placed her glass on the coffee table that sat in front of the couch, "I mean, who knows a woman's body and needs better than another woman, right?"

"I agree with you about that but when you haven't had a lot of experience it sometimes becomes trial and error," I replied with a self-depreciating chuckle.

"That's true, Tess, that's very true. Of course, one gains experience in things by continuing to try; at least, that seemed to work for me when I was a younger woman," Willie answered, smiling at me, her eyes focusing on my breasts, the lack of a bra showing in the tight, slightly too-small, tee.

It became quiet for a bit, her eyes rising to meet my own, Willie chewing on the corner of her lip, as if in thought.

"I could, if you'd like, show you some things that might help you when you or your suite-mate needs a little help with those lonely feelings," She said to me while reaching with her hand to softly stroke my own hand which was resting on the back of the couch.

Feigning shyness, I lowered my eyes before raising them again, saying, "Could you? I mean, would you do that for me? I've never really been with anyone that's had much experience," I lied.

Oh yeah, I lied; as I mentioned before, I'd been with older women, nailing my volley ball coach when I was a Junior in High School. Then, there was the mom of one, no, two of my classmates for a while, as well. So, yeah, I'd been there before.

"That was putting it nicely. I'm sure I must seem ancient to you," Willie said, fishing for a compliment?

"Oh no, you don't, Willie, really...I really don't feel an age difference between us right now," I commented, rather truthfully at that.

"I like being around younger people, I feel that it feeds me, gives me energy," Willie opined.

"And I like the confidence of someone with more experience in life than I have," Not an untruth, either.

"Slide closer to me, Tess," Willie said, "But, do you wish a bit more wine or are you okay?"

"I wouldn't mind another glass if it isn't too much trouble," I answered truthfully.

"Be a dear and fetch that other bottle of Red that's on my counter, would you?, the opener's on the counter next to it."

I found the wine and opened it myself to save her the trouble. Upon my return, I found her more or less reclining against the overstuffed arm of the couch, smiling as she watched me walk towards her. Quickly glancing before pouring us both another glass, I noticed that she had loosened another button of her blouse, exposing even more of the swell of her breasts.

"Here, sit next to me," She said as she reached for her glass, holding it for me to touch with my own, in a toasting fashion.

"Here's to us, two carefree women on a lark," clinking her wineglass against mine, afterwards.

"I'll drink to that," I quipped with a smile that, I hoped, showed anticipation of what lay ahead for she and I, moving my knee against her thigh as I positioned myself a bit closer to her.

We sipped our wine slowly, not speaking, letting our eyes undress the other. One of her hands played with my hair for a while, then she trailed a fingertip across my ear and the side of my face.

Leaning towards me, she slowly moved her mouth towards mine, stopping just short of our lips touching, her hand now caressing my chin.

"I'm going to kiss you, Tess, and all I want you to do from this point forward is to simply respond to your feelings, your emotions, the moment," kissing me afterwards, softly, sweetly, her lips absolutely the softest of any that I've ever kissed.

I let her lips swallow mine, caress mine, my hand reaching to rub her upper arm as she stroked the side of my face. Feeling her tongue against my lips, I opened my mouth to accept it, marveling at how warm and tender it felt in my mouth, causing me to suck on it, slowly, loving how it felt to my mouth and lips as I did so.

A soft moan escaped from Willie's mouth when I slipped my tongue into her waiting mouth, moving my hand into her opened blouse, softly squeezing her breast and nipple as I increased the fervor of my kiss.

Dropping her hand to my waist, she slipped it under my tee, raising my tee as she did so, exposing, then cupping my breast in her hand as soft moans of lust escaped from both of us.

"Oh Willie, that really feels good," I cooed as she expertly squeezed and fondled my tits. I wasn't lying either; it really, really felt good!

She quickly pulled my tee shirt over and off of me, dropping her mouth immediately to suck and kiss my tits as I held her head to my breasts. As she played my nipples with her tongue, she started undoing the snaps of my capris as I moved my hands to help her get me out of my pants.

Standing, I pulled them off of my feet, then quickly slid out of my thong at the same time.

"Against the couch arm, sweetie, lay against the couch arm," Willie cooed as I did exactly that, placing one of my legs on the floor, the other, over the couch back. There could be no mistaking what I was expecting to happen next.

I wasn't disappointed.

Smiling, while her eyes fucked mine, Willie moved to slip her arms under my legs, holding them in place as she lowered her mouth to my trimmed, nineteen-year old pussy. Slowly, softly, almost as if she were eating a serving of soft-serve ice cream, she ate me. Her top lip and mouth massaged my clit, while her bottom lip and mouth played with the folds of my pussy's lips, separating them, making them flow with my juices.

Now, I don't climax quickly; I'm able to hold off my orgasm for as long as I want to. That said, she took me from zero to lift-off in less than two minutes, my surprise almost as great as my climax.

"Ooooh, oooh," I heard myself moaning as she took me to the mountain top three more times, the last two as she tongue-fucked me with the longest tongue in the world while she massaged my swollen, hardened, clit with her fingers.

Lifting her head, my juices were visible on her lips as she stood while I fought to catch my breath, undoing, then dropping, her shorts, followed quickly by her blouse. Standing there naked, she said, in no uncertain terms, "Follow me."

I did.

I followed her down a short hallway that led to her bedroom, marveling at the firmness of her ass as I walked behind her. Climbing onto her king-sized bed, she lay on her back, beckoning me with her hand to join her.

"Make love to me, Tess, make me come, sweetie," She said as I leaned over her to kiss her, my tongue driving deep into her mouth and throat, her soft moans of excitement coming quickly.

As I continued to kiss her, I moved my hand to her pussy, letting my thumb flick over her clit as I fingered her. Moving my mouth to her breasts, I sucked and licked her tits and nipples, all the while fingering her with increasing passion.

Bringing her to 'the brink' several times, I swiftly moved to lay between her legs, my mouth dropping to suck her clit into my mouth. Opening my lips, I let my tongue flick over her clit as I continued to finger her but, now, with two fingers.

"Oh damnnnnn," Willie cried into the darkened room when she came that first time, her hips bucking against my mouth and tongue as I ate her. Not letting her catch her breath, I brought her to several more climaxes, her body now bathed in sweat from excitement.

"Oooooh sweetie, that was really, really good," She cooed as she took me into her arms, embracing me, hugging me tight to her body as we moved our pussies against each other's.

I kissed her, played with her tits as we continued to grind away at each other, bringing us to a simultaneous orgasm. Releasing me from her hug after our climaxes ebbed, I rolled off of her to my side, leaving my hand on one of her breasts for me to fondle.

"I really enjoyed that, Willie, that was the best I ever had," I said in a soft. low voice.

Another lie. One of the two moms that I had fucked was actually the best I'd ever had at this point in my life.

"I enjoyed it more than you know," Willie replied as she stroked my cheek with her fingers, "So much so that I think you should plan on returning to discuss your classwork on Wednesday evening, okay?"

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