tagLesbian Sex1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 05

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 05


When you think about it, the decision to move in together, off campus, was pretty much a slam dunk.

After that fateful night, several weeks ago, when Tess & Jean hooked up with Becks, one could hardly go anywhere on campus without seeing at least two of the trio together. More often, though, it was The Three Amigoes (their pet name for themselves) strutting around the picturesque campus.

There was a bit of talk about their friendship from some of Becks' teammates, mostly wondering why Becks wanted to hang with non-athletes instead of the jocks.

"S'matter Becks, we not good enough for you anymore?" some had teased. Becks shrugged it off and simply said in response, "Hey, I hang with them 'cause I know they have my back, all the time, unlike some of you two-faced bitches."

Well, that was true enough. Some of the very same team members who questioned her new friendship with Tess and Jean were the same chicks who gladly spread their legs for Becks in secret, late-night trysts, but would act as if Becks was a social pariah outside of team play.

Becks was 'out', had been so since the end of her freshman year in college. Tess and Jean, on the other hand, had no issue hanging out with Becks, known lesbian or not. Becks respected that and, besides, Tess and Jean were dynamite lovers.

Tess and Jean's parents thought it a good idea, as well, for the three girls to share a place, off-campus, and as it turned out, off-campus housing would cost them less than the dorm fees, so win-win, from their view point.

Of course, the fact that Becks' dad had connections in the real estate business of the city didn't hurt.

"Damn, please tell me that's the last fucking box we have to haul upstairs," Becks said,complaining to Tess and Jean as they moved into their new abode.

"I sure as shit hope so," Tess agreed, "I've got nothing left in the tank," dropping the big box onto the floor, not so gently, at that.

"I'm sorry guys, I didn't realize how much stuff I had," Jean said, apologetically.

"I sure as hell could have told you how much crap you had, girl; remember, I shared a small dorm room with you and didn't hardly have room for my shit," Tess replied.

"The good news, Tessie-baby, is that she has to put her crap away, not us," Becks teasingly said.

"Got that right!" Tess agreed.

It was a three day project getting them moved into the rather large, three bedroom, old Victorian house a few blocks from campus. The downstairs was all living/kitchen/dining space; the upstairs was three bedrooms and two large bathrooms. There was an add-on half-bath downstairs, as well. But now, it was done. Finished. Well, except for the unpacking part but they could take their time about that since the new semester was still two weeks away.

When the trio first talked about it, it was decided that each would have their own bedroom. Of course they were sleeping with each other, a lot, but having your own room also meant that each could bring 'dates' home and have some privacy. They decided to set some ground rules, over beers, after having moved all of their shit to the house. All that was left was the-ugh-unpacking and putting away crap.

"I mean, seriously, do we really need ground rules?" Becks asked Tess and Jean.

"Probably just so there's never any misunderstandings," Tess offered as reason number 1.

"And probably, just so we don't intrude on personal or private time," Jean offered as reason number 2.

"Already got your sights set on some new pussy, Jeannie-baby?" Becks asked teasingly.

"Maybe," Jean answered coyly.

"Do tell," Tess chimed in, more than a little intrigued by Jean's remark, "Last time you had a crush on someone we wound up fucking the black bitch," smiling and winking at Becks when saying it. Becks knew that Tess was teasing and took no offense.

"Yeah, that's right, you honky trash and you looove my little black pussy, bitch; you know you do," winking back at Tess.

"Well, can't say that you're wrong about that," Tess admitted with a smile. Becks was right. Tess did love that little black pussy, loved it a lot, in fact.

"Only black on the outside; all pink on the inside; found out for myself," Jean tossed in, her own two cents worth now on the table.

"Oh yeah, you surely did, girl," Becks commented with a wink to Jean, now.

"So, what are we saying here?" Becks remarked to get the discussion back on track and over with.

"Simple. Bedroom doors closed, privacy wanted; doors opened, an invite. Agreed?" Tess asked the other two.

"Sure." Becks and Jean agreed. Discussion over, now on to the ugly part; unpacking and putting away their shit........

Tess's new schedule found it's way to her after her mother remailed it from their home. Checking to see that she got the classes she had selected, she smiled broadly when she found that space was found for her with Dr. Willie's World History 3, a Junior/Senior level course. A few well-placed tongue flicks should be able to keep her in good stead with Dr. Willie, Tess mused. Not that she wouldn't actually study or do the work, no, that wasn't like her at all. But, as in life, in college you play with whatever advantages circumstance hands you.

The rest of her courses were exactly as she applied for, right down to the days and times of her classes. Cool, she thought, this will be a good semester, she predicted to herself.

"Hey, babe, what's shakin'?" Becks called to Tess as she closed the front door behind her.

"Nuttin' honey, just going over my schedule and lovin' the fact that it's just as I want," Tess replied with a beaming smile, exchanging cheek-kisses with Becks afterwards, "How 'bout you?"

"Got a problem, sweetie," Becks said with a face that betrayed sadness, horror, and/or a million other bad things one might think of.

"Oh Shit! What? What's wrong?" Tess asked, genuinely concerned.

"Got a pain, a really bad pain that just won't go away," Becks explained further, her face contorted as if in severe pain.

"Where? What...here, sit down, I'll get you some water," Tess busily said, her concern ramping up now.

"Maybe you can help me up to my room, help me get into bed, that'll help a lot," Becks said as she slowly ambled towards the stairwell.

"Sure, not a problem. Want me to call somebody?" Tess asked as she put her arm around Becks to help her as she started climbing the stairs.

"Yeah, sweetie. Call my doctor. You know the one, Dr. Loooove," Becks said with a hint of a grin on her face, now.

"You skanky-assed bitch," Tess hissed at Becks, realizing, now, that she had had her chain yanked by Becks.

"Does that mean you won't help me feel better?" Becks asked, still grinning.

"No, you cunt, it means that you owe me two orgasms for your one," Tess replied, her own face showing a smirk, now.

"Otay, Buckwheat," Becks replied, taking Tess' hand in hers, "But, me first; I'm so horny I could almost fuck a man."

"Wow, that's horny," Tess laughingly agreed.

Her eyes closed, Tess was drunk with the intoxicating taste and scent of Becks' pussy. She happily took her time in performing cunnilingus on Becks. She didn't want to rush, didn't feel the need to rush, she wanted it to last a long time, wanted to savor the taste that was Becks.

"Ooooh yeah, baby.....you do know how to rock momma's world, yeah, baby, just like that," Becks cooed, her own eyes closed in pleasure, her hips gently moving in concert with Tess' mouth and tongue.

They were so engrossed in what they were doing in Becks' bed that they didn't hear Jean when she came home. Didn't hear Jean when she walked up the stairs looking for them. Didn't hear or sense Jean as she leaned against the doorframe of Becks' room, gazing at the scene in Becks' bed. No, the first awareness they had of Jean's presence was when Tess felt a tongue flick across the back of her neck, just before she felt a hand, then a finger fondle her pussy from behind, then enter her.

Tess didn't stop her munching of Becks, no, what she did was to spread her legs a wee bit further apart so that Jean could properly finger her as she drank of Becks' juices.

"Oh damnit girl, damnit to hell, don't you dare stop now, you hear me," Becks moaned aloud as she held onto Tess' head and hair with both hands, her hips almost a blur as they rocked against Tess' mouth. Tess tightened her grip on Becks' hips, moaning in concert with Becks from Jean's fingering of her, muffling her cry of orgasm into Becks' pussy as they both quaked with spasms of joy, of release, of unbridled pleasure.

"Sweet Jesus, but that was fucking good," Becks finally said after catching her breath, "Holy crap, but that was soooo fucking good!"

"More where that came from, sweetcheeks," Tess gasped, "but not for a while; I've got to rest, my jaw's sore."

"How 'bout you, Becks? Your jaw sore?" Jean said, causing Becks to open her eyes and look towards Jean, who was getting out of her clothes, dropping them behind her as she crawled onto the bed and over Becks' head.

"How 'bout you, Becks?" Jean said as she lowered her pussy towards Becks smiling face.

"Never too sore for your sweet snatch," Becks replied with a broad grin as her hands gripped Jean's ass, pulling her pussy towards her mouth.........

They were three weeks into the new semester, most of the bullshit startup crap behind them all. Now, it was into the 'meat' of their courses, no more easy days. The work load did cut into their playtime with each other, not a lot, but enough that they all commented on it at one time or another.

The girls, as a live-together unit, really worked well. They liked being with each other, liked each other's company, was respectful of each other, in general. With their course loads beginning to settle into a routine, they decided one night that they should throw a house-warming party.

"Need to be selective as to who we invite," Becks counseled her two house-mates over beers that night, "Don't want a bunch of loud, drunk, trouble makers, for damn sure!"

"Why don't we just make it a girls-only party?" Jean suggested, "Sororities do it all the time and, well, we're almost a Sorority, don't you think?"

"All the pussy that's been eaten in this house? Yeah, I'd pretty much say we're like a Sorority," Tess chimed in, causing all three to laugh at the remark.

"I know that's true," Becks retorted.

"Seriously. I mean we all know plenty of girls that would love a girls-only night, don't we?" Jean pressed her issue further.

Becks and Tess nodded in agreement, Tess adding, "We could make it a real mixer; invite some straights, some bi's, even some dykes that are on campus. Hell, it'd be fun to see how that mix turned out."

"Can't let it get out of control," Becks chirped.

"Need to be really selective; keep it on the down-low as much as possible so we don't have to deal with crashers," Tess contributed.

"Could be a fun night," Jean argued once more for her cause.

Eventually, the three of them fell into agreement, set a date, and started making plans for the First Annual Girls Night Soiree at their place...........

"Good turnout," Becks commented to Tess as they passed in the hallway that led from the kitchen to the living/dining area, the dining area having been turned into a dance floor which was getting plenty of use.

"Yeah, it is," Tess replied, her eyes joining Becks' as they looked at the girls dancing to some serious funk/hip-hop grooves of Becks' party-mix CDs.

The thing is, unless they're really, really drunk, you never see a group of guys break into dance moves with each other. Chicks? Well, put on a groove and their bodies seem to go into auto-pilot, dancing, grinding, letting the rhythyms move their soul.

Not a bad thing.

"Seen Jean?" Tess asked before they each headed to wherever it was they were going when they met in the hallway.

Rolling her eyes upward, Becks leaned in so that Tess could hear her above the music, "Saw her heading upstairs about a half-hour ago with two of the Butch-Babes in tow."

"Again?" Tess asked, mouth agape.

The party had started at seven, and given Jean's limited capacity to hold her liquor, by seven-thirty she was tipsy and loose, emphasis on the word 'loose'. Seeking out the girl-love friendly gals that she had Becks and Tess point out to her when she started drinking, Jean had managed, by eleven, to have made two previous trips upstairs to her room, each with a different chickadee in arm.

"Girl's getting her freak on, tonight," Tess said further.

"Tru dat," Becks agreed, "See you later, got a newbie I'm working on," Becks said in leaving.

"Good luck," Tess replied, "I'm going to mingle a bit."

And mingle she did, stopping to talk with several differnt chicks, or groups of chicks, prowling, responding to her gay-dar pings, keeping her options open. Oh, she was going to get some pussy tonight, of that she had little doubt; worse case scenario would be a little sixty-nine session with either Becks or Jean.

Not a bad thing, mind you.

At around one in the morning, their house had thinned quite a bit of party-goers. The music had slowed down, the tunes dreamy, soulful, the kind of music that you stood in place, barely moving, slowly grinding with your partner.

Most, but not all, of the straights had gone by then. There were one or two left, the more adventurous ones, the ones not scared by lez chicks on the prowl. There were a few couples on the floor, grinding and kissing to unheard music. One or two couples in various stages of make-out, groping sessions on couches, on sofas. Hell, Tess walked into the downstairs half-bath and found a 'Barbie' sitting on the vanity, her dress hiked up over her waist, and one of the Butch-Babes giving the Barbie, what looked to be, a world-class pussy eating.

"Lock the door, guys, sheeeesh," Tess commented while rolling her eyes.

Walking down the stairs from using one of the upstairs bathrooms, Tess spied the chick that had pretty much caught her attention early on in the evening. A really cute chick of Asian bloodlines that Tess kinda' kept her on her radar throughout the night, saw her dancing several times to the faster tunes, saw in conversations with different groups or party goers.

No time like the present, Tess decided.

"Hey, been meaning to introduce myself to you earlier, but...." Tess said, looking around at the party aftermath that was beginning to show, indicating that she had her hands full most of the evening, "Anyway, I'm Tess, one of the house-mates that lives here."

"Yeah, one of the girls I talked with earlier had pointed the three of you guys out to me; I'm Soo, 2 O's, not UE."

"Get you a beer or something?" Tess asked, walking towards the kitchen, her body language encouraging Soo to follow along.

"Yeah, that'd be great; great party, by the way, lots of fun people tonight," Soo commented, idly.

"No major disasters-yet-thank God," Tess said with a chuckle.

"Most of the people are gone, it looks like," Soo said as she took the offered beer from Tess' hands.

"Some die-hards still hanging on," Tess commented as they looked upon the few guests that were left, most in some form of make-out scenario.

"You're still here, aren't you?" Tess commented, with a smile.

"Yeah...See that blonde on the dance floor?" Soo asked.

"Yeah, you mean the one in a serious lip-lock with the redhead?" Tess asked.

"Mindy. My ride here but I'm guessing, not my ride back to the dorm; She just informed me that she and her new friend were going over to red's apartment to "talk"," Soo clarified, laughing afterwards.

"Talk. More like, get her pussy licked," laughing some more after she added that.

Tess quickly took in the vision that was Soo while Soo was explaining her situation. Five-four'ish, maaaaybe one-oh-five, on a fat day, flawless skin, pouty lips, and from what she could tell, very small boobs, almost school-girl boobs, Tess figured.

"You're straight, aren't you," Tess asked out of the blue.

"You're not; neither are your house-mates," Soo said in way of an answer.

"Doesn't answer my question," Tess prodded, leaning against the kitchen counter at the same time.

"Is there a category for 'Curious'?," Soo asked/answered.

"There is," Tess answered, setting her beer on the counter afterwards, "Dance?"

The beautiful sounds of Etta James' "At Last' was just starting. Who doesn't like to dance to that tune?

"Never slow-danced with another girl," Soo said, setting her own beer on the counter, next to Tess'.

"Always a first time for everything," Tess replied, then taking Soo's hand in hers, she led Soo out onto the dimly lit, uncrowded, dance floor.

"Just relax," Tess instructed, "I'll lead, you follow, let the music move you," placing her hands on Soo's almost non-existent waist as Soo wrapped her arms around Tess' shoulders, her hands clasping each other behind Tess's head.

They danced well together, their bodies visibly relaxing, becoming comfortable with each other's movements. Slowly, as they danced, the space between their bodies melted away until, by the end of the song, they were firmly against each other's body. Another slow song started immediately as Etta's mournful voice faded away.

"Dance some more?" Soo asked, "You really dance well," Soo asked, settling against Tess without waiting for an answer.

"Curious, huh?" Tess said as her lips moved closer to Soo's ear.

"For a while, actually," Soo replied, pulling away so that she and Tess could look at each other while talking.

"How come?" Tess pressed.

"Don't know, just am; played a kissing game with some girls in my senior year in High School and, I don't know, just kinda' piqued my curiosity about sex between women," Soo answered as honestly as she knew how.

"Yeah, those kissing games in High School gets many a chick," Tess jokingly replied.

"How about you? Have you always liked girls?" Soo asked, moving back to dance close to Tess' body again.

"Yeah, pretty much," Tess admitted honestly.

"When was your first time?" Soo asked, tightening her arms around Tess when she did so.

"First time what? Kissing a girl? Feeling a girl? What?" Tess asked/answered, tightening her own grip on Soo's body.

"No, going all the way with a girl," Soo clarified.

"Fourteen. Haven't looked back since," Tess answered.

They said nothing further, letting the music take them away on a private journey as they enjoyed the feel of each other's bodies against one another, loving the tenseness that was almost palatable.

Song over, they stood looking at each other, still holding hands, not saying a word. Breaking the stare-down with Soo, Tess looked around and realized that they were alone, the others had somehow left without Tess noticing. Taking Soo by the hand, she led them back to their beers in the kitchen.

"Surprised you haven't acted on your curiosity, yet," Tess prodded, returning to their dance-floor conversation.

"Kinda' why I came to the party," Soo honestly admitted, "But, I guess I just didn't give off the right vibe."

"More that nobody picked up on it; I did. I am," Tess responded holding the bottle to her lips, not sipping, just looking hard into Soo's eyes.

"Yeah? What kind of vibe do you think you're picking up?" Soo asked, not breaking her eye-lock with Tess when asking.

"The kind of vibe that says you want me, or someone, to take you to bed and make love to you; the kind of vibe that says you want to see what the fuss about girl-love is all about; that kind of vibe," Tess replied, finishing her beer in one long gulp afterwards.

"Yeah. Pretty much covers it," Soo admitted, placing her beer on the counter afterwards.

Tess pulled Soo close to her, her mouth covering Soo's immediately. Not a hard kiss. Not a vulgar kiss. More a kiss that seals the deal. Soo didn't fight it off, no, she responded to Tess' lips as one would to any good kiss. Willingly, wantingly, her mouth slowly opening to Tess' tongue probes.

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