tagLesbian Sex1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 08

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 08


Her mind was overflowing with a flood of thoughts and emotions, almost to the point, thought Tess, of making her wanting to find a 'hidey-hole' to crawl into, to find some time to reboot, to recharge.

She and Becks' had the 'BIG TALK' with Jean and, as Tess had correctly surmised, Becks agreed that neither of them had any moral high ground to stand on, no right to preach to Jean about her promiscuous behavior. Jean took the talk well, understood their concern for her reputation and, outwardly, at least, agreed that she needed to be a 'bit' more selective and less whore-like in her demeanor with other gals.

Would she? Well, that was the question now, wasn't it?

Tess asked for, and was granted, the use of Dr. Willie's Escalade in which to go to the airport to pick-up her step-sis, Jolene, or Jo as she preferred to be called these days. Oh sure, Dr. Willie extracted a 'quickie' in her office as tribute for the use of her car but Tess had no problem with that at all. Since she had started as the student assistant to Willie and Bea, there had been quite a few afternoon 'quickies' with one or the other in their offices. Wasn't part of the job description but what the hell, it still happened from time to time and to Tess, it was no big thing.

Jo was three years older than Tess and now, a Second Lieutenant in the Army following her graduation from college. She, Jo, was on leave between Advance Training Schools for her Specialty and would, eventually, be shipped overseas to one of the many wars in which our troops were engaged.

A slight smile came to Tess' lips as she thought about Jo, her step-sis-NO! Fuck that! Her sister!-her first lover and in many ways, her one true love. Thinking of the first time when they had made love, when Jo had showed her the pleasures of making love with another female , well that always brought a smile to Tess, always.

'They' say that you never forget your first time. Tess would agree with that, loving to think about it often and, at the end of the day, Tess cared little about other people's reaction that Tess' first time had been with family. Fuck 'em, was Tess' thought on the matter; it is what it is and she would change absolutely nothing about that fact, plain and simple.

As is her usual bent, Tess was early, her preference always to be early, rather than late, for anything she had on her schedule. After parking the Escalade in the underground covered parking lot next to the terminal, Tess sauntered inside, grabbed a latte and found a seat to wait for her beloved Jolene. Sitting there, slowly sipping her hot latte, Tess' thoughts drifted to that first time with Jo.......

"Are the 'rents asleep?" Tess had asked Jo when she closed Tess' bedroom door behind her, closing it softly so's not to make any noise.

"Yeah, they're down for the count," Jo replied, her voice in a whisper as was Tess'. The 'rents, or parents, had a bit too much wine at the family's celebration of Tess' birthday and would sleep the sleep of the dead that night. Tess had lost her mother when she was eight years old and when she was eleven, her dad married her step-mother, a nice woman who also had a daughter, Jolene, who was three years older than Tess.

Growing up together over the next few years, they both grew close, bonded quickly as step-sibs, sharing the secrets that kids do as sibs. Tess grew to love Jo very much as a sister, never tiring of being able to hang out with her whenever she could

"What's that?" Tess whispered her question to Jo, referring to whatever Jo had concealed in her hand, behind her back.

"Thought we'd have our own celebration of your big birthday," bringing the unfinished bottle of wine that her parents had left sitting on the counter.

What Tess remembered next about that was while Jo had poured them both a glass, it was only Tess' that kept getting refilled and when it was all said and done, after a half-hour of sitting on Tess' bed, giggling about the school gossip of the day, Tess had a fairly serious wine-buzz going and she remembered that it felt really good, really 'adult'.

Reaching with her fingers, Jo tweaked the budding breasts of Tess through her tee shirt that she always wore to bed, saying, "Looks like you're starting to grow some boobies, li'l sis," smiling at Tess when she said it.

"Yeah, but they're not as big as yours," Tess observed correctly, for Jo was sporting a pair of 34-Cs, a very handome pair, at that.

"Give it time, baby, you're still growing," Jo replied, stroking Tess' arm lovingly, a stroking meant to show her care for her baby step-sister, the step-sister that had been giving Jo wet dreams at night since she first started noticing how Tess was entering into woman-hood. So many wet dreams had she had about Tess that she was bound and determined to do something about it that night, step-sib or not.

Jo knew that she liked sex with other girls, had known it since her first time when she was with her BFF and lover, Allison. Oh sure, she was fucking the boy she was dating but that was for show, in Jo's mind anyways, nothing more. There were only a few of Jo's peers that knew of her love of other girls' pussies. Those that knew, kept it secret because, afterall, they benefitted from Jo's love of eating other girls' pussies.

"So, kissed any boys yet?" Jo asked Tess, changing the topic, letting her fingers linger on Tess' arm just a 'wee' bit longer than sisterly, others would say.

"NO!" Tess answered in a loud whisper, frustrated in many ways because she really wanted to, really wanted to kiss a boy, "I don't even know how; probably make a fool of myself if I ever do," Tess lamented to Jo.

"Oh, well, no worries, lil' sis, we can teach you how to kiss, I mean, if you really want to know how," Jo offered, reclining now, supported on one elbow, her other hand tracing invisible lines on Tess' knee and thigh, almost absent-mindedly it would seem to the casual observer.

"Really?" Tess replied, her eyes lighting up at the prospect of learning how to properly kiss another person, "You'd do that for me?"

Well, really, its more for me, Jo thought but replied, instead, "Yeah. No biggie, you really want to?"

"Well, yeah..." Tess replied as if she were talking to the village idiot for asking such a silly question. Of course, she wanted to, I mean after all, she should know how to kiss was Tess' view of the issue.

"Lay down, here, next to me," Jo commanded Tess, patting the space next to her on the bed, "And, just close your eyes, relax, just respond naturally as you feel 'things'," not really explaining to Tess what 'things' she should expect to feel.

But Tess quickly found out about those 'things', and by the end of their first time, she really liked feeling them.

"Relax, baby," Jo's soothing voice said, her voice soft, low, her hot breath on Tess' face making Tess aware of strange stirrings in her belly, in her head.

Jo's lips were amazingly warm Tess thought when she first felt them on her own, and wet, very wet, Tess thought further as Jo's mouth kissed her step-sister.

"Like that?" Jo asked, pulling her lips from Tess', Tess' head rising a slight bit to stay attached to Jo's lips.

"Oh, yeah, that feels good," Tess replied, a strange warmth starting to develop in her privates, in her 'nookie' as she called it.

Jo kissed her again, this time a little harder, her tongue slipping past Tess' lips and into Tess' mouth. Tess didn't question it, didn't want to question the tongue in the mouth thing, she just wanted to feel more of it. As their kissing of each continued to develop into something more serious, something hotter than a quick sisterly peck, Tess didn't stop it. Oh hell no, she didn't stop it, she liked whatever was happening, that much she knew for sure.

With her tongue now deeply probing her sister's mouth, Jo slipped her hand under Tess' sleep-tee, her fingers crawling slowly up her sister's flat belly, loving how the abs rippled under the touch of her fingers. When Jo placed her hand over Tess' small titties, her voice murmurred arousal, muffled by their mouths clamped together, both of them showing an increase in their breathing, both getting aroused.

"Like that?" Jo asked when she pulled her mouth from Tess', her hand fondling Tess' small boobs with increased urgency, increased desire.

"Yeah, that feels good," Tess answered dreamingly but truthfully to her older step-sib.

Smiling at Tess, Jo raised Tess' tee, gathering it above her chest and quickly, before Tess could object, dopped her mouth over one of Tess' tits, sucking it deep into her mouth for her tongue to tease and tantalize.

As far as how Tess felt about all of this, well, Tess felt absolutely wonderful. She didn't know what all she was feeling but she did know that it all felt delightful to Tess and she certainly didn't recall having any second thoughts about what she and Jo were doing, that night, in her bed.

It went on like that for a short time, all the while Tess becoming more naked as Jo, expertly at that, peeled Tess' tee and panties from her, her mouth and tongue keeping Tess excited, keeping Tess wanting more of everything.

Pausing a second or two at Tess' pussy, light pubic hair starting to show above her tight slit, Jo just smiled, saying to Tess, "Close your eyes baby, just enjoy this."

And Tess did just that, closing her eyes as she felt Jo's warm breath create a hurricane of feelings between her legs. But when Tess felt the tip of Jo's tongue slowly lick across her pussy lips and Jo's fingers sliding into her pussy to the first knuckle joint, she had her first orgasm in that quick second or two, not knowing, then, what it was she had felt.

But, she did know that, whatever it was, she liked it. She fucking liked it a lot, her hands reflexively, it seemed, grabbing Jo's close-cropped hair with her fingers, squeezing tightly as if holding on to the reins of a horse on a runaway gallop....

"College life sure seems to agree with you, li'l sis, looking good, sweetie," Tess heard, the words echoing as if in a canyon, almost as if she didn't hear it at all, the words and sound of Jo's voice snapping her out of her revery.

"Army's really got you stylin', hon," Tess said teasingly as she hugged her BDU-dressed step-sis to her body, kissing her in welcome as they embraced.

The desert camouflaged BDU's did little to show Jo's toned, muscled, sexy body, just draping, no, covering her best assets. Such is life in the regular Army.

"Well, I'm sure I won't be walking any runways in Paris in this getup, that's for sure," Jo laughingly agreed as they walked with arms around each other's waists to retrieve Jo's luggage from the baggage claim of the airline.

"So, you've already been home? Seen the 'rents?" Tess asked as she wended her way from the airport, turning to take the interstate to the exit for her college and, her neighborhood.

"Yeah, saw them first, saving the best for last," Jo replied, placing her hand onto Tess' arm, giving her arm a little squeeze of affection.

"All good at the house?" Tess probed further.

"Yeah, yeah, baby, it's all good," Jo finally replied after a noticeable hesitation.

Tess picked up on the hesitation but didn't push or probe as to why. Jo'll tell me if there's anything going on that I need to know about, was Tess' view of the matter.

"So, you got a spot for me to bunk for a couple of days?" Jo asked, changing the subject quickly.

"Yep. Choices, always good to have choices," Tess replied, "Becks is away for the weekend at a tournament, so her room is available; my slut-housemate, Jean, said you could sleep with her if you'd like since she's never fucked a soldier," laughing after she said it, "And, of course, you can always share my bed, you know you're always welcome in my bed," turning to smile at her beautiful Jo.

"Jean? That the one with the big rack you drooled over?" Jo asked for clarity.

Yes, they kept themselves abreast-no pun intended-of their sex lives and conquests. They were sisters for God's sake.

"Yep. That's the one," Tess affirmed for Jo, "Great set of tits has that one," winking at Jo after she said it.

"Well, we might have to give the constantly horny Jean a tumble before I leave; you good with that?" Jo asked in earnest.

"Always good with doing somebody with you, Jo, you know that," Tess answered.

True enough, thought Jo, they, the two of them, certainly had their share of threesomes over the past few years.

"Well, we'll see," Jo remarked as Tess pulled into their unused driveway. Unused because, unless they had visitors with a car, The Three Amigoes did not have a set of wheels between them. They were good with that, having plenty of 'rides' whenever they needed such.

Schlepping Jo's bags into the house, the two sibs made their way up the stairs, Tess leading, Jo following, her eyes fixated on Tess' muscled ass, a pleasant view thought Jo, sis or no sis.

"Damn girl, you been working out or something? That ass of yours looks fine," Jo commented as they reached the top landing.

"Running; I run a few times a week when I can," Tess answered, giving her booty a bit of a shake for Jo's benefit, "You like?"

"Always have; Well, it's working, just so that you know," Jo said in compliment.

"Thanks, sis. Well, you gonna' use Becks' room for your stay or do you want to bunk with me?" Tess asked, turning to face Jo afterwards.

Jo's face took on a serious cast for a brief second or two before she replied.

"Won't see you for a while after I'm deployed, sis; Any problem with sharing your bed with me for the weekend?" Jo asked.

"Seriously? You're asking me that? Seriously?" was Tess' reply.

"Just checking, babygirl, don't want to get in the way of anything you might have had planned for the weekend," Jo retorted.

"Only plans I have for the weekend is to enjoy your visit," Tess answered as she moved towards her room with one of Jo's bags in hand.

"Me too, baby, me too," Jo replied with a grin on her face and a smile in her heart at Tess' answer.

"So, what's on the agenda?" Jo asked, dropping her bag onto Tess' bedroom floor.

"Up in the air; I have the use of Willie's car for the weekend since she and Bea are at Willie's mountain retreat, so we have wheels, if needed," Tess replied.

"If you don't mind, I'd really like to just hang here, chillin', if that's okay," Jo answered.

"Yeah. Sure, that's fine, don't really want to be driving anyway if we're drinking or anything," Tess said truthfully.

"Smart girl," Jo smilingly replied, "Maybe, just order in tonight for food?"

"That's what I was thinking. Jean's got labs on Fridays and she'll be able to join us a little later for supper, so, yeah, let's go with that," Tess replied, adding, "She'll be home in a half-hour, give or take a few minutes, so if you want to take a shower and freshen up, you have time."

"Great! I'd love to get out of these BDUs and feel like a normal human being for a while," Jo answered enthusiastically.

"Use the bath across the hall, it's bigger and I'll figure out someplace to order from, okay?" Tess answered.

Taking Jo into her arms, Tess embraced her sis, so freaking happy to have her here to do so. Stepping back, Tess gave Jo a quick peck on her lips, saying, "You have no idea how happy I am to have this time with you, thanks for making room for me in your busy schedule."

"Wouldn't have it any other way, baby," Jo replied, truthfully at that. Jo loved Tess, probably a bit more than she should but, fuck it, it is what it is.

"Better have a cold beer waiting for me after I get out of the shower or I'll whip your ass, li'l sis," Jo cheerfully said to Tess as she closed the door to the bath for her shower.

"Yeah, yeah, you and what Army? Oops, can't say that now, can I?" Tess answered in laughter, "Be waiting for you downstairs, sis," skipping down the stairs afterwards, Tess as happy as she's been in a long time.

Jo had that effect on Tess, no doubt about it.

"Hey there, so where's your sis?" Jean asked Tess, laying her backpack on the counter.

"Upstairs, showering; she'll be down in a bit," Tess answered while taking in the fact that Jean, unlike when Tess had first seduced her, was now dressing so that her rack was 'showcased'; not hanging out but you couldn't help but have your eyes drawn to her chest.

"So, what's your plans for the evening? Gonna' eat with us?" Tess went on to ask Jean.

"Sorta' have a date but nothing definite, you know? I mean, I can get outta here so that you two can catch up and all that, I don't want to be in the way," Jean answered.

In truth, Jean wanted desperately to be asked to join them in hanging out at the house. Ever since hearing of Tess' introduction to gal/gal sex by her step-sister, Jean's wanted to meet her, to see what she was about.

"Won't be in the way at all, Jean, you're welcome to chill with us if you've got nothing else going on tonight," the voice said from the top of stairs, getting louder as the disembodied voice came down the stairs.


The attraction was just that evident to all but the blind when Jean and Jo set eyes on each other for the first time. Jo was dressed in shorts and a tank-top, cut off at the mid-driff, her 34-Cs, braless and still bouncing when she hit the main floor at the bottom of the stairs. Had you been listening for it, you would've heard Jean's short intake of breath at the sight of Jo.

Jo's eyes were immediately drawn to Jean's cleavage, the swell of her 36-Ds begging to be looked at. Taking in the rest of Jean in a quick scan, Jo was smittened. Not in a want-to-spend-my-life-with-you way, no, it was very much of a I-will-fuck-you way, nothing else, but it was enough.

Tess noticed the invisible bolts of sexual energy fly between Jo and Jean in that quick second. Of course she did; Tess might be only nineteen, but that doesn't mean she was oblivious to such things. Her reaction to that, though, was pure Tess; gutteral, instinctive, and basically predatory. She quickly envisioned the three of them in a menage-a-trois and felt her pussy dampen at that mind-pic.

"Hey you two, how 'bout we order some food and eat before y'all fuck each other's brains out," Tess interjected with a chuckle.

"A good thought," Jean said, finally finding her voice.

"What? Eating? Or fucking each other's brains out," Jo laughingly commented as she took the offered beer from Tess' hand.

"Both," Jean answered honestly as she also took a beer from Tess.

"So, Pizza? Chinese? Chicken? What? Give me a clue, people," Tess asked as she sipped her beer, perusing the various take-out menus from the menu drawer.

"Jean?" Jo asked, tossing the hot potato to her as she sipped her bear, her eyes locked onto Jean's face.

"I'm easy, don't care," Jean said, sipping her own beer, and exchanging eye-fucks with Jo.

"Yeah, baby, we all know you're easy," Tess joked, "But, hey, fuck it! Y'all had a chance so I'm saying we're eating Pizza tonight, thick crust, double-cheese and Pepperoni," picking up the phone and placing an order for such.

"Mmmmmmm, great choice baby-sis," Jo commented as she fought to lick the string of cheese into her mouth with her tongue.

"For sure," Jean agreed, all of them laughing at Jean's inability to avoid a string of cheese from dropping onto the swell of her breasts, stinging just a bit from the heat.

"I'll get that," Tess said and leaning over, she swiped her tongue across one of Jean's exposed tit-swells in the vee of her low-cut sweater.

"You missed a spot," Jo declared, quickly flicking her tongue on the other tit-swell, getting the cheese onto her tongue.

"Ooooh, wait, let me drop some more cheese for you to lick," Jean joked; well, sorta' joked, 'cause she did like it, afterall.

"Won't need any cheese, sweetie," Jo said, her voice a bit lustful, "those puppies are just begging to be played with," taking a bite from her last piece of Pizza she was holding.

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