tagLesbian Sex1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 11

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 11


"ChChChChanges....." Tess sang aloud to the David Bowie classic blasting from her car's sound system and, surprisingly? she was on-key and in-tempo and happy as a lark.

Daddy's 'surprise' for her when he returned from The Hunt on the Saturday after Thanksgiving was to hand her the keys to Chris' BMW 5-series sedan.

"You're about to turn twenty, doing well in school. We gave Jo a car when she started her Junior year at college and there's no reason you shouldn't be treated the same, Tess, consider it an early Christmas present," Robert said, then handed her the keys to HER new car.

Tess stood there, dumbfounded, not knowing whether to shit or go blind. Looking to her parents, their arms around each other's waist and smiling at their daughter, well, she began crying, of course she did.

Her mom's BMW was the schitz from the word go, from its on-board navagation system and satellite radio to its heated leather seats. Low mileage, on top of all that, less that forty K and only three years old, barely broken in was Tess' view.

Leaving on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Tess started the twelve hour drive to campus. Knowing that Jean and her parents were at her aunt's house, fours hours away, for the Holiday, Tess made a call before she left home. Offering Jean a ride back to school was genius, thought Tess. It'd save her mom and dad the extra miles to drive Jean back and give Tess company for the road, safety in numbers and all that, was everyone's thought.

"Tess, are you sure? There's plenty of room for you to stay the night," Jean's aunt said for the second or third time since Tess had arrived to pick up Jean.

"Oh, I know and thank you, but I'd prefer a shorter drive tomorrow than the eight hours we'd have if we stayed the night here," Tess offered as a polite no, thank you, to the aunt's invitation.

"Well, that does make sense," Jean's father opined, nodding his head in agreement with Tess' arguement.

Waving goodbye to Jean's family as they pulled out of the driveway, Tess waited until they were out of sight of the house before speeding up. No sense in sending the wrong message to Jean's family.

"Sweeeet," Jean's gleeful voice pronounced as she took in the luxury of Tess' gift, "Some serious wheels, girlfriend," her final exclamation of approval to Tess.

"Yeah, gotta' love the 'rents for this baby," Tess replied happily.

Their plan was to drive another four or five hours, find a motel (Thank you, daddy)and crash for the night, leaving a short three or four hour drive the next day.

Jean played with the satellite radio for a bit, returning it to the station of Classic Rock that Tess had it on to begin with.

"Want to burn one for the road?" Jean asked, reaching into her purse and retrieving a tightly rolled doobie.

"Whered'ya get that?" Tess asked.

"Cousin Sally," Jean answered, her eyebrows raised in question.

"How 'bout we save it for the motel when I don't have to worry about getting stopped or something," Tess suggested, "And, if we wait to get our buzz until we have a bed to share, it'd be more fun, don't you think?"

"Oooh, yeah, that's a great idea," Jean agreed, delighted at the thought of getting stoned with Tess, then, fucking Tess. Jean liked sex when she was stoned.

"Yeah, let's do that," Jean repeated, "Lord knows I'm ready for some serious sex, been over a week since I've gotten off. Had to share a room with cousin Sally but she's all about the dick, can't get enough of the dick."

"What? No Fuck stories to share?" Tess laughingly commented.

"Nope. Nada. Nothing. How 'bout you?" Jean asked hopefully.

One of the things that Tess and Jean had discovered about each other was that they both got turned on and horny when hearing of a fuck that either of them had experienced. They'd share stories of recent conquests and fuck each other like rabbits afterwards.

"Well, if you really want to know....." Tess said teasingly and without leaving out a thing, Tess told Jean of her Holiday tryst with the lovely Mrs. Brown in graphic detail.

Just telling the story was getting Tess worked up, nevermind that Jean had pulled up her dress to play with herself while hearing it. Reaching with her right hand, Tess joined Jean in the play with her pussy, the aroma of arousal rising as Jean got wetter from their fingers on her snatch.

Spying a roadsign indicating a scenic view ahead, Tess slowed, taking the exit from the interstate and driving to the overlook a half-mile or so from the interstate. As she had suspected, the overlook was void of cars and people, this time of year not condusive to vacationers or people wanting to brave the chilly air for a view.

Tess left the car running for warmth and, leaning over the center console, she took Jean's face between her hands, kissing her with desire, sending her tongue deep into Jean's welcoming mouth. Moving a hand to Jean's mons, Tess slipped a finger underneath Jean's already wet panties, sliding it deep into her house-mate's pussy.

Didn't take Tess long to produce a pleasant orgasm for her passenger, not long at all. Jean hadn't lied when she said it'd been a while since she had sex.

"Oh, Goddamnit, but that was good," Jean said with a heavy breath, her eyes watching as Tess, with eyes closed, sucked Jean's juices from her fucking-fingers, all three of them, one at a time.

"Good. Glad you liked," Tess said as she backed up and returned them to the interstate, "Just remember that you owe me one when we get to the motel baby," smiling at Jean when she said it.

"Can't wait," Jean said somewhat dreamingly, a smile on her face and her eyes closed in pleasure.

Checking into the motel around six that evening, the girls opted to grab a bite in the restaurant across the parking lot from their lodging. The restaurant was busy with travelers, like the girls, everyone going somewhere before the Holdiay weekend would be over. While eating their salads, neither was 'super' hungry, they played a game of 'Would you?', a made-up game that they played often at school when among the general population of school. Simple game, really, picking a chick and wondering if one or the other would take said chick to bed for hot sex.

More Nos than Yeahs that night because most of the women were either too old or frumpy or too young and illegal. Still, legal issues aside, they had both agreed on a couple of the younger females who had, unknowingly, become game pieces in their fantasy game.

One especially caught their eye, both admitting that, legalities not being in the way, they would have eagerly taken the honey-blond to bed for fun and games.

"That last one," Jean said as they walked across the lot back to their room's warmth on that blustery night, "I'd do her in a heartbeat."

"Mmmm, gets me all hot and bothered thinking about that possibility," Tess admitted, memories of Miriam's daughter, Hope, flooding her mind.

Winning the coin flip for the shower, Jean did so first, emerging from the steamed-up bath of their room in just her panties, her gorgeous breasts naked and still somewhat slick from the steam vapor of the shower.

"Damn, I love your tits," Tess remarked matter-of-factly, giving one a quick pinch as she prepared for her own shower.

"Yeah, I know you do," Jean answered with a leery grin, "and my girls love the way you play with 'em," giving Tess a quick kiss.

"Don't you dare fire up that doob before I get out, hear?" Tess said as she closed the door of the bathroom behind her.

"I won't; I'm going to boot-up my laptop and find some porn to watch, to get ready for later," Jean said unashamedly.

That was another thing Jean and Tess shared; a love of porn, be it straight, lesbian, bisexual, whatever, it didn't matter. They both liked watching porn from time to time, liked how watching it made them lustful and horny.

Emerging from the shower in just her panties as Jean had, Tess joined Jean on the king-bed of their motel room where Jean had already set up her laptop on a chair, near the bed, the large screen of the laptop able to be seen as they lounged in their bed.

Firing up the long-awaited doobie, Jean passed it to Tess as her fingers moved about the keyboard, picking, clicking on video clips of steamy sex to watch as they got blissfully stoned and hornier than they were already.

"Oooh, that one, let's watch that one," Tess said, her slow pronunciation of the words a clear indication of having reached the ozone of stone. Tess was a light-weight with weed, unlike her step-sis, Jo, who had a higher tolerance for the herbal magic of ganja. Not now, of course, Jo hadn't smoked weed since her senior year in college because of the UAs that the ROTC had implemented and, of course, the Regular Army, now.

"Okey-Dokey," Jean replied, equally as stoned as Tess, clicking on the video clip that promised to show a threesome between two teenaged gals and a MILF that, in a lot of ways, reminded Tess of Mrs. Brown, Miriam.

Settling in on the bed to watch the clip, Jean turned onto her side, towards the laptop, the doobie allowed to die in the ashtray on the nightstand, laying her head on her arm. Tess turned onto her side as well, forming her body to snuggle against Jean's, her pussy pressed up against Jean's lovely young ass, her hard-nippled breasts hard against Jean's back. Had Tess' pussy been a cock, it would have been positioned to slip into either Jean's pussy or asshole.

Supporting her head with a hand and her elbow on the pillows so that she could see the screen, Tess' eyes slowly glazed over as the fuck-scene played out before them. Reaching to one of Jean's tits, Tess absent-mindly fondled it, placing small, soft butterfly kisses to Jean's ear, neck or shoulder as they both got hot and horny from watching the video, and, from Tess' play with Jean.

Near the end of the video, Jean moved her hand behind her and slipped it into Tess' damp panties for some pussy-play with her house-mate.

The video ended, both of the girls very turned on and hornier, now. They prolonged their play with each other, Jean having turned her head so that they could kiss each other while fondling each other.

"Want to have some kinky fun?" Jean asked, pulling her lips from Tess', a small string of saliva still connecting them.

"Always up for a little kink, girl, you know that," Tess replied just before bending down to take Jean's hard nipple into her mouth.

"Watch," was all that Jean said as she leaned on her elbow, her fingers flying across her keyboard, and her screen now showing that a Skype call had been placed, the light of the laptop's built-in camera glowing brightly, indicating that it was now 'on'.

"Hey there, baby," Tess heard a soft voice saying as the audio of the call connected before the video, "was wondering where you've been."

"Heading back to school with my friend," Jean replied as the video picture finally filled the large screen of her laptop, the image that of a younger girl, surely no older than seventeen, Tess saw, but stunningly good-looking she also deemed in those first few seconds.

"Yeah, I can see that," the girl, Zoe, said as her eyes lustfully looked at her own computer screen, eyeing the image of the half-naked Jean and Tess laying in bed, Tess' mouth still on Jean's tit, her eyes raised to the screen, watching Zoe's reaction.

"Zoe, this is Tess; Tess, Zoe," Jean said in introduction, "Zoe and I discovered each other on Craigslist and started Skyping each other a few months ago," Jean continued in explanation for Tess' benefit.

"Hi, Zoe," Tess said, taking her mouth from Jean's tit to do so but leaving her hand cupping and fondling it.

"Oh no, don't stop, Tess, that's hot," Zoe replied as she slipped her tee shirt off in front of the camera so that she could fondle and play with herself as she watched her screen.

"Nice jugs," Tess said in compliment of the girl's breasts, now naked with one of Zoe's own hands squeezing and rubbing on one while her other hand had disappeared out of sight, no doubt inside of her panties, now.

"Thanks. Wish Bobbie was here to watch with me," Zoe remarked as she watched Tess return her mouth to Jean's breast, Tess' tongue teasingly flicking around Jean's hard nipple.

"Bobbie is her fuck-buddy," Jean said, explaining it for Tess' benefit, "I've watched them get down and dirty a few times, and I've let them watch me, as well, a few times."

"Well, let the games begin," Tess said as she rolled Jean onto her back, her mouth and hands flying to play with both of Jean's girls, Tess incredibly turned on from the knowledge that Zoe, or anyone, was watching her and Jean.

Turning the laptop until she had it positioned so that Zoe could see their bodies from the tits to the crotch, Jean surrended herself to Tess' excellent oral skills, closing her eyes now, her hands slowly rubbing up and down Tess' back and under Tess' panties to squeeze Tess' ass as their hips moved against each other in desire and lust.

Tess performed for the camera, her mouth and tongue sucking and licking Jean's body until her mouth was biting at Jean's snatch, through her panties. Pulling Jean's panties from her body in one swift, practiced motion, Tess looked to the screen of the laptop as her mouth dropped onto Jean's very wet pussy, her eyes taking in Zoe as she played with her own boobs, the hidden hand moving with some urgency out of sight of her computer's own camera.

Tess took her time in her cunnilingus act on Jean, teasing her unmercifully by bringing her to the brink of orgasm many times, but withholding it as she could successfully do with her conquests. All the while, of course, Jean was crazy with need and desire finally, after twenty minutes or so of being denied, she loudly cried, begged for Tess to let her get off.

Jean's cries of orgasmic released were joined by the similar sounds of climax from Zoe's voice from Jean's computer, the image showing Zoe's hand moving at light-speed somewhere in her nether regions, out of sight, unseen.

"Wow, fuck! That was hot," Zoe finally said as her eyes watched as Tess and Jean switched places, Jean pulling Tess' panties from her body as they did so.

"Hang on, watch this," Jean said, her smile unseen by the camera as she lowered her mouth to Tess' needful pussy, her hands above her hand squeezing and fondling Tess' breasts as she lovingly returned the oral favor to Tess' pussy.

Keeping her eyes on Jean's screen, Tess saw Zoe push her chair back a bit, allowing her to put both of her feet onto her desk, pulling off her own panties, exposing her pussy to the camera's eye as her hand returned to play with it, the camera now showing it as she did.

Watching the girl masturbate, feeling Jean's mouth and tongue work their magic on her snatch, Tess was incredibly turned-on, incredibly hot and horny. Not knowing, or caring, which was turning her on more, watching Zoe jack off or receiving Jean's excellent eating of her cunt, Tess just went with her libido, not caring what the reasons were.

When Tess finally allowed herself release, she moaned and groaned her orgasm loudly, her hands pulling Jean's head hard against her pussy as it rubbed up and down with want and desire. Zoe was starting her moans of climax as well, two fingers of a hand now fucking her pussy in a blur of action, her release evident, her chair shaking a bit as she let her climax roll over her body.

"Wow, that was excellent," Zoe finally said to the two gals as Tess lovingly rubbed her hand through Jean's hair as Jean, lovingly, nibbled on Tess' wet pussy in after-play.

"See you later?" Jean finally said, she and Zoe exchanging air-kisses to the camera, and thus, the screens.

"Oh, yeah, anytime," Zoe said with a smile, both logging off at the same time.

"That was fucking hot!" Tess exclaimed as she helped Jean from between her legs and onto her back to lay next to her sex-sweaty body in the bed.

"Oh, yeah," Jean agreed, "you should see her and Bobbie get it on."

"How old is she?," Tess asked, not really caring, truthfully.

"Don't know. Don't want to know. Just a face and body on the screen," Jean replied, her tiredness from the sex and doobie, showing in her voice.

"Yeah, I get that," Tess agreed, laying down and turning to drape an arm across Jean's body, pulling it closer so that she could snuggle her pussy against Jean's hip which became quickly wet from Tess' juices that still flowed a bit.

"Sweet dreams, baby," Tess said to Jean as the sleep came rushing to capture her in its arms, Tess and Jean quickly falling asleep, all right in their world, now.......

Christmas came and went, Tess driving home for the Holidays. She started her Junior year at college the day after her twentieth birthday and choosing to load herself with class-hours for the Spring semester, the hope of early graduation the point of that, Tess barely had time to breathe, much less chase pussy.

There was the occasional romp with Soo, her Asian lover, when their incredibly busy school schedules allowed. Her trysts with Willie and/or Bea had all but stopped as they, the both of them, had their attention turned to a younger coed in one of Bea's classes. That was fine with Tess, not that she didn't like 'doing' the profs, but, been there, done that, was her thought on the matter. She continued to be their student assistant but, now, it was really about the position and less about being sexually available because of the position.

Taking a page from Jean's playbook when the physical need for orgasm announced itself, Tess had begun perusing Craigslist for their city, browsing the W4W ads of the site, occasionally checking the WW4W ads as well. Between that and online porn, Tess would masturbate herself for relief when the need arose.

She liked reading the ad-copies, loved most of the 'come-ons' of the wording, especially when a pic was attached to the ad. She was also incredibly appalled at the lack of grammer and spelling in most of the ads, skipping those, her thought being if they can't spell or use English, she'd probably wouldn't be able to get past that to get turned on. It wasn't just about the pussy anymore, Tess realized as she got older, if she couldn't talk with 'em, she didn't fuck 'em.

Several ads insisted on either voice and/or video verification when answering ads. Smart, thought Tess, weed out the guys and those with less-then-described-looks, of the responders and all that.

One evening as she was entertaining herself in that way, a particular ad caught her attention.

"Married. In the closet. Want to play?"

Clicking on the ad, she read it in detail, her eyes lingering for a long time on the attached pic which showed a woman's body clad in revealing lingerie, the face in the shadows, the pose, incredibly sexy thought Tess.

Answering the ad with one of the pics she kept on her computer of herself, showing face and tits, Tess clicked 'send', turned off her laptop and masturbated herself with fantasies flowing in her mind.

Checking her email before class the next day, there was a reply from the CL-poster in her inbox.

"Tonight.8 pm. Voice/video verify-your choice."

Replying, Tess sent her Skype account user-name to the mystery poster, logged off, and dove into her classes for the day.

Thus it was how it came about on this warm, Spring evening, her last final of the semester behind her, that Tess was driving to finally have a physical meeting with her online lover, Madge.

After having connected that first night, Madge and Tess had shared many hours of mutual masturbation, watching each other on Skype as they did so. Over the next several weeks, they indulged in video chatting, both loving how one or the other would tease with various stages of undress or nudity, fondling themselves for the camera, graphic images of self and mutual masturbation. Their 'talk' became more lewd and pornographic, both detailing how they would make love to each other, the things they wanted done or wanted to do.

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