tagRomance10:00, Late.

10:00, Late.


*Author's Note: Any persons engaging in sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 1

Trent cursed himself and his damned roommate. His roommate knew that Trent wanted to wake up early, wanted to get down to the Quick Trip early, to get the best day laborers that hung out in front of the convenience store.

But Brad hadn't bothered to wake him up. Brad knew that Trent's ancient alarm clock had finally died, but Brad had just woken up, got dressed, and left.

He showered as quickly as possible, skipping shaving, and loaded the soup pot and the ice chest and water cooler into the bed of his battered pick up truck.

Driving past the Home Depot on Peachtree Industrial, he saw no laborers waiting. He turned onto Shallowford and slowed as he approached the Quick Trip.

Four people sat on the covered bench. An old man, a very scrawny youth, a fat man, and a young girl. The quartet looked up hopefully as Trent parked near the bench. He nodded his head and the quartet got into the bed of the pick up truck. Trent cursed himself for his reluctance; he didn't want the old man or the girl, but didn't like hurting their feelings either, so let them climb into the bed.

"Oh well, find something for them to do," he thought to himself and drove out to the house on Robin Hood Lane.


He had picked up the foreclosure for a tenth of the value. In 2005, he and his girlfriend had looked at this very house and the real estate agent had assured them, at one hundred and sixty for thousand, it would not stay on the market for long. The agent had been right; another couple bought it while Trent was finding out that his girlfriend had a horrendous credit rating. If he were going to finance any house, it would be on his own.

Her credit rating was due to a serious shortcoming; Linda was a shopaholic, addicted to spending money. When her credit cards were maxed out, she simply stole Trent's cards.

Nice guy or not, Trent did press charges when she'd maxed out his three cards to the tune of nearly twenty nine thousand dollars. She'd been ordered to pay restitution and in order to keep their daughter out of jail, her parents had repaid Trent. But that relationship was finished.

Then the other couple had skipped. Simply pulled up their stakes and left. Of course, they had trashed the house and left the back door wide open. It took the bank eight months to discover the property among all the other properties, and by that time, a family of raccoons and feral cats, as well as several rats had taken up residence.

"They're asking forty thousand," the agent said.

"Offer them twenty," Trent said.

"As is," the bank countered and Trent walked in with the cash in hand.


He pulled up to the house and the quartet got out of the truck and stood, waiting for their instructions.

"Any of y'all speak English?" Trent asked.

"Maybe a little," the old man agreed.

"Good," Trent smiled and the old man smiled back, revealing a nearly toothless grin.

"Today, I want to just kind of clean up, so I can get an idea of what I'm looking at," Trent said.

To the girl, he handed her a stick with a nail on the end and pointed to the yard. He handed her a large garbage bag and she nodded understanding. Immediately, she set about picking up the several months worth of litter, the fast food bags and drink cups, the beer cans and bottles that people had carelessly tossed into the yard.

The three men waited while Trent unlocked the door of the house.

"Holy shit," Trent said aloud.

The stench was unbelievable. The exterminator had removed the animals but had not removed the feces or the dead animals or the ruined carpets.

"Smells lovely," Trent said to the old man.

The old man translated the sarcasm to the other two and they laughed merrily.

"Okay, first things first," Trent told the old man. "First, let's pick up the dead critters, then we'll tear out the carpets, okay?"

"Juan," the old man said, slapping his chest, then pointed to the scrawny youth and then the fat man. "Manuel, Jose."

He pointed out the open front door to the girl that was picking up the trash. "She Marie."

"I'm Trent," Trent said, slapping his own chest.

Trent very quickly learned that Juan and Manuel did as much as they could as quickly as they could. Jose, however, did little more than grunt and groan as if he was working as hard as the others.

Juan, Manuel and Jose quickly found out that Trent did not expect them to do all of the work; he pitched in and worked right next to them. He picked up the carcasses and put them in the garbage bags, he picked up the feces and put them into the bags. He grabbed a corner of the carpet and pulled it out into the yard.


"Lunch time," Trent finally said and took off the filthy gloves and threw them into the bag he was dragging around.

He squirted hand sanitizer into his hands and briskly worked it around. He handed the bottle to Juan who did the same. Manuel and Marie followed suit. Jose had to be ordered to do so by Juan.

Jose, however, was very quick to hold out his bowl when Trent took the lid off of the pot.

"Ladies first," Trent said forcefully, pointing to Marie.

Jose pretended not to understand, but Juan forcefully spoke to Jose and, grumbling, Jose relinquished his spot as first in line.

He served them each a bowl of the still hot vegetable soup then opened the ice chest and handed each of them a bologna sandwich and an orange. Then he served himself and sat on the driveway, back against the truck, and ate.

He looked at Marie as she ate. She took dainty little bites of her sandwich then chewed rapidly. She took a small spoonful of the vegetable soup, then smiled and took a much larger spoonful of the soup.

She was not very pretty, with long black hair and round brown face. Her skin was slightly mottled with acne scars and her nose was a sharp hook. A dentist had not seen her teeth, at least not recently, but her lips were full and she smiled easily. Her breasts, even under the bulky sweatshirt she wore, looked to be large and round, with the firmness of youth. Her waist was small and her legs were slim. She had almost no backside at all.

She smiled at him and he returned her smile. She turned and spoke rapidly to Juan.

"She want to know who make the soup," Juan translated.

"I did," Trent admitted.

"Marie spoke to Juan again and Juan responded, then turned to look at Trent again.

"You wife, maybe, or girlfriend?" Juan asked. "Maybe she cooks this?"

"No, no wife, no girlfriend, I cook it myself," Trent smiled.

Marie smiled and blushed. She would not look at him again, would not make eye contact with him.

They finished their lunch and then got back to the arduous task of cleaning up the property.

Chapter 2

He did not talk to his roommate, just fixed their dinner, then went to his room and immediately fell asleep.

Brad seemed to sense that Trent's quiet, aloof mannerisms stemmed from his not waking his roommate as he had agreed to do. The following morning, Brad did stick his head into Trent's bedroom to rouse him.

"Thanks," was all Trent said.


He smiled as he pulled up to the Quick Trip; there were nearly a dozen more laborers waiting.

"Juan, Manuel, and Marie," Trent said loudly, pointing to the trio.

"Me too," Jose demanded.

NO, Juan, Manuel, and Marie," Trent said and did not flinch at Jose's dark scowl. "Maybe you work as hard as them, maybe I take you too, but you just work at not working."

There was some laughter as the ones that understood English translated what Trent had said. Trent smirked as Jose's ace tightened in anger.

"Bracias, Senor Trent," Juan said as the trio climbed into the back of the truck.

"Si, Gracias," Marie agreed and settled down.


"Now, today, we're tearing out the rest of the carpet and scraping up the tile," Trent warned them before climbing into the cab of his truck. "It'll be hard work."

"Good, good," Juan agreed.

Marie did not seem to know that, as a female, she should take it easy, shouldn't work as hard as the men. She grabbed the shovel and joined Trent in scraping the linoleum from the bathroom floors and was busily at work on the kitchen when Trent returned from carrying the bags of tile outside.

"Amigo, you want maybe we look at the walls?" Juan asked, pointing to one of the large holes the former occupants had kicked into the sheetrock.

"Yeah, yeah, I figure I'll have to tear it all out; damned animals crawled up in there, you know?" Trent agreed and Manuel and Juan got busy tearing out the walls on the second floor of the house.

"Um, you live here?" Marie asked. "Or you sell, maybe?"

"No, I live here when we get it ready," Trent smiled and she smiled again, blushing hotly.

"We need maybe more bags," Juan smiled as he dragged a bag outside.

Back of the truck," Trent smiled.

If he had not been late yesterday, he would have passed right over these three laborers, but they were working twice as hard as he was, and he was working mighty hard.


"You live here?" Marie asked again as they at their lunch.

"Yes, when I get it fixed up, I live here," Trent said and rubbed the stubble on his chin.

The attractive blond had skipped shaving again that morning, but figured he'd not skip a third day.

Under her eyelashes, Marie studied the man. He was blond, tall, and muscular, but she could tell that the muscular frame came from a gym, not from actual labor. His blue eyes smiled when he smiled at her and his smile revealed nice, straight white teeth. He was tall, probably six feet and two, three inches. His jeans fit him well and her eyes looked at the slight bulge in the crotch. She blushed hotly and looked into her bowl of beef and barley soup.

She spoke to Juan and Juan smiled his 'fatherly' smile, then turned to Trent.

"She asks me where you learn to cook?" Juan asked. "Momma shows you, or maybe sister?"

"I was a chef in New Orleans before I moved out here," Trent smiled.

"Oh!" Marie said when Juan explained to her wheat Trent had said.

She spoke again to Juan and he shook his head, but turned to face Trent.

"She want to know what you do now, you still chef?" Juan asked, cackling slightly at Marie's undisguised interest in their boss.

"No, now I'm a teacher," Trent smiled. "Off for the summer."


Again he paid the three of them one hundred and twenty five dollars. If they expected more, none of them said anything.

Trent watched as Juan went inside of the Quick Trip convenience store; Marie and Manuel waiting outside. Moments later, Juan came back outside with three six packs of beer and handed Manuel and Marie each one of the six packs. Marie walked across Dresden Drive toward the apartment complex, carefully carrying her beer. Manuel and Juan stood in the parking lot of the Quick Trip, each drinking a can of beer.

Trent drove to the supermarket and bought three cases of the brand of beer that he'd seen them drinking and took it home.

Brad was excited when he saw the beer, until Trent told him that the beers were 'bonuses' for his Mexican laborers, not for surly roommates that acted like total douche bags.

Chapter 3

The rain came down and showed no sign of letting up. Trent almost did not go; the sound of the rain-washing against his bedroom window was soothing and the work he had ahead of him today was difficult at best.

Juan, Manuel, and Marie had finished gutting the upstairs and downstairs and had replaced all the two by fours that needed replacing. Today, they were going to hang the sheetrock.

He had decided that he would give his three loyal hard workers two one hundred dollar bills each. He was also going to give them each a case of beer at the end of the day; it was Friday.

The three of them were huddled under the cover of the bench and all three smiled widely as he pulled up.

"No, no, get up front," Trent shouted as the trio began to climb into the bed of the truck.

"Gracias, Juan said as he closed the door.

"Si, Gracias," Marie murmured as she pressed her wet body against him.

Trent noticed that Marie did not wear a bra, and her tee shirt was nearly transparent. The breasts were large, with large dark nipples, which puckered up tightly in the cool air of the truck.

He reached behind the bench seat of the truck and quietly handed her an old tee shirt he had back there. It had been a gift from Linda, a concert tee shirt from his favorite band, Van Halen. Just to spite her, Trent had used the tee shirt to wipe his hands clean after changing the oil in his truck.


It was hard work, and was interrupted when Manuel pointed out a large wet spot that was beginning to form on the ceiling. Juan scrambled up into the attic and came back with the bad news; the roof was leaking,

:We work downstairs," Juan decided. When it no raining, we look at roof, okay?"

"Okay, not much else we can do, is there?" Trent smiled dourly.

"Don't worry, we fix," Juan assured Trent, patting his arm. "For you, amigo, we fix good."

"Si, amigo," Marie agreed.

She wore his tee shirt with an air of dignity. Manuel and Juan had laughed when she pulled dot on; it reached down to her knees. But she wore it with honor.


She pulled the tee shirt off when they sat on the floor of the living room to eat their lunch, as if she did not want to chance getting it dirty.

"Tell her it is okay if she gets the shirt dirty," Trent smiled at Juan.

"I can, but it do no good," Juan smiled.

"Fine, fine," Trent smiled.

Marie smiled at him, then blushed hotly and looked at her food with great interest.


The rain had stopped when they tiredly tramped out to the truck, but Trent insisted that they get into the cab; the bed was still quite wet.

"I wash for you," Marie said, clutching the front of the tee shirt.

"Don't worry about that," Trent smiled.

"She no give it back, you know that, si, senor Trent?" Juan said.

"I kind of figured that," Trent laughed.

"Oh, Gracias!" Marie exclaimed when Trent handed her the two hundred dollars.

Impulsively, she hugged him, and then quickly let him go.

"Gracias, amigo," Juan smiled.

"Si, Gracias, Amigo," Manuel smiled.

"And here's a little bonus," Trent said and handed Juan a case of the beer.

"You good amigo, Senor Trent," Juan said as he walked away.

"Si, Buenos amigo," Manuel said.

"Gracias," Trent smiled.

Again, Marie hugged him and then ran across the street, lugging her case of beer.

Chapter 4

"Oh, I bring tomorrow," Marie lied when Trent jokingly asked about the tee shirt.

"You never see that again," Juan laughed.

"I know," Trent smiled as the trio crammed into the cab of the truck, Marie firmly pressed against him.


Trent bought the material that Juan told him they needed for the roof. Juan and Manuel scrambled around on the roof, tearing away the tiles and dilapidated tarpaper. Trent and Marie began to work on painting the walls.

She had smiled playfully when Trent handed her a painter's cap and coveralls. She started to shrug out of her tee shirt, right in front of him and he waved his hands to stop her.

"No, no, it goes on OVER your clothes," Trent said and showed her, shrugging into his coveralls. She smiled and pulled the coveralls on, then stuffed her long black hair into the cap.

"Amigo, we need wood too, the wood, it bad," Juan sadly informed him.

"Okay, have to get it," Trent smiled; letting Juan know he wasn't mad that Juan had overlooked that needed material.


At lunchtime, Marie started to remove the coveralls, but Trent smiled and made Juan tell her that the coveralls were meant to get dirty; they were meant to get paint splashed on them.

Manuel spoke quietly to Juan and Juan shrugged and turned to Trent.

"Manuel, he want clothes too," Juan said, almost embarrassed.

"In the truck," Trent smiled. "There's one in there for you too."

"You good amigo, Senor Trent," Juan said.

"Gracias," Trent said.


"You paint tomorrow?" Marie asked as they gathered up the tools.

"It's Saturday," Trent smiled.

"But you paint tomorrow?" Marie asked again.

"Yeah, I might pop over here, do a little painting," Trent agreed.

"I be here," Marie said.

"But it's Saturday," Trent argued.

"So?" Marie shrugged. "I am here."

"Okay, I'll pick you up in front of Quick Trip," Trent offered.

"No, I be here," Marie, said.

"Oh, okay," Trent, agreed.


She was true to her word; sitting on the front step of the house, dressed in her coveralls. And painter's cap. She smiled widely, then blushed and looked down as Trent smiled at her.

"Good morning," he said in Spanish and she returned the greeting.

He went to the bed of the truck and got out the tools that they would need for the work ahead of them.

"I'm going to be working upstairs," he told her. "I just bought a brand new tub for the master bathroom."

"Um, no speak English," she stammered, embarrassed.

"It's okay," he smiled and led the way upstairs.

He and Brad had grunted and groaned and finally managed to get the large tub up the stairs and into the bathroom.

"Oh!" Marie gasped when she saw the large tub and chattered excitedly in Spanish.

She helped him maneuver the tub into place, then removed her men's tennis shoes and got, barefoot, into the large tub and caulked around the rim. She was very careful with the caulk and used her fingers to wipe away the excess. When she finished, she turned and smiled at him.

"La la, la la," she sang and mimed taking a bath in the large tub, then laughed heartily.

He smiled at her, and then held out a hand to help her out of the tub.

She bumped into him and recoiled slightly, then hesitantly bumped into him again. He smiled at her and playfully bumped into her.

"Oh, Senor Trent," she sighed and put her arms around him and rested her head on his chest.

"Si, Senorita Marie," he said and held her tightly.

Their first kiss was a hesitant, clumsy kiss, but she quickly got over her trepidation and enthusiastically thrust her tongue into his mouth.

"No, no, not here," he said as she began to unzip her coveralls.

She smiled at him and shook her head uncertainly.

"Marie, the floors are filthy, it smells of paint, it's just not a very romantic place," Trent smiled.

She shrugged her shoulders, and then began to kiss him again. Again, she pulled away and began to unzip her coveralls.

"Come on," Trent said and grabbed her hand.

She laughed happily as he pulled her downstairs and out the front door. He gave her a quick kiss, then locked the front door of the house, and then pulled her quickly to the truck.


"Oh, si, si!" she laughed when he pulled up in front of the motel.


Alone in the motel room, she smiled and began to unzip the coveralls. He laughed for joy when she revealed that she had been nude underneath the coveralls.

He was already very familiar with her large breasts and their large nipples. He was not familiar with her flat belly and tiny navel. He was not familiar with her thick black pubic hair. He was not familiar with her painfully thin legs.

He smiled at her and kissed her again, then stripped out of his coveralls, then tee shirt and jeans. She looked on with interest as he slid his boxer shorts off and revealed his erect cock.

"Ah, Buenos," she smiled and sank to her knees in front of him.

She gripped his cock by the base and smiled up at him. She snaked her tongue out and teased the head of his cock a couple of times, then pulled his cock head into her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth, allowing just the fat head into the hot suction, jacking the length of his cock with her hand. She let the cock head pop out of her mouth with a loud 'pop, then smiled up at him.

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