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100% Rated R Stratusfaction


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe<


In late February 2006, the WWE's RAW brand is on a short four-day tour of the Philippines where they will be holding shows at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Manilla. Because the length of the tour, the WWE's front office made the arrangements for hotel accommodations for everyone, but placed the Superstars with fellow Superstars and the Divas with fellow Divas. Inside of one hotel room, former friends and now bitter rivals Trish Stratus and Lita are forced to room together, and on the first night they made it clear to each other they would have rather been paired up with someone else....

* * *

Following the second show of the WWE's Tour of the Philippines, Trish Stratus has gone out with Maria, Rob Van Dam and John Cena for a late dinner while Lita has returned to her and Trish's hotel room with her boyfriend, the Rated R Superstar Edge. "So babe... how long do we got until she comes back?" Edge asks as takes off his jacket followed by his shirt as Lita is eagerly unbuckling his belt as quickly as she can.

"Who the fuck cares..." Lita says with a sly smirk on her face as the fiery red haired sinful sexpot swiftly slides the belt around Edge's jeans through the loops and tosses it over her shoulder.

Edge laughs, "Well I love to perform in front of an audience..." Edge laughs as he pulls off his shirt, revealing his hot tanned and toned upper body as Lita quickly unbuttons and unzips his jeans.

Lita raises an eyebrow and smirks at Edge as she seductively sits on her knees on the bed, as Edge stands next to the bed facing her hot, raunchy girlfriend. "She's too out of it to even notice babe...." Lita says with a laugh as she seductively places her hands onto Edge's toned and tanned stomach, lightly raking her fingernails downward, feeling his jeans and black boxer briefs on his waist. "That little skank is too busy trying to sack Cena..."

Edge licks his teeth, "Like there's any slut that wouldn't want to wrap their lips around that tool's dick..." Edge smirks just as Lita expertly jerks down his jeans and boxers at the same time to free his hardening thirteen-inch long cock.

Lita rolls her eyes and laughs "I wouldn't want that Mr. All-American Wholesome's dick..." Lita replies as she licks her lips, slyly and seductively glancing up at the Rated R Superstar as she lowers her left hand from his tanned and toned stomach, to wrap her hand around his hardening, long and thick cock.

"Mmmmmm baby... you couldn't pass up a dick if you tried... that's why I love ya..." Edge laughs as Lita starts to pump her left hand back and forth on his cock.

Lita grits her teeth and slyly narrows her eyes as she glances up at Edge before leaning her fiery red haired head in toward his thirteen inch cock and wickedly slaps her wet tongue against the head of his shaft, while moving her left hand up and down. "Mmmm...but babe...nobody can fuck like you do..."

"Mmmmm ahhh you got that fucking right..." Edge moans as Lita beats the head of his cock with her tongue as she strokes his dick.

"I just love it bad when you fuck me all rough and nasty..." Lita seductively groans before she starts to drag her sultry, sinful tongue around the head of Edge's thick, fully hard cock, occasionally grazing the swollen head with the stud of her metal tongue ring.

"Ahhhh fuck... mmmm of course you do... my cock stretches that slutty twat of yours out every time..." Edge smirks as he feels the metal of Lita's tongue ring hit the bottom side of the head of his dick.

"Oh yeah babe..." Lita sinfully moans and laughs as she keeps her sultry, narrowed eyes locked on the Rated R Superstar as she parts her sinful, luscious lips and proceeds to swallow the head of her Rated R lover's cock.

"Mmmmm fuck.... yeah wrap those lips around my dick..." Edge moans as Lita keeps lowering her head on his cock until she has at least ten inches of it past her lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Lita deeply and lustfully moans on Edge's Rated R cock as she starts to bob her fiery red haired head on his cock as she presses her sinful lips firmly around his thick shaft.

"Ahhhh awww...." Edge licks his teeth and he grabs a handful of Lita's red hair as she bobs her head back and forth on his large cock.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Lita seductively moans as she slaps her pierced tongue wickedly against Edge's shaft as she rapidly lifts and lowers her head. Lita lifts her sinful eyes and glances up at Edge as she slurps and hungrily sucks on his cock.

"Ahhhh oh yeah you suck that dick so good baby... yeah... you're mouth was made to suck cock..." Edge moans as Lita looks up at him while she eagerly sucks and slurps on his cock as he starts to pump it forward into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm...gahhhhh!" Lita groans and seductively gags as the head of Edge's Rated R cock hits the back of her mouth as he pumps his shaft forcefully deeper into her mouth, causing her sultry lips to brush back and forth against his shaft.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah... yeah baby take that cock... yeah...gag baby..." Edge groans as he keeps spearing Lita's mouth as she puts both of her hands on his legs.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Lita lustfully moans and gags on Edge's cock as she lightly digs her fingernails into his tanned, muscular legs as he deeply forces his Rated R cock into her sinfully hot mouth. "Mmmmmmm!" Lita moans as she glances up at Edge, tempting her lover to further the thrusts inside of her mouth. Edge places his hands on the back of Lita's head and pulls her head forward as he shoves every inch of his cock into her cock hungry mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMMM!" Lita loudly groans around Edge's cock as she closes her eyes and clamps her sultry lips tightly around Edge's shaft. Lita's starts to slap her tongue against Edge's shaft as he holds his cock deeply and steady inside of her sinful mouth while her nose is pressed against his crotch.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck yeah..." Edge moans as he slowly starts to pull his huge cock out of Lita's mouth as she keeps her lips pressed down on it until the large swollen head of his cock pops free from her mouth.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh baby you're the best..." Lita moans as she licks her lips which are slightly coated in her own saliva.

"Damn straight I am... but now... I want some real hardcore action..." Edge grins as Lita grabs his hips to pull herself up from the floor.

"Damn straight I am... but now I want some real hardcore action..." Edge says as he pushes Lita back so that she ends up laying on the bed before Edge climbs onto it.

Lita grits her teeth and slyly looks at the Rated R Superstar as he kneels on the bed with her laying back "Mmmm I love it hardcore babe..."

Edge licks his teeth as he scoots between Lita's legs after she spreads them apart, and then the devious Superstar surprise the raunchy red-head when he leans down and shoves his tongue into her hot wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmm fuck baby! You haven't done that in a while..." Lita groans and wickedly smirks.

"Mmmmmmm..." Edge moans against Lita's pussy lips as he circles his tongue around inside of her tasty snatch. Lita licks her sinful, moist lips as she raises her sinfully hot, smooth and tanned legs to drape them over Edge's shoulders as he leans further down, munching away at her wet and warm pussy. Edge places his hands on Lita's thighs as he starts to bob his blond haired head as he tongue fucks Lita's sinfully wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh fuck baby...fucking munch on that pussy!" Lita groans and lightly grinds her smoothly shaved, wet pussy against his face. Edge glances up as Lita arches her back and pushes her twat against his face as he buries his tongue as deep as possible inside of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm fuck baby! Just like that!" Lita moans and grits her teeth tightly as she leans her head back on the bed, grinding her wickedly hot pussy against his tongue and face while he holds his tongue deep inside her pussy, skillfully circling and flicking his tongue.

From his experience in dealing with Lita, the Rated R Superstar quickly lifts his head up from Lita's pussy just when she appears to be on the brink causing her to seductively glare at him, "Man if looks could kill..." Edge laughs.

With her sinful eyes narrowed into a seductive glare at the Rated R Superstar, the sinful sexpot Lita smirks and raises an eyebrow "You mother fucker..." Lita says with a laugh.

"What are you gonna do about it... "Edge smirks as he taunts his sinful redheaded girlfriend just before she sits up and pulls him down so that he's laying face down on the bed. Edge quickly turns over onto his back, putting himself in the perfect position for Lita to straddle his waist. Lita licks her teeth and tosses her fiery red hair back as she moves to perfectly straddle the Rated R Superstar's waist, placing her hands down onto his muscular, tanned chest before lowering herself down and guiding her body down onto his rock hard, long shaft.

"Ahhhh fuck yeah..." Edge moans as Lita lowers herself down onto his thirteen inch cock until she has his entire cock inside of her tight cunt.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh baby...mmmm you fucking like that, don't you?" Lita moans as she licks her teeth and slides her hands against his muscular, tanned chest as she rocks back and forth on his Rated R cock, deeply inside of her pussy.

"Ahhhh yeah baby.... mmmm fuck yeah..." Edge moans as Lita slowly rocks forward before sharply rocking backward on his cock.

Lita grits her teeth and leans her fiery red haired head back as she smoothly and steadily rocks on Edge's thirteen inch cock, grinding her sinful pussy against his shaft. "Ohhhhh fuck baby! Ohhhhh yeah!"

"Mmmmm ahhh fuck yeah baby... ride that fucking cock..." Edge groans as he starts to push his large cock upward into Lita's hot twat.

Lita licks her sinful, luscious lips as she starts to roughly rock forward on Edge's cock, grinding her pussy down on his shaft as she firmly lowers herself down on his cock. "Ohhhhhh baby!"

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah baby... ohhh fuck yeah... work that slutty cunt of yours..." Edge groans as Lita drops down firmly on his cock while the door to the hotel room starts to open.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah baby! Mmmmm I love that dick!" Lita groans as she seductively rakes her fingernails against his muscular, tanned chest while she roughly rides his thirteen inch cock. As the hotel room door opens, Lita's assigned roommate, Trish Stratus, steps into the hotel room and closes the door behind. Trish, dressed in a pair of nicely tight fitting black pants and a white top, pauses upon hearing the moaning coming from within.

Trish Stratus steps around the corner and looks to see the sinful sexpot Lita riding the cock of the Rated R Superstar Edge. "What the hell is going on?" Trish asks, causing Lita to stop rocking on Edge's cock.

Edge licks his lips as he thrusts his cock up into Lita's pussy, "Awww fuck....ohhh yeah Lita... mmmm we got company..." Edge moans as he raises his hands and places them on Lita's large juicy tits. The Rated R Superstar looks over at Trish smirks, "Ahhhh hey Trish... wanna party?" Edge laughs.

Trish Stratus narrows her eyes slightly and folds her arms against her chest "I want him out of here..." Trish says in a firm tone before Lita glances over her shoulder and slyly smirks back at Trish, lifting her sinfully hot body from Edge's cock and moves to stand up to approach Trish.

"Geeze Trish...what a bad attitude you have..." Lita says with a roll of her eyes.

"I want Edge out of here..." Trish replies.

"Aw come on Trish.... take that stick out of your ass..." Edge says as he sits up on the bed as Lita moves to confront her blond haired roommate.

Lita smirks as she stands up, face to face with Trish. "Oh baby...don't mind her..." Lita says with a sly smirk as she glances back at Edge "She's just upset because since she back alone, apparently Cena shot her down..." Lita says with a wicked laugh.

Trish narrows her beautiful eyes into a more firm glare as she steps up closer toward Lita "That's none of your fucking business!" Trish snaps back.

Lita laughs and glances at her Rated R lover, Edge. "Oh boy baby....Trish is using the naughty words now..."

Edge scoots to the edge of the bed and smirks, "I just love chicks with filthy mouths... it's always fucking hot..." Edge says as he sits with his legs spread and his cock hanging between him.

Trish turns her head to glance at Edge with a glare on her face "I said for you to leave...." Trish begins to say before Lita interrupts her.

"Oh Trish...quit being such a prude..." Lita says before she extends her left hand to place her hand against Trish's chest, giving her a slight shove.

"Get your hand off me slut!" Trish snaps back at Lita before she raises her right hand and slaps Lita across the face.

"Oooo now that was kinda hot..." Edge smirks as starts to stroke his thirteen cock to keep it hard, "Trish you really must be jealous of my hot little slut..."

Trish turns her head to face Edge once again "Would you just leave..." Trish begins to say as Lita removes the side of her face that was slapped by Trish Stratus.

"Wrong move....bitch!" Lita says before she reaches forward and grabs a handful of Trish's beautifully blond hair. Trish grits her teeth and tries to struggle against the grip Lita has on her blond hair. Lita smirks slyly and glances at Edge "She's all yours babe..." Lita says with a wicked laugh before she roughly pushes Trish forward, causing the beautiful blonde Diva to stumble forward and drop down on her knees.

"Oh yeah baby... I'm loving how you're thinking..." Edge licks his teeth as Lita pushes Trish between his spread legs. Edge sits on the very edge of the bed as Lita pushes Trish's head forward, forcing the hot blond Diva to press her lips against the head of Edge's thirteen inch dick.

Lita smirks as she steps behind Trish Stratus and grabs the back of her blond haired head "Open up...bitch!" Lita says as she forces Trish's head closer toward Edge's cock.

"Get your hands off of me!" Trish yells back before she is forced to swallow Edge's thirteen inch cock.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yeah.... mmmmmm!" Edge moans as Lita forces Trish's head down onto his long and meaty cock. Edge places his hands behind him on the bed as he starts to thrust his dick in and out of Trish's mouth.

Lita licks his lips as she firmly holds onto Trish's head as Edge spears her mouth, "Oh yeah baby... fuck that dirty mouth of hers..." Lita laughs as Trish tries to lift her head off of Edge's cock, but Lita responds by pushing her head further down on her boyfriend's Rated R shaft.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Trish moans in protest as she closes her eyes and tries to lift her blond haired head from Edge's Rated R cock, however, Lita's hands keep firm hold on the back of her head, keeping her head buried down on Edge's cock. Trish feels Edge's shaft brushing back and forth against her lips as he swiftly works his cock into her mouth.

"Ohhh fuck Trish's got some great lips... ohhh fuck..." Edge moans as he pumps his cock deeper and faster into Lita's mouth.

"Baby... Trish uses her mouth so much it isn't funny..." Lita laughs as she pulls on Trish's blond hair as she makes Trish bob her head on Edge's cock.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Trish moans in protest around Edge's Rated R cock as the sinful Lita keeps Trish's blond haired head down on Edge's cock, causing her to lightly gag and choke on his Rated R shaft.

"Ohhh yeah Trish gag on that fucking cock..." Edge moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Trish's mouth as Lita forces Trish to bob her head on her boyfriend's dick.

"Mmmm this is so hot..." Lita laughs lustfully as she forces Trish to deep throat Edge's entire thirteen-inch cock.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Trish groans and tries to lifts her blond haired head from Edge's cock as the swollen head of his shaft smacks against the back of her innocent mouth.

"Ohhhh I just gotta fuck this slutty blond..." Edge moans as Lita pulls Trish's head up off of his cock. As Trish gasps for air, Lita pulls off her white top, while ripping it slightly in process as she jerks it up over her head.

"Hey! Knock it off you slut!" Trish yells as Lita roughly removes Trish's white top to expose her nicely rounded, juicy, tanned tits.

"Oh shut the fuck up bitch.... you love it rough!" Lita laughs as Edge reaches down and pulls Trish up onto the bed with him and puts her on her hands and knees. Lita grabs the waistline of Trish's black pants and begins to jerk and tug on them to pull them from Trish's perfectly round hips.

Trish grits her teeth and tries to leans back to smack at Lita with her hands as the sinful sexpot of the Rated R Superstar, completely jerks down Trish's pants to expose her juicy, toned and tanned ass. "You bitch!" Trish yells.

"Mmmmmm what a hot sexy ass... other sluts would kill to have an ass like that" Lita grins as she pulls Trish's pants off of her legs.

"Are you included in that list baby?" Edge asks as he gets off the bed to stand behind Trish as Lita moves out of the way.

Lita smirks, "Nope... my ass is hotter..." Lita laughs as she climbs on the bed as Edge grabs Trish's hips to hold her still.

Trish grits her teeth as she tries to crawl forward and away from Edge as he firmly holds her onto her nicely curved hips "You son of a bitch!"

"Shut up and enjoy it bitch... you're lucky I'm sharing my hot boyfriend with you!" Lita says as she spreads her legs while she sits in front of Trish on the bed.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmm fuck this is gonna be sweet..." Edge says as he firmly thrusts his thirteen inch cock into Trish's tight and warm pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh...." Trish moans suddenly as she feels Edge's Rated R cock ram deeply inside of her tight, wet pussy, causing her to rock forward on her knees.

"Ahhhhh mmmmm fuck..." Edge moans as he starts to pump his cock in and out of Trish's tight pussy.

"Mmm yeah fuck her baby..." Lita moans as she rubs her pussy with her right hand. Trish grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she smoothly rocks forward on her knees as Edge deeply spears his thirteen inch cock into her tight, warm pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm.... ahhh..." Edge moans as he drives his cock all the way into Trish's pussy.

Lita scoots closer to Trish, "I bet you can do more with your mouth than just suck cock... bet you can eat twat..." Lita grins as she grabs Trish's blond haired head and pulls her down so that Trish's face is pressed against her shaved wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" Trish moans as her beautiful face is buried between Lita's tanned legs and pressed against her sinful pussy. Trish closes her eyes and slowly slides her tongue against Lita's pussy, much to the surprise the sinful sexpot.

"Ooooo fuck yeah! Ohhh you like eating cunt don't you!" Lita moans in surprise as she feels Trish's tongue moving against her pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck.... ohhh damn Trish is a little rug muncher... who would've thought it..." Edge grunts and grins as he keeps pumping his cock in and out Trish's pussy while pulling her backward.

"Mmmmmmm....mmmmm..." Trish moans as she rocks forward sharply on her knees as Edge deeply and quickly spears his Rated R cock into her tight pussy, causing her tanned, juicy ass to smack against his muscular waist. Trish starts to lightly dart her tongue against Lita's sinfully wet pussy.

"Ohhhh yes... ohhh fuck yes bitch... eat that cunt... eat it!" Lita moans as she slides her hands through Trish's blond hair as she raises her hips in order to grind herself against Trish's tongue.

"Ahhhh mmm yeah.... ahhh..." Edge moans as he keeps his cock pistoning in and out of Trish's pussy before he smacks Trish's golden brown tanned ass.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmm..." Trish groans against Lita's wet pussy as she flicks her tongue rapidly against her twat, feeling Lita grinding back against her tongue as her own body is forced back by the Rated R Superstar as he rams his cock deeply into her from behind.

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