101 Reasons Not to Become a OBGYN


"Dr Kelly, I have a question for you." Auto said sounding perturbed.

"Yes Auto, what's up?"

"Doc, am I ugly? Or does my pussy have a different smell, or would it have a different taste or anything now that I am pregnant? And do you find anything wrong about my body now that I am pregnant?"

Well to say the least I was a little bit thrown off. I hadn't been asked that question by any of my patients up until that point. And moreover and most importantly, even though I had seen it, and it was beautiful I might add, I hadn't the opportunity to get close enough to notice the taste of her pussy, nor had I noticed a smell, nor had I the privilege to fuck her!

"Autumn I can't see there being a different taste or smell, nor have I had the chance to tell you if there was by self experience but medically speaking, I can't give you explanation for that question. And as far as you bring ugly, I can't believe you asked me that! You're gorgeous! And if I weren't married, believe me; I would be looking for a girl like you! But there has to be a reason you ask. What's going on?"

"Well Doc, I can't seem to get Lucas to touch me! Ever since he got me pregnant, he says pregnant women are fat and ugly, and not only won't he have sex with me, he won't even sleep in the same bed as me!

I've asked him to rub my feet, because the extra weight on my small frame is killing my feet, my back, and legs. My breasts are swelling, and he refuses to even rub them! He used to love my tits and would lick my pussy at a moments notice. Sometimes he would just do it without me asking! Now, Nothing! I don't get it!" she said as tears started to well up in her eyes. "I'm beginning to think he doesn't find me attractive anymore!"

I walked over to the exam table where she was sitting to console her and I took her hand in mine and started stroking her skin with my fingertips.

"Well Autumn, sometimes men look at women differently when they become pregnant and start having kids. They think that the body that they got when they met you is just supposed to stay the way it is through one, two or how ever many pregnancies that you go through. You and I both know that it doesn't work that way.

A woman in the state of pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that God created. You glow because you know that you are bringing a new creature into the world to love and care for. On top of that, the body has a way of stretching and curving in the right places to make a woman appear more beautiful than she already is! I couldn't keep my hands off of my wife when she was pregnant with Zoe!

We fucked in public, in stores, I ate her out in the car going everywhere and anywhere, I just acted a complete fool with our pregnancy. Some other people don't have sex for fear that the baby is going to feel it or that they will hurt the baby. Neither is true of course, but people believe that."

I think I was getting through to her because tears started welling up in the corners of her eyes and the grip that she had on my hand got a bit tighter. I stepped in closer to give her a hug and that was the point when the Hoover Dam broke. She started shaking and breathing heavy as she laid her head on my chest and started bawling.

"I just want to feel good!" she choked out. "I want to feel like I'm not in this alone."

I felt terrible for her, and I kissed her blonde head and rubbed her back. She looked up at me with glassy eyes and I could see down deep into her soul. I could see that she was hurting and needed a void in her life to be filled. I could see that a man was the only person that was capable of fixing it, and just as all of those thoughts were rushing through my mind; Autumn reached up and kissed me.

Not just a peck on the lips but a passionate kiss that had definition and meaning. And the more she kissed me the more I wanted to kiss her back. Her mouth parted and hot breath rushed into my mouth and her tiny tongue explored my mouth and tongue. It was the most beautiful thing that had happened to me in a long time. …A total escape of reality. No Gynecology Practice, no wife, daughter, partner; nothing!

When she broke the kiss it was like I was dropped back into my body. But I wanted more! And obviously so did she… the next thing I knew Autumn was reaching down to lift her pink shirt over her head. Beautiful cream colored tits jutted out from her chest as if she wasn't even pregnant. The hardest and brightest coral colored pink nipples pointed out about a quarter of an inch off of her tiny B-cup breasts. The tightest tummy that I had ever seen on a pregnant body looked much sexier than it had before when I administered check ups.

"Doctor Kelly, I want you to make me feel good! I want you inside of me right now. Please don't make be beg… I need this so badly."

My body reacted before my mind had a chance to process the information and before I knew it, a hard cock was pressing and pushing against my zipper. The pain was erotic and so unbearable I thought I was about to burst through my pants.

I didn't have time to step back before Auto had her tiny hands gripping my belt buckle and working on unfastening my pants. Her tiny hand crept into my briefs and when she wrapped it around my swollen cock I thought I was going to explode on contact!

'This must be why she is pregnant right now!' I thought to myself. My thoughts were short lived and fully interrupted when Auto pushed me backwards and stood up. Once on her feet, she continued to her knees as she let go of my cock to pull my pants down.

As she did, my cock sprang to attention. Autumn moved her mouth closer to my cock and opened her mouth to put it in, but instead, she took her hot breath and exhaled a hot blast of warm air onto the head of my cock and my knees immediately went weak. I was on cloud nine and couldn't take much more when she wrapped her tiny lips around my hard shaft and ran her tongue around inside of her mouth.

It felt so incredible! Back and forth she bobbed her head, and harder and harder she sucked. After about five minutes of this torture, I grabbed Autumn by the chin and she took her mouth from around my cock. "I have got to get inside of that pussy now."

As Autumn stood up, she pulled her wet thong from under her skirt and as she went to step out of them, I grabbed them from her hand and sniffed them. The wet spot touched my nose and the beautiful fragrance pervaded around my head and through the room. If it were at all possible for me to get any harder, my cock stiffened so much I thought it was going to self destruct.

Sitting on the table, I wasted no time and stepped closer to slide my cock into that sloppy soaking wet pregnant punanny. Cumming was going to be hard not to do because she wouldn't stop flexing the muscles in her pussy around my cock as I began go thrust deeper and deeper into her.

I grabbed her left tit hard and brought my mouth to the hard nub as I slid my cock deeper into her canal. She wrapped her arms around my head and as she did, I bit down on her nipple.

"Fuck!" she gasped as she arched her back to meet my mouth. I did it again and she moved her left hand to my back and dug her nails into me.

I felt an orgasm coming on after only a couple of minutes of thrusting into her but I didn't want to ruin the moment. I tried to slow down, but Autumn kept pulling me into her tight body. Her baby bump was pushing against me but Autumn kept pulling me closer. "I'm gonna cum…" she breathed in my ear. "Fuck me harder!"

That's all I needed to hear. I started thrusting with all of my might into her tight hotbox. I felt my heartbeat in my ears, and I felt the blood rushing through my veins as we came together. The head of my cock seemed to blow completely off as I shot my strongest orgasm into the depths of Autumn's hot pussy. I think she felt the same as the pain from her nails digging into my skin finally registered to my nervous system.

I wanted to stay inside of her forever, but I began to slide my cock out of her as I realized my surroundings and the extent of my actions. That thought was short lived as I noticed the tight grip Auto still had on me. "No, not yet… one second please." Her orgasm hadn't fully subsided and she wanted to live out every second of it. Her throbbing pussy was still coming to, and it seemed like she was too.


The good news for me was Autumn was already pregnant when we had our little run in, so the kindergarten class room that leaked down her legs and saturated her little black thong that she took back from me, didn't make it to the final destination. Thank God! Five months to the day of Autumn and my run in with a desperate fulfillment Baby Jackson was born.

V. Closure

In closing, I will give you my advice, and then I will turn it back over to Dr. Abby.

I hope you got a good bit of useful information from Dr. Abigail and me. I know our job sounds fun, but in all actuality, telling someone that they have cervical cancer or AIDS or HIV, or any other disease isn't the most fun thing in the world.

Then there is the funny side of the job, and finding JellyBelly™ jelly beans in some dude's urethra, or a toy super ball stuck in some boy's asshole as it blocks up his bowels; having to drill a hole in a glass bottle to release the suction from a woman's vagina because her muscles contracted, or finding peaches in some young girl's vagina because she doesn't know how to properly play with her food… these are the things Dr. Henderson and I LIVE FOR!!!

Until Next Time, Practice safe sex, or abstinence! If you can't you don't need to participate in it at all!

God Bless Dr. M.M. Kelly.

Dr. A.N. Henderson

As Dr. Kelly said Safe sex or no sex!

We are well aware of the fact that you all like to be freaks! I have seen about all there is to see! From the people that like to pierce their parts in any and every place that is imaginable, to the ones that like to whip, beat, and flog each other in sex. Certain piercings are ok! As long as they are done professionally and certain women have experienced orgasms with clitoral piercings, and all of this is well and good.

I also condone wax play for those of you that are into it. As long as you aren't burning the crap out of your partner, but be careful! I particularly like, NO LOVE wax play, and bondage, but I always have a safe word to get out if it. But with all that said, I am done preaching!

WE BOTH hope you enjoyed our story, but we ask you to think twice before contemplating Gynecology as a career!

_Dr. Abigail Natasha Henderson. MD- OBGYN


(All factual information was researched via the internet. Wikipedia.com/ pregnancy.com/ gynecologyquestions.com and none of this information was meant to reference the site but as pure enjoyment of the reader as I didn't want to sound unintelligent in any way. Thank you for reading. --SMB.09)

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thanks for reading. it was fun writing it

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Great reading

in spite of one or two surprising spelling mistakes eg:
"And as far as you bring ugly... " and there were one or two at the beginning; however lots of insight, I'm sure much more could be written in thismore...

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