As you entered the plane, the guy in 10 E caught your eye. Standing in line. Waiting for everyone to move. Damn tourist flight. You meant nothing by checking him out. Just waiting for the line to move. Obviously a business man. Tie and pressed shirt and slacks a dead giveaway on a September flight. You just want to go home after a depressing weekend away at your folks. It was supposed to be a week, but you can only take so much. Leaving on Monday versus the following Sunday was well worth the price the airline gouged you for. "This your row?" breaks the silence. Blushing and embarrassed you blurt out "yes" and just sit and pray no one walks up and wants 10 F by the window. I mean how could one mistake 10 F for 23 A. What the hell, he is cute and your just gonna sit there and enjoy the eye candy.

During the flight you learn he is married, but hey...he is just sitting there your not fucking him. He has a bunch of free coupons for cocktails and you guys are using them up. You turn sideways in the seat. Unaware that you are revealing your thigh (you know that perfect part of the inside of a womans thigh, right where the tendon connects to the pelvis) until you catch his eyes locked on your leg. Now he is the one blushing. Ahem, anyway the inane and benign conversation continues. He is staying at the swanky Marriott and in town only overnight then heading home. Blah, blah blah. From time to time you adjust just enough to make sure he is still sneaking glances. The plane is landing soon and you decide to go to the bathroom and you can't resist another tease. With no "excuse me" you quickly stand up and before he can fully re-act you start to step over his legs, which in turn, raises you skirt just enough that he gets a slight view of your lace white thong. "Excuse me" you say as you enter the aisle adjust yourself and head to bathroom without looking back.

When you return, you notice he doesn't stand up. Instead he angles his legs so you can walk in front. This time when you enter you face him. "Pardon me" you say as you straddle him. No need, but why not. Now he is the one "adjusting" his seat. Actually, adjusting his pants is more like it. The pilot announces that you are about to land. You pretend to be fiddling with your purse under the seat and bend down in such a way that he gets a full view of your perfectly thonged ass. You sit up and notice the slight bulge in his slacks and the fact that he won't look at you and laugh to yourself.

The plane parks and you tell him good luck with his meetings. He lets you out first. Such chivalry. Then he nonchalantly presses his swollen cock against your ass. The hair on your arm stands up. "Thanks for the show." Biting your bottom lip you cant help but press back, HARD. "Mind if I masturbate while I think of you tonight?". "My pleasure" you respond without looking back. He is so nice, but such a perv you think to yourself. Without another word or any eye contact you part at the jet way.

Getting home alone, kids are still at friends house, why bother calling them. A night alone. You check your e-mail. Sort through your snail mail. All the way home you had this silly grin and loud chuckle as thoughts of 10E cross your mind. Walking into the bedroom, you begin to get undress, but can't help how horny you are. Looking at yourself in the mirror in your lacy white underwear the mini skirt off. You rub your hands across your bra. Feeling yourself. Thinking how wonderful it would be to have man do that. 10E specifically. Nice guys are so hard to fine. Always married. Limits. Rules. You undo your bra. Begin to pinch your swollen nipples. God how i love to masturbate, you think to yourself. You laugh as you think of 10 E and wonder if he is masturbating, yet...lol. The thought of that turns you on. You fall back on the bed and begin to squeeze your nipples with one hand as your other hand lightly runs up and down the length of your moist thong. Pressing the lace into your moist slit, your mind wanders to 10E. Thinking about his swollen cock against your ass. Him lying in his motel room. His hand on that full thick cock stroking it. Thinking about him thinking of you. His hand moving up and down the shaft. Seeing it outlined perfectly. You slide the thong to one side. Your pussy now completely wet. Fingers digging deeper into your wetness. Curling your finger right up against the inside of your wet cunt. Finding the g-spot. That little patch of roughness. Your other finger on your clit. The very tip of your finger simulating his tongue. Thinking about being there. Watching him masturbate for you.

To be continued.

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