1127 Castleridge Drive

byStardog Champion©

For the next few seconds, the only thing holding Pearl's entire body up against the ceiling was the invisible serpent that had skewered her cunt. Rolling her head side to side as her breasts hung down, Pearl simply prayed she'd survive the ordeal.

Out of nowhere, just as she was about to break down and cry, Pearl felt it cradle and support the rest of her squirming frame. A tenuous warmth of security seemed to sweep through her as she looked out to each side and saw it grab each one of her hands and extend them out before pressing them tight to the ceiling, making it appear from below that she was half naked and genuflecting above the bed. Then her body began to convulse and quiver as if a fault line deep within her mortal core had cracked and broken away.

The impaling presence that had snugly leeched itself into her cervical wall minutes earlier suddenly came to life, seeming to slither and snort as it see-sawed its way in and out of her while the rest of Pearl's body became enveloped in what felt like a sauna full of electrically charged plasma. Every single nerve ending inside Pearl felt as if it was being fucked as she was sandwiched between the ceiling and the all encompassing presence below.

"AAHHH... AAAHHH... AAAHHH... OOHHHHHH... MMMM... GGGRRRAAAHHHHH," she droned incoherently, her pussy seeming to dissolve into liquid steel as the faceless spirit wreaked havoc inside her womb, if not her very soul.

There had been times earlier in Pearl's life when she'd been sexually stimulated to the point of squirting on occasion It had been quite a long time however. As she stared down with blurred vision, she could see a steady mist shoot from her cunt and flutter through the air until it landed in a scattered spray on the mattress below.

It's organ now spinning in a full and rapid 360 degree motion inside Pearl, churning up her long buried lust the same way an oil rig pierced the earth's crust for crude. From the amount carnal seepage that collected on the bed, it had struck a rich vein.

The moment Pearl actually began to cum, there was no way to be certain. The pulsing constrictions of her cunt around the spearing invader increased with each passing breath and by the time her ejaculate was leaking down to the bed below, orgasm had become an inadequate word for the exquisite delirium she was feeling. Humping her crotch down on it with the ferociousness of a woman trying to stamp out a fire, the only thing that drowned out the mashing sounds of her of her pussy were her own blood curdling screams of release.

Even though her head was on the verge of exploding, Pearl somehow had enough wherewithal to sense the spirit was face to face with her, its eyes watching intently, absorbing in every facial tick and tremor she endured as she gave herself completely to it.

With all the interest of a fervent voyeur, it patiently allowed Pearl's release to play out before taking her back in it's full clutches. Spinning her around, suddenly Pearl was now facing the ceiling with her back hovering 8 feet off the bed. Its vaginal hold over her still firm, it gently began lowering Pearl until she was safely resting on the sheetless mattress. The weightlessness of the drop combined with her post-orgasmic bliss until Pearl was sure once again she was dreaming it all.

"It's still inside me," a distant voice reminded, thankful on one hand to be resting on solid ground but knowing her ordeal was far from over.

Then the squeaking of the bedsprings began.

Pearl felt it's ghostly pulse vibrating on her chest as it's seemingly studded penis steadily quickened until it roared like a runaway jackhammer inside her. The bed crumpled under her thrashing weight until once again Pearl felt a molten fire raging in her womb.

On and on it went for longer than Pearl could guess. She wasn't even sure if she'd stayed conscious through the whole thing but just when it felt like she was going to melt into the mattress below, the spirit that had claimed her finally came, sending a soothing rush of whatever it called semen into every crack and crevice of Pearl's internal being, extinguishing for the moment the fire itself had ignited inside her.

Reaching down blindly to make sure her pussy was still there after feeling the spirit's appendage finally ease out, Pearl's hand became saturated by the clear, drenching remnants it had deposited inside her. Her clitoris felt the size of a walnut as she grazed her fingers carefully over top the expanse of her pubic area and as she rubbed the joint residue of their coital engagement over her crotch, thighs and breasts, the slick and slippery sheen felt alive to her touch.


Usually a stickler for order, the work on top of Pearl Atkinson's desk had piled higher and become more cluttered than she was use to. She'd been so busy over the past couple of weeks, a lot of the small things around the office had suffered but she'd finally carved out an afternoon to try and catch up on a lot of things.

Doing some busywork on her computer, Pearl was interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. Stretching across her desk to fish it out of her purse, Pearl groaned slightly, her body still sore from the unexpected new exercise regiment she'd started.

"Hello," her bubble voice greeted the caller.

"Hi there," a male voice on the other end replied. "I just moved to Portland about six months ago and I think I'm going to drop some roots here. I picked up one of those real estate booklets at the grocery store this morning and I was calling about one of your listings... its on Pg. 71."

"OK," Pearl said, reaching for a copy of the same booklet so she could see the home the caller was inquiring about.

"Does it list an address?" she asked, flipping through her collection of 'property for sale' books for the same one hehad.

"Yes," he replied. "Let's see... it says... ah... yeah here it is... the address is 1127 Castleridge."

"Oh... ," Pearl's tone suddenly changed. "Let's see... that book you have must be last month's... there's already a contract pending on the Castleridge property."

"I'll tell you though... I have another half dozen or so homes in that same price range I'll be glad to send you," she added in her friendliest sales voice.

Jotting down the potential client's email address, Pearl then reached into her purse to put her phone away and grab a stick of gum. In the process, Pearl saw the business card she'd dropped in there several days earlier for a title company she frequently dealt with. Rubbing the glossy, rectangular piece of heavy grade paper between her fingers, a feeling of warmth and anticipation coursed through her body as she looked down at an appointment for a closing in three weeks written on it.

A closing she'd scheduled to buy her new home on Castleridge Drive.

The End


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