tagHumor & Satire12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas


Your Instructions:

Master's 12 Days of Christmas.

This will be difficult as you need to set aside twelve days in the run up to Christmas when you can put the time aside to fulfil the appropriate part of this task on each day, when you will not be disturbed by work/kids and the answer-phones are all on without fail! Not necessarily at the same time or your Master will expect it.

You will require an ample supply of chocolate body paint. At the appropriate time you will convince your Master to sit or stand in an appropriate position where you can get at the appropriate part of his body, remove any of his clothing as necessary and cover the appropriate area of his body with chocolate body paint. Then remove it with your tongue. Slowly! The body parts and days are listed below.

Day 1: Right forearm

Day 2: Left forearm

Day 3: Right bicep/upper arm

Day 4: Left bicep/upper arm

Day 5: Right lower leg below knee

Day 6: Left lower leg below knee

Day 7: Chest

Day 8: Back (going no lower than top of buttocks!)

Day 9: Right thigh

Day 10: Left thigh

Day 11: The area around the waist across front of the torso between the belly button and the beginnings of the pubic hair going no lower down the torso than 1cm above the base of the penis!

Day 12: Cock and balls. Once licked/sucked clean (and I mean clean!), finish with a long slow blowjob.

The idea is that, by the twelfth day your Master will be 'fit to burst' and that the blowjob he receives on that day will be particularly memorable. You will not give your Master a blowjob for the first eleven days unless he specifically orders you to do so, not requests in anyway, but specifically instructs you.

Obviously, this will require a great deal of discipline and self-control on your part. Are you capable I wonder?

Your mentor



The task:

Day 1

12pmI was wondering how to go about telling you how it goes so I thought that the best way for me to tell you exactly how is to keep a diary throughout then give it to you at the end. I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of changing chocolate spread for peanut butter. I'm not mad keen on chocolate at the best of times so thought I could be much more enthusiastic about different and possibly stickier foods. Peanut butter, honey, treacle, cheese spread are all considerations. Also, as with varying body parts the varying foods may cause just as much confusion. I promise no chilli dip!

1pm We've just got in from shopping. I bought the brand new jar of peanut butter there. I'd made a fuss about getting it, asking him to not forget it if he went before I was free of my class. He has no idea why I would want it so badly. We've not had any in the house for months.

We were just sitting in the office, him at his desk and me here at mine and I thought 'now would be a good time!' So I slipped into the kitchen, grabbed a spoonful from the jar and brought it back into the office. He was oblivious. I felt like giggling out loud but I didn't. Instead I held the spoon behind my back and asked to see his arm. He held it out to me but it was covered still so I rolled up his shirt sleeve asked him to close his eyes. If he could see what I was about to do I'm certain he'd stop me. I could see the confusion on his face but he did as I asked without question. I smothered a patch of about 6" x 4" of peanut butter (smooth of course! I dread to think how chunky would fare later on in the task) onto my Masters right forearm then I began licking without saying a word.

"This tickles!" he remarked.

Then, "Why are you eating cheese spread from my arm? Is this a new serving suggestion?" I have no idea why he thought it was cheese spread. It might be another time.

He obviously couldn't smell it. That was easily fixed. I held the spoon under his nose. His eyes stayed tightly shut as his grin spread further across his face.

"Peanut butter? What the fuck....?" He paused, "Does it say to do this on the jar?" He mused "Ways to eat peanut butter no 7: off the mucky arm of your nearest and dearest!" His arm wasn't mucky. He's never mucky!

He squirmed a little, I was still tickling him but doing my best to remove all that was there without laughing. The peanut butter was so sticky it was hard to get his arm clean. It was getting difficult to swallow too. I love the stuff but never eat it by itself. Its just too ... well peanut buttery!

I really did have a hard time not laughing though. He went on and on the whole time. He declared it was making his cock harden. YESSS! He said that my licking of the inside of his forearm was causing tingles. And about time! He said that right before I'd finished. And then it was all over. His arm is now clean and no stickiness, as per your instruction. I kissed it gently, rolled his sleeve back down, buttoned up his shirt cuff and turned back to my PC paying no attention to the obvious erection he is now sporting inside his jeans. That was by far the hardest part. I can feel him looking at me now and wondering what that was all about. I'm saying nothing. I had to log this for you quickly while it's all still fresh in my mind. I know he's confused (and horny now too). It'll only get stranger tomorrow. I can't wait!


Day 2

AM He brought me toast in bed with peanut butter on it! He never brings me toast in bed. Mostly that's because I wake up first and bring tea up for us both but even when he's awake first he doesn't bring toast. I wonder if yesterday was the reason.

PM Tonight was more difficult than I thought it would be. I went for honey this time, pure natural runny sticky honey. Runny was probably the first mistake. Getting it from the jar to his right arm was challenging. I couldn't very well go into the lounge with the jar in my hand. So I opted for a spoon by way of transportation. But it ran off the spoon too easily. After a few mins of messing around in the kitchen trying to hold it behind my back without dribbling it everywhere I had a flash of inspiration! I got a bigger spoon! Yes I know, it's obvious now but at the time I was too busy thinking about what I might say to get at his arm!

I carefully loaded the spoon half full and took great care to hide it behind my back and keep it on the spoon while approaching him. He was sitting on the sofa watching TV wearing long sleeves again. As before, I asked him to close his eyes and roll up his right sleeve.

"I don't like this new idea you have very much." he objected immediately.

I said nothing, just waited.

"Maybe I do. A bit anyway, but it's still weird."

I know he's wondering what on earths got into me. I can't tell him though can I! Anyway I didn't ask again. I didn't have to. He was already rolling up his sleeve and closing his eyes.

I drizzled honey onto the bare soft skin of his inner forearm then lapped and sucked as it slowly dribbled around towards his hair. He did comment on the stirring in his trousers once again. I watched closely and saw his erection grow the very instant I started licking. I took a few minutes for me to make sure I'd got every single drop of the sticky sweet liquid from his skin and the whole time I lapped I was staring lustfully and longingly at his bulging cock. I know the rules though. You said I couldn't make a blow job any part of this unless he orders me specifically to suck his dick.

He didn't and so I didn't and that was that for Day 2. He checked afterwards for stickiness and found none. But now he's more confused than ever. I've just left him sitting there frowning at his arm then at me and back again!

What am I going to do tomorrow? It's going to be very difficult. I might have to ambush him straight from his shower. But the second I say "Please close your eyes" he'll know.

Honey wasn't such a bad choice but too sweet so I prefer peanut butter! It came off too easily too. Peanut butter takes more licking!


Day 3

AMI just checked which part is on the menu for today and realised that I got the last 2 days the wrong way round! I'm putting this down to the fact that on day 1 he was sitting with his right arm closest to me. Also he's left handed (I don't know what that has to do with anything really but it could somehow constitute a reason) and finally (perhaps most importantly) I'm woman! It's my prerogative not get it wrong as often as right. When directing in the car it generally comes down to pointing or I invariably hear "Ah, you mean the OTHER left"! Ho hum!

PM(Before) He's showering now. I can hear it running still but I'm going to have to get a move on and get up there before he comes out. Ambush is the only way today. He's not going to be pleased. He's just out of the shower and I dollop something sticky on him. No, I don't think given the choice he would agree to it. Though I think he must like it really because he's yet to stop me. I'm going with cheese spread today, my sweet tooth is asleep. Philadelphia is of course the cheese of choice, 'Lite' naturally.

(After) I said "Close your eyes please".

His immediate response was "Have you got peanut butter or honey?"

"No. Neither". Well I wasn't lying was I? "Why would you think that?" Ok overdoing the Little Miss Innocent maybe.

I took his hand and straightened his arm in front of him. I began spreading the cheese on his bicep and inner elbow crease. He opened his eyes and looked at what I was doing as soon as the cold spread touched him.

"Ah God! Cheese now? What's got into you? Have you gone mental?" he half yelled and pulled his arm away from me a little.

Of course not. I'm performing a task as set by my Mentor. Don't you recognise a challenge when you see one? I thought but all I said was "Mmmmm" as I set to licking.

My tongue swirled in his elbow crease and flattened across his muscle. The cheese was so much nicer than the honey. Stickier and not as dribbley, meaning I could take more time over it. It really was lovely! I cradled his arm lovingly whilst I slowly but hungrily freed his arm of its dairy produce covering. He didn't say another word until I had finished. I wondered at one moment if he had closed his eyes. I couldn't see his face. I'd like to think he did and that he really enjoyed it today. He's not saying though.

When it was all gone I kissed him gently on the lips. He gestured towards his hard cock in his jeans. He wanted me to suck it but he didn't say so. Still, it was so hard not to. I asked (brazenly) why the sex I just had with his elbow crease wasn't enough for him! He laughed and said that it was lovely but that didn't answer my question. Of course it wasn't enough! Not by a long way.

"You can do Marmite tomorrow!" he shot at me out of the blue. Oh God no! I HATE Marmite. I won't be in a room with it in case I might smell it.

"What makes you think I'm doing this tomorrow?" I fired back at him.

"It just seems something you've taken to doing. Why wouldn't you do it tomorrow?"

Does that mean he likes it? Haha I think so.

As I left the room his parting words were "Did you come up here just to lick food off me again?"

"I did" I admitted, "Is that ok?"

He said yes but his face said 'No! Absolutely not! You should be sucking my cock right now! Why aren't you?'

I smiled sweetly back at him ignoring his obvious torment and my less obvious torment. I'll suck him in a while when it's defiantly not connected to the task as per your instruction. I can't leave him like that for long. Nor can I wait for his cock for long. Resisting that is becoming the real test I think.

And I can't do Marmite!


Day 4

9am I worried a bit too much about Marmite. Eventually late last night I just had to know.

"Do you really want me to lick Marmite from you?" I asked.

He laughed and said "No, in fact I don't really want you to lick anything from me. You're being weird."

I'll ignore the weird. I still don't think he minds really and when it goes further he'll like it more I'm sure. So I'm off the hook for Marmite anyway.

6pm It's been a crappy day. I've had my head up my arse most of it stressing about work and just felt like staying in bed or asleep to avoid the day altogether. I wasn't in the mood for performing your task but hoped it would cheer me up a bit and it did. Actually a lot! He wasn't in a much better mood than me all day and I wondered a few times if he might just stop me before I started. He didn't, thankfully, and it went really well. I feel much lighter now and we're both more cheerful since. It would seem that as well as sex being a remedy for bad moods so is this unusual oral sex!

Tonight I opted for peanut butter again. I just like it better and I can secretly transport it in much larger quantities than anything else I've tried with the possible exception of cheese spread. And it's stickier than cheese spread. I brought it to him in on a knife and didn't say anything at all this time, just rolled up his right sleeve as far as it would go. He started laughing as soon as I moved his sleeve even before he saw the peanut butter. He chuckled the whole time but said nothing. His cock grew obvious in his trousers again. And again he wanted a blowjob right after. And again he didn't order one so again he didn't get one. I wonder how long he's going to accept my apparent indifference to his cock. I wonder if he really thinks that I'm getting off enough on just this. Baffled but resigned I think is the best way to describe him now. He has no idea why I'm doing this or that I'm documenting it for you. Anyway I'm going to wait an hour and then I owe his cock some attention. It's waited long enough! Tomorrow should defiantly start getting more interesting!


Day 5

6pm It's always a good start to any day to wake up horny! We both went to sleep on an orgasm last night and it seemed it stayed with me right through to waking! Wonderful.

I checked which part of his body I am to perform on today. I left him in bed whilst I went to feed the horses, fully expecting him to be still in bed when I returned. It would have made things much easier. He usually is but today he wasn't! So as it is I've gone through the day thinking of imaginative ways of getting at his lower leg. It's not been as easy as I thought it was going to be. I thought about just going for the 'roll your trouser leg up' approach but if I don't catch him at just the right time or in just the right mood he will defiantly stop me. This isn't FOR me though, its all for him. He just doesn't know it yet. And of course, it's for you. As my mentor I want your approval. I have a plan for getting at his leg after dinner later! But now my pole dancing lesson looms with the world of pain that goes with it!

11pm This is not going well at all! My plan for a bath together followed by a massage and a sneaky peanut butter application to his left calf has been scuppered by alcohol (wine, then a lovely vintage port with a cheese selection board) and a good movie! None of it was my idea and as lovely as it all was it got right in the way of my plans! Still I haven't given up just yet, I still have time!

11.55pm Talk about cutting it fine! We went to bed after the movie and I grabbed the massage oil and treat him to a sensual back massage. I worked my way slowly down his back and bum cheeks. Before long he was totally relaxed and loving the attention. When I thought it was time I quietly reached for the knife with peanut butter that was secreted on my bedside table and gently smeared it onto his calf and knee pit. He thought it was more oil at first until I started licking it off. Even then it took a moment to register what the hell I was doing. Then, as though a switch had been flicked, he was incredibly ticklish. I giggled as he thrashed around almost uncontrollably with everything but the leg I was paying attention to. That leg remained remarkably still. Maybe he was aware of the potential upset caused by peanut butter up the walls and all over the bed! He landed a kick in my head with the other flailing foot but not very hard and not enough to stop me. He begged me to stop, he didn't like it at all! But he was laughing so hard as he tried to be still. I was licking and laughing all at once. Tomorrow will be impossible!


Day 6

12.20am I just cheated. Well sort of. Maybe. You can make your own mind up about it. I decided to strike whilst the iron was hot, so to speak. I came down here on the pretence of making a cup of tea so that I could quickly log Day 5 but while I was making the tea I had a genius idea! I went back up with the tea and apologised telling him I hadn't finished his massage properly and while the tea was cooling I'd finish off. He said he was more than happy with it as it was but I was quite insistent. He rolled over again and I carried on paying particular attention to his thighs and bum cheeks. Therein lie my first mistake. After not too long I reached for the knife that I sneaked up with the tea and hastily applied peanut butter to his right knee pit. The second it landed he groaned and tensed rigid! I got going on it, the idea being that the faster I went the less ticklish he might be. I could taste a slight geranium and elderflower-ness to the peanut butter that I don't think is intended by SunPat. I must have rubbed too low when massaging his thighs! My second mistake was not to watch his legs more carefully. You would think I'd learned after the other leg but no! He bucked and his legs took flight again. After the second kick to my head (again not hard) I threw myself across his left leg and lower half of the right one pinning them both down as I continued to gorge myself on peanut butter/essential oil. His body writhed and flayed from the hips up but I had the legs covered and under control while I devoured his nutty flowery knee pit until it was clean.

He's made me promise now, no more legs. I've agreed of course. Haha! For now!


Day 7

He might have thought he was off the hook I think because technically it's been 2 sleeps since day 6. He waited all day for some sort of condiment application and it didn't happen so I think he must have thought it was over. Either that or he's just forgotten about it altogether. It's all worked well to keep him guessing I think, don't you? I left it till late again tonight. It's easier getting him on the way either into or out of bed since we progressed past arms at least.

We were in bed relaxing. I had the peanut butter on stand-by behind my book on the bedside table as it had been for over an hour. I was touching and stroking him lazily, just being sensual and gentle. I kissed his face and hair. I stroked his skin and nuzzled his chest. All the nice things, you know.

But the very second I kissed his eyes he said "You're going to spread something on me again aren't you?"

The very second! The suspicion in his voice was unmistakable! Bloody Hell!!! I hadn't even reached for the knife at that point. Maybe he read my damn mind! Yes that's it! He must have developed a highly tuned sense of peanut butter proximity.

He was grinning though. I could tell he was excited about it. I'm sure he was excited about it. Or maybe he was just grinning because he hoped I WASN'T going to spread anything on him. Maybe it wasn't excitement that made him grin but rather more of a hopeless dread. Hard to tell! Maybe he wasn't even grinning at all. Still ever the optimist I decided that he was indeed grinning and excited, more than happy to indulge my new strange quirk and enjoyed it more than anything else that's happened so far today and possibly this year.

I quickly produced the hidden knife laden with peanut butter, kissed his eyes closed again and daubed it all over his nipples and chest. I knew from the moment I started that this one was going to be difficult. It was so hard to spread because it clung to his hair. That and he squirmed about and laughed out loud right away. So I straddled him, riding him and wiggling my hips provocatively, kissed him again and slid down to his chest. I went for the left nipple first, licking delicately, taking just the edges of his peanut butter areola. Once again the tickle monster struck! He was far too ticklish to enjoy it much and to be honest it was all I could to not to laugh too.

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