tagBDSM12 x 12 Ch. 02

12 x 12 Ch. 02


Beth was a bundle of nerves as she turned into the parking lot of the condominium complex. Per his Instructions, she pulled into the assigned space nearest the staircase. A quick check of her watch showed she was thirty minutes early. This made her sigh with relief as it meant she could sit for a bit to gather herself together before going up to his place. After turning off the ignition, she reached for a copy of the Instructions. Although she had studied them for hours over the last few days, it was important to reread them again for the last thing she wanted now was to make a mistake. Not on her first time. No, this perfectionist mistress of detail could not allow that to happen. While sipping a cup of coffee she read them a few more times, visualizing each step in the process that must be followed.

The uneasy woman then leaned back and closed her eyes in a futile effort to relax. But waves of fear alternating with currents of intense desire coursed through her mind and body, making it impossible to lower the level of tension. She was about to take a major leap into uncharted territory. She had always felt an inner need for a strong, authoritative older man in her life. She never understood the longing but in recent years she had read about the practices of Domination and submission. She was enthralled by the ideas she had uncovered. Although Beth felt her present relationship was stable and fulfilling in most ways, there was a growing sense that something was missing. More research only served to affirm this gnawing feeling. But she didn't know what to do about it.

Then one day Beth was reading some stories on a website where people shared their experiences in the D/s realm. One story in particular got her attention in a very big way. It was called "12 x 12", a narrative of a session in which a male Dominant spanks a submissive with twelve different implements twelve times each, alternating with sex between each one. The neophyte submissive read the story over many times, frequently fantasizing about being in the session. The vision of submitting to a spanking from an older male Dom lit fires in the basement of her soul.

After visiting the site many times, Beth realized there was a way to contact the writers. The very inquisitive but still hesitant girl meekly wrote an email to the author telling him how much she enjoyed the story. To her surprise a response came back the next day. More letters were exchanged and an online connection was established based on an understanding of each other's most intimate needs. There was no thought of developing the relationship any further until about two months in, when Beth's scheduled business trip to the West Coast was to bring them within driving distance of each other. It wasn't long before the inevitable invitation was issued. And although Beth was terrified of meeting for a session, she knew there was no way she could refuse for her curiosity and desire were too great. The longing which she had been feeling for many years had to be consummated.

Following her acceptance of the proposal, he had emailed her a set of Instructions. This list set out in detail what she must do for the session. Despite the fact that she was new to submission and thus somewhat naive, the beginner knew well that it was imperative to follow exactly the commands she had been given. It was not a time to be testing the waters with deliberate acts of disobedience.

The suspense continued to build as she sat in her car waiting. With five minutes left Beth grabbed her bag and walked up the staircase to the third floor. Standing in front of the door marked 302, she looked at her cell phone to see there were still three minutes to go. She waited. The second the digits changed to 3:02 she rang the doorbell twice in quick succession. She then counted to twenty and entered the apartment, turning quickly to immediately lock the door behind her. After hanging her coat on a hook in the entryway, the anxious guest walked down the short hallway to the living room.

The Dom was in a large tan leather chair at the far end of the room, waiting for her. She immediately walked over; stopping two paces in front of him. The submissive then knelt before him with her eyes looking down.

"Sir, it is an honor to meet you."

"Yes, it is my pleasure, little girl. I have been looking forward to this very much. What did you bring with you?"

Beth opened the bag by her side. She pulled out an implement that she had made specifically for the session.It was a piece of green garden hose that had been carefully covered with padded tape over which had been glued a piece of bright purple felt. The metal ending had been screwed into a wooden handle. It was essentially a rubber whip which had been softened up and decorated in a pretty color. The nervous girl held it out with her hands opened flat.

"Sir, I made this for you. I hope you can find a good use for it."

"Thank you. I am sure I will. Now, show me what else you have for me."

Beth stood up and undressed slowly before this man, who although a stranger in person, was someone whom she had learned to trust enough to call him her Dom. She stripped down until all she had on was a black bra and panties with black heels. She then posed in several positions giving him a good look at her curves and assets. Finally, she turned away and bent over in front of him, touching her toes.

"Very good. Is my girl ready for the session?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good! Then do what you have been told to do."

Beth picked up the gift she had brought and walked over to the leather couch, kneeling before the center cushion. She examined the twelve implements on the couch, then quickly arranged them in the order she wanted to receive them; six on the cushion to the left of center, and six on the cushion to the right. Because she had brought an implement with her, she was allowed to remove one from the couch. She took the group of six long coat zippers that had been bound at the top and tossed it aside on the floor. It would not be used. When all were in order she took the black silk scarf from the center cushion and tied it around her head as a blindfold. She then pulled her panties down a few inches below her ass. Lastly, she leaned forward on the couch, knees on the floor, and waited quietly.

He took his time. For twelve minutes there was silence. For Beth it felt like an eternity. It was as though she was hanging off the edge of a cliff waiting for someone to rescue her. She had come so far, forcing herself to fight back her fears to get to this point. She wanted to cry out, to plead with him to come over to her, but she stayed quiet. The only visible sign of her discomfort was a slight quivering in her legs. At length, he got up from his chair and walked over to her.

"I am ready to begin now. Just to reiterate, you will be receiving twelve spanks with each implement in the order you have chosen. However, if you mess up in any way it will be my prerogative to increase the number of whacks if I so choose. You will follow the Instructions you have been given and you will obey any commands I give you during the session. You are to do what you are told. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir."


He knelt down behind her to her left. After pulling her panties down to her knees, he began to gently stroke her ass.

"Ah, beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Your soft skin is perfect. Pale white like an empty canvas. I shall fill it with vibrant colors! Magnificent! I am so pleased that you offer yourself to me like this. I shall take care of you in the way that you need to be taken care of. You can be assured of that. You are safe with me."

The Dom massaged and kneaded her skin, causing the blood to flow readily throughout the entire area. All the capillaries below the skin were opened wide. The submissive's ass took on a light shade of pink.

Beth felt exhilarated as his strong hands manipulated her buttocks. She had never allowed a man to touch her like this in a manner that made her feel so open and vulnerable. Yet there was no fear as her trust in this man was now absolute. The joy of her surrender was felt throughout her body. It was as if she was somehow lighter in being. Her brain was buzzing and her pussy was pulsating. She wanted more. She was soon to get it.

He picked up the first implement, the one the spankee to be had placed furthest to the left. It was an antique wooden paddle, more than fifty years old. It was meant for disciplining an unruly child in a way that was sure to get his or her attention. There was a comical painting on one side of a bear chasing a deer with the clever phrase next to it in red paint: FOR THE CUTE LITTLE DEAR WITH THE BARE BEHIND. It was certainly appropriate for the present circumstances.

The first shot came down hard on the lower part of Beth's left cheek. It delivered an intense sting which sent a shock wave through her body. She lunged forward letting out an involuntary cry. Before she could gather herself, he spanked her in the same spot on the other cheek. For the first six smacks he alternated the cheeks to achieve a sense of balance, giving them in rapid fire to make sure the effect was felt without allowing the sub a chance to recover or think about what was happening. The technique was effective, as Beth was stunned by the power of this initial onslaught. Yet, despite the pain she also felt an incredible rush of endorphins streaming into her brain, producing an instant high. After the sixth whack with the potent paddle, the spanker paused. Beth was breathing heavily. The Dom allowed thirty seconds to pass before resuming. He changed the sequencing by coming down hard with three smacks on the right cheek followed by three swats on the left one. The first of the twelve implements was then put to the side.

The skin on Beth's ass was now tattooed with two symmetrical reddish oblong stains. The burning sensation lingered. The Dom scratched the perimeter around the stinging skin, a tactic which emphasized the heat even more. Then, without saying a word, he leaned down to kiss the affected area. Beth let out a pleasurable moan as she felt his soft tongue moving over the hot spots, soothing and cooling the skin. She loved the feeling so much that she felt herself heading toward an orgasm. She wanted to tell him how good it felt but she refrained, following his orders not to talk during the session unless addressed first.

Beth had placed a feather second in the row, thinking that as a newbie she would need a softer implement near the beginning. But it was not just any feather. The Dom had picked this long black feather up from a beach in Alaska after watching it fall from a bald eagle which had flown directly over him. He felt an almost mystical connection to the feather. He spanked her twelve times with it softly, dragging it slowly over her skin after each tap. Beth felt affection being communicated with each touch of the feather. She loved it, experiencing an emotional warmth building within her. She was joyous. This feeling peaked even higher after he put the feather aside, and rubbed a few drops of warm sandalwood scented oil into her skin with the barest touch of his fingertips.

The next item in the row was a plaster cast of a hand. Beth didn't understand what it was about when she put it in sequence as it did not seem like a viable spanking implement.

"Ah, I see you have picked the hand to be next! Very good! This is actually a cast of my hand that I had had made at the State Fair. It really is an excellent reproduction. But here right now, we will not use it but rather the real thing. So, little one, straighten up and back off a bit so that I might sit on the couch."

The young lady did as she was told. Her Dom then sat on the center cushion, pushing the remainder of the implements slightly off to each side.

"Now, sweet girl, come lay across Daddy's lap."

The words stunned Beth. A childlike feeling came over her. He had never before referred to himself as "Daddy" and she had certainly never addressed him as such. but at this moment the term of endearment seemed to fit perfectly, transporting Beth back to a time when she felt there was indeed a powerful male figure in her life that she could place total trust in. She moved forward without hesitation, turning sideways to position herself over the lap of this enticing man, who was 24 years her senior. As she could not see, he assisted her to get the placement just right. He pulled the panties off her. She was lying completely flat with her pussy on his lap, her ass exposed and readily available to him.

When giving a hand spanking, it was his wont to lay in as hard as he could until his hand was burning too. He spanked his new sub with ferocity. Immediately Beth was overwhelmed with an extraordinary rush of deep emotion that caused her to burst into tears. She cried openly and loudly without restraint. This incredible release brought on a high that no drug could ever possibly match. She was floating in a subspace where pleasure was all that existed. Everything was numbed out except for euphoria so intense she felt like it might cause her to lose consciousness. Time ceased. There were no thoughts, only sensations. She did not even notice that "Daddy" had lost all track of the count and had gone way over twelve. Only when his strength to continue waned did he rest his hand on her flaming ass.

A break was needed. Beth was straining to get enough air into her system, which was demanding more oxygen. Her Dom sat there sweating from the exertion, stunned by the effect the spanking had had on this amazing girl. He was overcome with tenderness toward her. He moved his hands very lightly over her body to bring her back down slowly, occasionally cooing the words, "Good girl" in soft whispers. As things calmed he reached under to put his fingers on her pussy. He found her clit. Immediately she responded by releasing a flow of hot fluid over his crotch and down his legs. She was steaming. He pulled his hand back.

The next item in line was the oversize ping pong paddle. It was more than twice the normal size with a thin layer of rubber on both faces. He had picked it up in a thrift store for a quarter. She was ordered to return to her original position leaning over the couch with her ass in the air. The Dominant then handed her an eight inch glass dildo.

"You are to use this dildo while I spank you with this paddle. Fuck yourself as hard as you can with it. You may orgasm if you happen to feel the need to. When the spanking stops, you are to stop. Do you understand?"

Beth was so far gone she didn't realize she needed to answer. He straightened her out by repeating the question loudly in a demanding tone. It got her attention.

"Yes, Sir. I do."

"Good. Begin."

The compliant initiate slid the dildo into her vagina. He allowed her to get a steady rhythm going before smashing the paddle into her ass. The second the first whack was felt, Beth was launched into an immediate orgasm which continued through the twelve spanks. Her climax was so strong that streams of hot come squirted from her convulsing pussy. She was rocketed into a state of ecstasy fueled by mind bending sensations of pure pleasure. After the twelfth hit, she pulled the dildo out, dropping it onto the couch.

Again, he gave her a few minutes to settle down. He then leaned forward, mounting her, sliding his cock in to the hilt, holding it there to allow her to feel its full length. He moved it back and forth very slowly before pulling back out and reaching for the next spanking tool.

It was the second soft implement, six two foot long strips of chinchilla fur joined at the top to a polished marble handle. As chinchilla is known to be the softest fur on Earth, there was no way this slice of the session would be painful. He began by slapping the fur over the top of her left shoulder, then pulling and drawing it slowly down her back, across her ass, and onto her legs. The feeling was delightful, causing Beth to giggle in a subdued manner. He alternated the twelve taps across each shoulder making sure the passage across her body each time took time. Both participants enjoyed the change of pace that these furry strips contributed to the session.

As soon as this scene was finished, the Dom leaned over and kissed his submissive for the first time. He started softly, gradually increasing the pressure while sliding his tongue into her mouth. There was no doubt that this was a Dominant kiss, one in which he controlled the tempo and flow, And Beth liked it that way, savoring every second of it, gladly accepting his intimate power over her.

"Stand up."

Beth instantly obeyed.

"Put your arms above your head, straight up in the air."

Again, Beth did exactly what she was told to do. He then went behind her to unhook her bra, throwing it on the back of the couch. Next, she felt her breasts being squeezed from top and bottom between two thin wooden boards which were then tightened down with clamps on each end. Finally he went behind her to tie two strands of connected rope which insured that the device was securely attached. The compression resulted in her nipples bulging out prominently. Beth swooned as he began to pleasure her sensitive nipples with his mouth and fingers, stimulating them to become as hard as possible.

He grabbed the thin wooden paddle that she had chosen to be next. He swatted each nipple in rapid succession with hard whacks that caused the helpless girl to shriek loudly in pain. It felt as though her nipples had been burned with a torch. Her knees buckled as she tried to keep herself upright, but the next two slaps sent her to the edge,

"Fuck! Sir, I can't take it! Please stop! Please, Sir! Please stop!"

"Are you calling a Red Light?"

Beth was quiet for a moment. The option was on the table for her. According to the Instructions, she could stop any scene without repercussions if she felt it had exceeded her limits. All she had to do was say "Red Light", the safe word for the session. But she did not want to do it. She had promised herself that she would take whatever was dished out. She did not want to give in to the pain.

"No, Sir, I am not", she answered in an embarrassed whisper.

"Well, then in that case, I am disappointed in you. You have disobeyed by speaking out of turn and disrupting the session."

"I am sorry, Sir."

"Not yet you aren't. But you will be."

He then smacked her nipples eight more times in random patterns causing excruciating pain which brought Beth to the verge of collapse. But when the twelve smacks were done, the resilient sub was still standing. And although in her distressed state she had no way of being conscious of it, the session was half over. He dismantled the device which had caused her nipples to jut out.

"It was my original intent to soothe your nipples at this point. But you have forfeited that privilege. And now, a punishment is in order. I realize that you are new to all this, Beth Nicole, but it is time you learned a lesson. When you disobey, there is a price to pay. Do you appreciate that fact?"

"Yes, Sir. I do."

"And you fully understand why I must discipline you?"

"Yes, Sir. I do."

"Good. Then I will pull the cane out of order and apply it to you now. You will be getting more than twelve whacks with this item. You will accept these whacks like a good submissive should and when I am done, you will thank me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir. I do."

The Dom picked up the cane, a long black plastic rod with a solid silver handle. There was no way this brutal implement could be applied gently, and it was certainly not going to be now.

"Raise your arms above your head again."

As Beth reached for the ceiling the first of three whacks connected with her left hamstring. The bruising pain caused her to gasp but she held herself up despite the throbbing which was felt deep in the thick muscle of her leg. The next three shots came down on her right hamstring, followed by three on each of her quads and calf muscles. Her legs were shaking as he reached up and smacked each of her bicep muscles, causing her arms to come down halfway. She forced them back up straight. Lastly, he lay in with the cane six times across each butt cheek. He then put it on the back of the couch..

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