tagNovels and Novellas14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 06

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 06


Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read in succession.

PART VI (day 9)

The following day was pretty much spent in recovery mode, especially for Tiffany and me. The two of us had basically fucked our brains out the day before with various partners, and were in dire need of some rest. Since most of us had played our lusty games until the wee hours of the morning, we didn't get out of bed very early. By the time we did arise, Paul, Tom and Dave had already had breakfast and were gone. They left a note saying that they were taking one of the boats and heading to the far end of the lake, planning on hiking some trails there. Tiffany and I, along with Cheryl, lounged around on the cabin's deck for the better part of the day. The two girls decided there would be little chance of 'upsetting anyone' now, and spent most of the day sunbathing naked.

Mark and Kelly joined us for a bit and we had a lighthearted discussion concerning the prior evening's activities. As we laughed and joked with one another, Mark could barely take his eyes off of the naked females stretched out in the lounge chairs. It became quite obvious what was on his mind as the bulge in his shorts kept growing and growing. After seeing the size of his trouser snake the night before, I had to wonder if the zipper could contain it. Kelly had also noticed the swelling of Mark's groin and stepped over to where he was leaning on the deck railing. She turned so that she was facing him and began to run her hands over his bare chest. They were followed by her tongue, tracing up the middle of his hairless upper torso, then teasing his tiny nipples.

Leaning back, Kelly pulled the oversized T-shirt that she was wearing up and over her head, then dropped it on the deck beside her. This left her in only a skimpy bikini bottom that looked like it could have come from Tiffany's suitcase. The tiny 'V' of bright pink material barely covered the crack of her ass, leaving her full round cheeks totally exposed. Even though I had seen her completely naked, I was transfixed by her plump bottom and felt a stirring in my own shorts. If I hadn't been so fucked-out, I would have horned in on Mark's action. But as tired as I was, I was content to be a happy spectator...this time.

She leaned forward again and pressed her tits against his body. At the same time, her hands moved between their bodies and in short order I saw the top of Mark's shorts loosen. I couldn't see from where I was sitting, but I could tell by her movements that she had hauled his pecker out and was jacking him off. He pushed her back enough that he could get to her boobs, which he began to fondle. I looked over to see if Cheryl or Tiffany had noticed what was going on and found both of them watching the action intently. When I looked back to Mark and Kelly, she was working his shorts down past his hips. Then she slowly squatted, pulling the garment lower and lower as she went. In a few seconds time he was standing there, leaning back on the railing, naked as a jay bird.

Once Mark was nude, Kelly's hands went to his thighs and you could tell that she was commencing to orally pleasure the stud. As her head bobbed, her hands began to roam around, moving up his legs and over his lower stomach. Mark just stood there, eyes closed, with his elbows resting on the railing behind him. I watched the woman's head move toward his body and then pull away, over and over again. And with time, the distance her head traveled continued to grow.

Within a few minutes, Kelly was only a couple of inches from pressing her nose against his pubic hair and I knew that she was swallowing nearly all of his massive dong. Frankly, I was amazed that she could take that much of him. I desperately wanted to be viewing from a different angle so I could see his black shaft disappear into her mouth. As if she had read my mind, Kelly shuffled to the left and gathered her discarded T-shirt in front of her. She knelt down on it and pulled Mark around toward her, once more engulfing his ebony meat. I think that she may have been just wanting to show off her skills, but that was all right with me.

We watched as she sucked diligently on the head and upper third of his pole while stroking the lower portion of it. Removing her hand from around the mammoth meat, she pushed forward, forcing him deeper and deeper into her gullet. Her lips were stretched tight around his big shaft and I could see her throat bulge with his girth. When she had about 3/4 of his rod crammed in her face she paused, shook her head slightly back and forth a few times, and then pulled back. After taking a deep breath she went back to the 'suck and stroke' technique for a bit before swallowing him once more. This process was repeated for the next five or six minutes, until Kelly had, to everyone's astonishment, taken every inch of that dark fuck-stick down her throat. I even heard Cheryl exclaim a quiet "Da-amn" when Kelly's nose bumped against Mark's abdomen.

It was just about then that I heard the motor of the boat as the guys returned from their outing. I wondered if anyone else had heard it too. I have a feeling Mark wouldn't have known it if the motor had been strapped to his ass, but I think Kelly did because it seemed as though she quickened her pace a bit. As the sound got closer and closer, so did Mark, and by the time the motor shut off at the dock, he was literally face-fucking Kelly while he held her head in his hands. He wasn't being rough with her by any means, just excited and, as Cheryl had put it, "not very graceful." He was moaning and groaning saying, "I'm gonna cum baby," and "Oh ssshit!!" along with other crudely sexual remarks.

I heard the guys joking around as they came up the path and then Mark moaned out a loud "Uhhnnggg!" and let loose with his fire hose of cum. As it seemed to be her custom, Kelly didn't flinch. She just took his spunk into her oral cavity, but her face was so full of his cock that some of his juice literally squirted out of the corner of her mouth. "Oh yeah, Baby!" Mark exclaimed loudly, catching the attention of the approaching men below.

I could just see them beyond the deck floor as they stopped and looked up at the sight. Kelly was still sucking the last drops from Mark's stiff dick and I'm sure the guys had quite the view from where they were. I heard Paul from below shout bragging encouragement to his wife saying, "That's my girl!"

When she was satisfied that she had withdrawn the full deposit from the depths of Mark's balls, Kelly stood up and leaned over the railing, showing her naked tits to the guys and giving me a delicious view of her ass. She wiped the cum from the corners of her mouth with one finger and then tauntingly sucked it off in an overly animated fashion for the benefit of the new spectators. This was met with hoots and whistles from the rowdy guys, still standing on the path. It reminded me of the girls on their balconies during Mardi Gras. The only difference was that instead of throwing beads at her, I think the fellas would have rather thrown their dicks at her.

But they didn't get a chance because Kelly turned around and grabbed her wrinkled shirt and swiftly pulled it on. She turned to Mark, whose cock was now hanging limply, but still a good 7" long, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then whispered something in his ear. I suspect it was the promise of another encounter that would go much further than this one.

By the time Paul, Tom and Dave had made it to the cabin and out onto the deck, Mark had found his shorts and gotten his meat stuffed back into them. In the mean time, Cheryl and Tiffany had gotten up and they waltzed right past the guys as they were going in. They were met with whistles and catcalls but to no avail. I figured the girls simply didn't want to hang around in the buff and give this bunch of horny fuckers the wrong idea. Kelly remained, but to the dismay of the guys she was no longer interested in sex, at least for the moment.

Paul sidled up to her and started rubbing her tits through her shirt, but she mocked him saying, "Not in front of the guests, Dear," and then removed his hand. The three of them all whined a bit trying to coerce her, without success, until she finally gave up and headed for the cabin as well. She must have been aware that we were all watching her walk away, because by the time she was half way to the door she had hiked the T-shirt up around her waist and we got a great view of her gorgeous ass as it jiggled away.

The group, once more, spent the remainder of the evening playing games and such in the activity room. There was quite a lot of sexual innuendo and crude humor flying around in our conversation that night. And there was a good deal of grinding and groping that took place as well. For the most part, any inhibitions were long gone by now and we all knew that any one of us might be getting laid by any of the others at any time. But nothing prospered that night and we all ended up retiring pretty early. In fact, I was the last to turn in at around 10:15 P.M..

By now, I knew that the rest of this vacation had the potential to be quite a wild ride.

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