tagNovels and Novellas14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 09

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 09


Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read in succession.

PART IX (day 12)

When Tiffany and I awoke the next morning, we cuddled and kissed for a while before heading downstairs. Upon arriving there, we found Mark, Cheryl and Kelly sleeping on the floor of the game room, still naked of course. The two women were laying huddled close to Mark, one on each side of his muscular frame. They seemed content and happy and I came to the conclusion that they had finished off the evening with a satisfying three-way. The other three men were nowhere in sight and I figured they were in their rooms, still fast asleep as well. So we crept into the kitchen and quietly made some coffee and found something to eat.

After the coffee was ready, we both got a cup, took the English muffins we had prepared and discreetly moved out onto the deck. We ate our breakfast, enjoying the morning view of the lake and lighthearted conversation, mostly centered on the previous day's activities. Tiffany confided to me that her posterior was a bit tender from our round on the dock, and that she was generally stiff all over. For that matter, I was too. All of us had spent a good deal of time in the water and wrestling about, not to mention the sex we had.

"A day in the sun sounds good to me," I told her.

"Yeah...that sounds like a good idea," she replied. Then she laughed and added, "Of course that's what I thought yesterday morning too!"

Thinking quickly, I responded to her remark, "By the way...Where did that oil get to?"

She shot a mocking glare at me and retorted, "Not today, Buddy Boy!" then added, "It was great and all...but not today."

Still taunting her I said, "What's the matter? I figured you'd be ready to try Mark back there today."

Her eyes bugged out and she laughingly sputtered, "Holy shit... No way! I can't imagine anyone taking that thing up there. It's hard enough to put anyplace else."

We laughed and teased each other for the next several minutes and there was little doubt that we had developed a very close relationship. I knew it was going to be a difficult parting when the time came for us to go our separate ways, probably more so for her than for me. But I put that out of my mind in order to enjoy the teen's company while I had the opportunity.

After a while, we heard the door sliding open and turned to see Kelly, coffee cup in hand, coming toward us. "Morning..." I offered.

"Is it?" she replied, still half asleep.

"How late were you guys at it?" I questioned.

"I don't know..." she said, "....but it was late...or early...something," as she moved to the deck railing and looked out toward the lake.

About that time Mark walked past us and grumbled, "It was around 2:30 this morning..." He too had a cup of coffee and strolled right up beside Kelly and grabbed a hand-full of her plump ass. "Man you can go girl," he said, while squeezing her butt.

"Yeah, well, I wasn't exactly the only one going and going and going..." she joked.

A few minutes later Cheryl joined us too. Leaning over and kissing Tiffany on top of the head, she said, "Morning Sweetheart," and then flopped into one of the chaise lounges.

"Morning Mom," the girl replied, then asked, "Did you have a good time last night?"

Cheryl smiled widely, nodding her head and said, "Oh yeah....!" She took a long pull from her own cup, and then greeted me also. The five of us began to talk, and the trio verbally replayed their adventure from the night before, for Tiffany and me.

The gist of the story was that after Tiffany had blown all the guys and left, Mark had managed another hard-on and was virtually attacked by Kelly and Cheryl. The other three men were too pooped to pop and excused themselves. The remaining three had screwed each other every which way imaginable, with the women both having a couple more orgasms each. It finally concluded with the pair licking and sucking Mark's pecker until he was able to launch one last load onto his six-pack abs. Which, Cheryl informed us, the two women shared, licking and kissing until it was gone.

Their story was quite a turn on and my dick was growing by the time they finished their sordid tale. Cheryl took note of my condition and continued to tease me. "Maybe we should do that to you, Mike," she quipped.

"Yeah...Okay," I replied, trying to feign indifference. But she was not going to let me off the hook that easy.

"And then, after we've sucked up all of your cum, we'll lick and suck on you until you're hard again," she said with a smile. Taunting me further, she added, "When you are nice and hard, maybe we could tie up Kelly so you could screw her ass again...You seem to have a knack for that."

By now my organ was at full attention, which was exactly what Cheryl was trying to accomplish. But Tiffany came to my rescue by chastising, "Mom?...Stop teasing the poor guy!"

Cheryl laughed and conceded, "Oh, alright... Sorry, Mike, but I couldn't resist."

"That's okay," I told her, "Just remember that payback's a bitch."

"Promises, promises..." she mocked with a wink.

After a few minutes, we had gotten into normal, non-sexual conversation and my boner had dissipated. It wasn't a good deal longer before we were joined by Paul and Dave, and lastly, Tom found his way onto the deck. We spent the rest of the morning horsing around and then grilled some burgers for lunch. Afterward, some went for short hikes, while others opted for boating, and some of us remained at the cabin. I was content to snooze the afternoon away and headed for the hammock I had been in when this whole wild spectacle began.

I awoke to the sound of laughter coming from the direction of the boat dock. I rubbed my eyes and twisted around to see who it was, finding Cheryl, Tiffany, Paul and Tom coming up the trail. Tiffany cut off, through the thick grass surrounding the cabin, and headed in my direction. She was still laughing about something as she broke into a trot, her succulent young breasts jiggling on her chest as she neared me. Upon reaching the hammock, she flopped down on top of me, nearly spilling both of us to the ground. I struggled to keep us upright and we eventually managed to settle into the mesh, lying side by side.

She snuggled against me and asked how my nap had been. I replied with a simple, "Fine," and then, with a yawn, I asked her if she had enjoyed her afternoon.

"Uh-huh...we had lot's of fun," she responded with a sigh.

"I bet you did," I smugly stated. "I'd be willing to bet that you and your mom got laid, didn't you?" I tested.

"Nope," she returned, adding, "But I got horny!" with a giggle.

"Horny huh?" I pondered and then teased, "Too bad you don't know anyone who could help you with that."

"Yeah it is," she stated flatly as she reached into my groin to fondle my cock and balls. I immediately started to grow in the grasp of her small hand and moved my own hand to her chest, grabbing her right breast. We laughed together and then launched into a long, wet kiss as we continued our seriously heavy petting of one another.

We were just beginning to really get into it when we heard a voice from the cabin. "Hey you two...Quit diddling each other and get your asses up here and help with supper." We looked up to see Kelly's nude form leaning on the deck railing, motioning us to the cabin with big sweeping gestures of her arm.

"Well...shit!" I exclaimed in bogus frustration, then said, "Don't forget where we were...We'll have to pick this up later."

Tiffany grinned and said, "Oh, don't worry...I won't," as she tumbled out of the hammock. I followed, awkwardly climbing out of the tipsy device. I took Tiffany's hand and we strolled to the cabin and set about our 'chores', helping to prepare the evening meal.

After the meal was finished and everything cleaned up we spent the early evening with a few drinks on the deck, watching the sun set. As the evening wore on, we continued to indulge in the spirits, and by about nine o'clock everyone was in one stage of intoxication or another. For the most part, we were just in that happy, less inhibited (as if that was needed) state, feeling the buzz but not what I would consider drunk.

Tom, however, was pretty well gone. As I said earlier, he never could hold his liquor. I think we all knew that he was going to be headed for real trouble if he continued to imbibe, so we gently encouraged him to call it a night. Finally, after "one more round", as he requested with a slur, we convinced him and he struggled up the stairs to his room. "He's not going to be much good in the morning," Dave snorted.

The rest of us debated what we should do, growing tired of pool, darts, and the like. Somehow we landed on the old game of "Truth or Dare" that most of us played in Jr. High School. Quite frankly, I didn't know what kind of 'dare' could be used as a consequence with this group, but we all ended up going along. As it turned out, the dares became quite enjoyable with most of them being things like 'eat Kelly's pussy for five minutes' or 'have your cock sucked 'til you're ready to cum and then stop'. While the dares were being carried out, we all observed and it was almost like watching vignettes of porno movies, only they were live!

As the time passed, so did more alcohol, causing the game to get increasingly...how can I put this...I guess 'kinky' would be a good term. It came to my turn and I chose the 'dare' which turned out to be, to my chagrin, jacking off one of the other men. And the kicker was the stipulation "until he cums". To say the least, I was reluctant to complete my task. I mean, my interest has always been women, without the faintest desire to trifle with men. I wasn't even sure I would know what to do or how to do it. I figured I would just to go back to the dry spells and high school days, drawing on self-experience to guide me. Of course, I was sure that the ladies would be quick to set me straight if I faltered.

I weighed my options and tried to remember which one of the guys had been the quickest shooter, hoping to get this over with as fast as possible. I settled on Dave, because I figured Paul's swinger lifestyle might have him conditioned to last. And from their morning tale, I remembered that Mark had been royally screwed by Cheryl and Kelly the night before, so I expected that he wouldn't be very likely to shoot quick either.

"I guess it's you, Dave," I said as I moved to take a seat next to him on the couch.

"Be gentle with me," he teased in a girlish tone, embarrassing me that much more.

His dick was already nearly completely hard, as was all of the men's from the previous activities, and I took it in my hand. To my surprise, once I got into a rhythm, it wasn't all that bad. Like most things that we don't really want to do, the thought is usually worse than the action. I stroked up and down his shaft with the encouragement of the group while Dave just sat there silently. After a few minutes, Tiffany came to my aid by snuggling up close to me and whispering instructions in my ear.

"Not too fast..."she said, "Squeeze his cock, but not too hard."

Before long I was working his tool like it was my own and he was showing the signs of my efforts. It came to a point when he finally leaned his head back, eyes closed, and I think he had put the fact that another man was pulling his pud out of his mind. I must've been doing something right, for within a couple more minutes, Dave was spewing his load, the goo raining down over my stroking fist.

The rest of the party cheered their approval as he erupted, and I breathed a sigh of relief that it was over. I released his still twitching dick and looked down at the sperm on my hand. I held it out and asked, "Now what in the hell am I supposed to do with this?"

Kelly chirped, "Lick it off, silly," which brought a round of laughter from the whole group.

"Not my flavor," I retorted as a towel was pitched to me by Paul.

"What a waste..." she grumped as I wiped the sticky mess off of my hand and wrist.

"Well here ya' go, if you want it that bad," I jeered, tossing the soiled towel at her.

She caught the linen and snapped a quick comeback, "I'm not in the mood for used goods."

Equally as quick, I shot back, "I'm sure someone can provide you with fresh."

"Ooo..I hope so," she cooed, bringing another round of boisterous laughter.

Now that I had completed my dare, it was my turn to pick on someone else. Remembering Cheryl's teasing that morning, I decided this would be a good time to exact my revenge. "Cheryl, Truth or Dare?" I offered.

"Hmmm..." she mused and then answered, "Dare!"

Quickly, I challenged, "I dare you to let Tiffany fist fuck you."

She gave me a long look and then smiled, replying, "We don't have any lube, and I'm not nearly wet enough for that."

"I've got some!" Kelly chimed in, rising from her seat. "I'll be right back," she added as she hurried out of the room.

"Well... What are you waiting for?" I posed, grinning at the seemingly apprehensive Cheryl.

"All right," she responded and moved from her chair to a large open area on the floor.

As Cheryl got into position on her back, knees sticking up and legs apart, Tiffany scampered to the floor and took a position between her mom's thighs. The young woman dove right into the luscious twat of the older one, and began licking away. The men were all wolf-whistling and catcalling by the time Kelly reappeared, with a large bottle of sex lube in hand. She tapped Tiffany on the shoulder with the bottle, and then placed it in her hand as the girl reached out without looking up from her ministrations. After the teen took the bottle from her, Kelly settled onto the floor next to Cheryl, making sure she had a front row seat for the show.

With Tiffany continuing to eat Cheryl's pussy, Kelly moved her hand to the woman's chest and playfully tweaked the hardening nipples centered on her rounded melons. It wasn't long before Cheryl's face was showing the telltale signs that the other girls were getting her motor running. Tiffany, knowing her mom well by now, pulled away from her crotch and popped open the bottle of lube. She drizzled a goodly amount on Cheryl's clit and let it run down her slightly parted labia. Working the slippery liquid into the crevice, she easily slipped two fingers into her mom. "Mmmm..." came the woman's response.

After working those two fingers in and out for only a brief period, the teen added a third finger and continued to pump them into Cheryl. As she did, she started dribbling the lubricant onto her pistoning digits and then along the back of her hand and thumb socket. When she was satisfied that she had applied enough, she sat the bottle down and clicked the top shut. She paused and withdrew her fingers from Cheryl's snatch in order to smear the clear lube over her entire hand. While she did this, I moved from where I was seated to between Kelly's lounging form and Cheryl's hip, affording myself a better view. Paul, Mark and Dave followed suit and also gathered close to watch the exhibition.

Tiffany excitedly asked "Are you ready Mom?" to which Cheryl simply replied "Yeah... Go ahead." The teen closed her hand, fingers outstretched and in a cone shape, as she had done with Kelly, and then poised them at her mom's vaginal entrance. With her left hand, she worked the labia apart and inserted the tips of her lubed fingers. Slowly she pushed into Cheryl's spreading pussy until nothing except the butt of her hand was visible.

"Uhhh-Hummm..." Cheryl growled as the girl pressed into her.

"Okay... Here we go," stated Tiffany, before drawing her hand back a half inch and then pushing harder into the widening hole.

"Ughnnnnnn," Cheryl groaned as the teen's hand stalled again. "Keep pushinnggggg," she grunted, her face reddening and the veins on her neck popping out.

Tiffany did as instructed and pushed harder. "Oh-Oh-UhnnnGawwww...." Cheryl wailed as the teen's hand disappeared inside of her. She lifted her ass off the floor, pulling Tiffany's arm with it, and tossed her head from side to side. When she settled back to the carpet, Tiffany began working her arm in a very short pumping motion. She kept this up for the next few minutes, adding more of the lubricant as she did. Cheryl, obviously enjoying what was happening, continued uttering sensual moans and expressions.

Snapping the bottle closed and discarding it once more, Tiffany asked, "Ready for stage two?" talking to Cheryl as if she were the only one in the room.

"Uh-huh," the older woman panted.

Without a sound, the blonde began tugging her hand outward, then letting it return, more and more of it becoming visible with each pull, and Cheryl grunting in unison, "Uhhh...Uhhh...Uhhh." Then, suddenly, the whole thing came cleanly out of the woman's gaping cunt with a slurping sound. Immediately Tiffany shoved it back into the dark, wet hole, eliciting a shriek of pleasure from Cheryl. The youngster repeated this process once more and then set into a steady rhythm, stroking her entire hand in and out of her mom's flooding pussy.

Cheryl was nearly delirious with pleasure at this point, panting and grunting like an animal in heat. Kelly leaned forward and started to tease her heaving breasts with her tongue, nipping at the blood engorged nipples with her lips and teeth. I took it as a cue and, twisting myself so that I could snake my hand into Cheryl's groin, sought out her clitoris with my fingers. I glanced around and found the other three males all wanking their hard cocks as they took in the spectacle. I couldn't blame them; If I hadn't been engaged in the activities, I probably would have done the same thing. I turned my attention back to the fisting display as I felt my own pre-cum dripping onto my leg.

While Tiffany continued her pace, almost punching her fist into her mom, Kelly and I worked in harmony, increasing our efforts as Cheryl's inevitable climax neared. A few moments later, Cheryl heaved upward and her body tensed.

She cried out, "Uh-Uh-UhhhhhgggGGAWWDD!" with the orgasm overwhelming her mind and body. As she contorted, I worked feverishly on her love button, causing her to hump the thrusting hand of Tiffany that much more. I almost expected to see the teen's fist pop out of Cheryl's stomach at any moment. Finally, Cheryl pleaded "Uh-Uh-Oh god... Please stop," as she pushed my hand away. Lowering her ass back to the ground, she grasped Tiffany's arm, I assumed to get her to pull out. But, to my surprise, she held it in place, buried deep within her and, gasping for air, said, "Wait...a couple...minutes."

As far as I was concerned, Tiffany could wait all she wanted, but I couldn't. I needed to put my dick somewhere and knew just the place. So, without hesitation, I moved lower and to my left and was soon nuzzling my tongue into the crack of Tiffany's sweet little ass. She got the idea quick enough and parted her legs for me to access her better. After lapping at her goodies for a bit, I raised up and grabbed her hips, hefting her into a slumped over, kneeling position. I shuffled forward, cock in hand, and pushed into her young, wet pussy. She squealed an approving "Oooo...UhhhHuh," as I slid almost entirely into her on the first thrust, her hand still stuffed up Cheryl's snatch.

I fucked her slowly for about five minutes and was beginning to wonder if she was ever going to free herself from Cheryl. It was just at that moment that I noticed Cheryl release the girl's arm, indicating her readiness to have the invading fist removed. Very gently, Tiffany worked her slimy hand out of her mom's vagina, causing the woman to once more twitch and wriggle on the floor.

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