tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 04

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 04


Day 4 -- Confessions

Kelli woke and stretched languorously, sitting up enough that the sheets pulled away from her well-formed breasts. Normally smooth and inviting, they were now scored by two ugly red marks that were just beginning to fade. She touched her nipples gingerly. There didn't seem to be any lasting damage from Jack's assault on them the previous night. The pain she'd felt when he twisted them had seemed excruciating at first, but then when it had mixed in with the ecstasy of her orgasm, she almost hadn't been able tell one from the other. What was it that Jack had said? "Pain can be pleasure and pleasure pain?" She knew that as punishment for her cheating, she'd accepted a whole bunch of pain and humiliation for herself. She just had to find a way to find some pleasure in it. If she could.

Whatever happened, she knew that she had to play along with whatever Jack wanted to do. In the beginning, she'd somehow convinced herself that if she didn't participate, somehow his demons would disappear of their own accord. Demons! Part of her had actually believed that the devil was in some way responsible for his actions. When, after thinking about it all Monday, she realized that a lot of the blame was hers . She'd been the one to stray, after all. She'd been the one who'd tried to hold their sex life to a higher moral standard. She'd been the one who'd kept Jack from enjoying any sexual pleasure during their marriage. When she'd knelt before him last night, she'd actually wanted him to punish her for not making her best effort to keep their marriage together. And for being so sanctimonious as to think that the problem was all his. Because, truth be told, part of her did feel liberated by some of the things Jack had made her do. It felt good to be bad. And now she had the perfect excuse to be bad...she was being forced into it. She wanted more of that nasty feeling.

Her gaze fell on the alarm clock. My god! Why hadn't the alarm gone off? She was already 15 minutes late in waking him up! He'd promised her that today would be a nasty one. Now that he was already running late, she knew that would be an understatement. Not wasting another moment, she slithered under the covers until she was positioned right between his legs. Taking his cock into her hands, she bent her lips to engulf the flaccid head, flicking her tongue over the mushroom cap. Paying special attention to the underside ridge, she used her fingers, teeth, lips, tongue and breath to recreate some of the blowjob tips he'd taught her the night before. In fact, her jaw still ached from that lesson, in which she'd sucked on him continuously for over an hour until he felt she was making progress. Fortunately, the night's rest had restored his sexual drive, and his cock sprang to life in no time.

She kept sucking at him diligently even when he pulled the sheets away, knowing that seeing her in this position would only turn him on more. But when he grabbed her hair in his hands and pulled her from her task, she knew that he'd caught sight of the time on the clock.

"I ask you to do just four things in the morning," he seethed at her, twisting her hair and pulling her even closer. "All you have to do is wake me up, bend over for your daily spanking, get my shower going and serve me breakfast," he said, twisting her hair for emphasis on each point. "But now, you haven't even done that. Now, I'm twenty minutes late." He jerked her head away. "I guess I haven't been strong enough in my teaching." He yanked her head close again. "So now I have to give up one of my four morning pleasures. It can't be my shower, since I smell like I've had my face inside your pussy all night. It can't be my breakfast, cuz that's the most important meal of the day. And you've already given me my blowjob, such as it was. So that leaves your spanking. But don't get any ideas. We're not skipping it. We're just postponing it awhile. And just so you know, you'll be getting twice what you would've. Now get your ass in gear and get my day going."

He released her with a wicked twist to her hair, which sent bolts of pain sparking through her head. Well, at least he wasn't going to punish her right away, though she expected that her butt would be glowing bright red before the evening was over. As she got his shaving supplies out and his shower going to the right temperature, she could hear him laying out her clothes for breakfast and the rest of the day. She expected something even sluttier than yesterday, if that was even possible. When she'd walked into the auto shop, she'd felt every man's eyes upon her. And why not? Her top had been so tight, the material had been stretched to the breaking point, pushing her breasts nearly up to her neck in the process. Plus, it had been sheer enough to see the dark outlines of her nipples. The final straw had been how quickly her nipples had hardened in response to their leering stares. Good thing they hadn't been able to see how wet her panties had gotten upon realizing that the hard nubs of her nipples were exposed for all to see.

As she left the bathroom Jack gave her bare butt a hard smack. Now that he could, he took advantage of almost every opportunity to touch or grope her body. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling, being so exposed, just another reminder of how she was in his control. She quickly pulled on the outfit he'd laid out for the morning, a pink, topless bustier with snaps at the crotch. She'd have to cook breakfast with all the shades drawn again, but she'd hardly opened them at all over the past few days.

Despite the fact that Jack was nearly back on schedule, he didn't allow her to eat any breakfast. Part of her punishment, he'd explained, with an added warning not to eat any after he left. Though her stomach was growling slightly, she didn't even think about disobeying him. In the last few days, he'd gotten some kind of ESP that let him know when she didn't follow his instructions. She'd just get a bigger lunch, if she could pack it in between her many errands. Instead of letting her eat breakfast, Jack positioned her under the breakfast table, where she passed the time licking and kissing his cock. She was getting to be very familiar with its taste and texture, and even began enjoying how it responded to her ministrations.

Before Jack left for the day, he gave her the outfit she'd have to wear: a lacy teddy and blue jeans. That was it! When she protested that she couldn't go out like that, he reminded her that she could and would go out naked if he ordered it. And then he took away her only avenue for escape, ordering her not to wear any coat, shirt or anything to cover the teddy. She could only hope that none of her friends would see her. With a final grope of her pussy and a kiss on the lips, he handed her the errand list for the day and swept out the door.

As Kelli read the list, she saw that Jack hadn't exaggerated. Today was going to be a mean-spirited and nasty day. First, she was to get on the Internet and download graphic pictures showing exactly what she and her lover had done together. Then she was to assemble them into a slideshow in exactly the order they'd done it, leaving a blank screen between sets to signify each new "date." Next he'd instructed her to visit the movie rental store and trade in last night's dirty movies for two new ones, this time all amateur action. She was then to visit an adult store and get "two dildos, one the same length as her lover's, and one three inches longer." She was to be home exactly at 2:00 to receive phone instructions from him. And of course she still had to shower, shave, make dinner and prepare herself to greet him when he arrived home after work.


Kelli sat down at the computer, hands trembling over the keyboard, eyes already beginning to well up. She'd been played for a fool. She knew that now. Sure, she'd been honored when Roger had asked her to help with the Youth Group at church. She hadn't even wondered why so many of the women quit so quickly while Roger continued to hold his post. Oh, she'd practically beamed every time he dropped a compliment on her, especially how her figure put the teen girls to shame. The talks about sex that had been disguised as ways to "help" their youthful wards. And, of course, there was the Youth Camp trip where she'd taken the final, tragic step.

To call it a camp was a misnomer. It was really a weekend retreat to a nearby convention hotel aimed at getting the kids away from their families and peers so they could better evaluate where their lives were headed. She and Roger had just finished the 10:00 curfew check when he suggested that they hit the hotel pool, which was reserved for adults. She slipped on the bikini she'd brought at Roger's suggestion, claiming it would help the kids identify better with her. The bottom wasn't terribly revealing, though the top did accentuate the fullness of her breasts.

After a bit of relaxing swimming and splashing, she started back to her room, only to discover that her room card had somehow disappeared. Like a knight springing to her rescue, Roger had suggested that they head up to his room where he could call hotel security and wait for a new card. The first thing Kelli noticed when they got there was how cold it was. Roger must've had the air conditioner set at sixty! Shivering in her wet suit, she'd been very grateful when Roger had offered her his terry robe. While he called security, she tried to make herself comfortable on the small sofa, tucking the robe under her so she wouldn't leave a wet mark on the fabric. Unfortunately, this left her without enough fabric to cover the rest of her body.

Roger returned to report that it would take some time for security to arrive, as they had a problem in another part of the hotel. In the meantime, would she care to help him celebrate their successful trip with a bottle of wine he'd brought along? Though Kelli didn't really want to drink, Roger forced her to have a glass out of politeness. Roger never let her plastic cup get empty as one drink turned to two, and then three, and then four. That's when the night had turned into a scene from a bad soap opera or a cheesy sitcom. Somehow he managed to pour wine all over her swimsuit, staining not only the top but the bottom. Profuse with apologies, he first made as if to wipe the wine away with a napkin, but then backed away. Why not take the suit into the bathroom and soak it in the sink? While she was running the water, he would call and see what was taking security so long.

When Kelli returned to the room Roger seemed to be animatedly discussing the room card situation on the phone. She took her seat back on the sofa, clutching the robe about her, though no matter how she pulled at it, it still seemed to leave some part of her anatomy exposed. This didn't bother her as much as normal, though. It barely even registered when Roger sat down right next to her. Security would be there as soon as possible, he told her, twisting in his seat so that his hand accidentally prodded her stomach. When she let out a giggle he turned back to her, gazing at her with amusement in his eyes. Oh, so we've got a ticklish one here, he teased, this time purposely fingering her stomach while she giggled uncontrollably. As she frantically tried to fend off his attacks, she didn't even notice that her robe had come undone, baring her entire body to him.

She'd finally tied up his hands with hers and was preparing to declare victory when he bent over and gave her a long, wet raspberry square on her bare stomach, which drove her into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. When he administered another in the general area of her ribcage, she desperately tried to twist away, whereupon she found his mouth in direct contact with her right nipple. As she gasped and tried to regain her composure, small jolts of pleasure shot through her body. She became abruptly aware of Roger's hands on her bare skin, his tongue rasping across her nipple, and the hardness barely concealed by his baggy swim trunks. When his mouth finally left her breasts and traveled upwards, her lips were parted and waiting for him. She welcomed his tongue into her mouth and sucked long and hard on it. Still gasping for breath from the tickling attack, she reveled in the feel of her nipples scraping across his chest, and the sensation of his strong fingers brushing against the outside of her slit. From there it was only a short trip to the bed, where, as he settled his weight onto her and she felt his hardness penetrate her, she could almost imagine that it was Jack who was making her this hot and wet. Almost.

If it had ended there, with Roger's balls tightening and his sperm shooting deep into her love canal, Kelli would never have told Jack about it. But the combination of pleasures, both alcoholic and tactile, had put her into a complacent stupor. So when Roger continued to caress her afterwards, when his lips once again sought hers, when his hands found the cleft between her buttocks, and he urgently placed kisses up and down her sweat-soaked body, she once again allowed him inside her. And they made long, slow, passionate love, until he left another stream of his seed deep within her.

They'd met again two weeks later, in the church's classrooms, where he offered his most profound apologies. He'd never done that before. It had been the wine talking. He hoped they could still be friends. After talking for hours, he'd offered her a friendship kiss. But when his lips "accidentally" brushed hers, she didn't pull away. And when his hand reached up her dress, pulled her panties aside, and knowingly petted her outer lips, she didn't protest. He took her brutally then, on the teacher's desk, her blouse pulled open, her breasts dangling out of her bra, not even removing her panties but just letting his hard member push them aside. He came inside her with a grunt and then left without a word.

She called him two days later to tell him this had to stop. She was married and so was he. But he was still one step ahead of her. Meet me, he threatened, or he would tell her husband and everyone at church about how she seduced him. How she came into his hotel room wearing nothing but a robe. How she seduced him with her luscious lips and bouncing breasts. Kelli knew his lies would find willing ears among certain women in the congregation. So she spread her legs for him six more times, balancing the indignity of it against the embarrassment he might cause. But when he announced his intention to spend another weekend with her at the upcoming Youth Camp, she'd somehow found the courage to confess to Jack. And relieved of that stress, had discovered just how thoroughly Roger had manipulated her through her fears.

Kelli placed the final picture into the slide show...a close-up photo of a woman's pussy all covered in cum. In their last two visits, Roger had taken to ejaculating outside her vagina, as if to mark his newly conquered territory. But now, that territory and everything around it once again belonged to Jack, and she was determined to let him do anything he wanted with it.


Kelli knelt before her husband with tears streaming down her cheeks as she finished telling the story of her betrayal. Not the whole story, though. She'd glossed over some of the details, and completely omitted a few others. Even given that censoring, she dared not look up at him, afraid to see the depth of the rage he must be feeling. Instead she stared at his shoes, though they gave her no clues as to the state of his emotions. He would punish her. Of that she was sure. It was the "how" and the "how long" that made her tremble in fear...and desire. While she could scarcely believe it, the thought of being punished was starting to turn her on. Just as she started to explore the feeling,Jack grabbed her hair and pushed her face into the carpeting, leaving her ass canted upward and her pussy exposed.

Whack! His hand soundly smacked her bare skin, the force of it pushing her lips against the rough carpet fibers. Whack! She shuddered from the blow as he put the full force of his muscles into his swing. Whack! The pain erupted between her legs where his flat palm stung her sensitive pussy lips. Whack! His cupped hand struck the meaty part of her ass, the heat of it singeing her skin. On and on it went, Jack tanning her hide with a vengeance, showing not a single bit of mercy, until the two were left streaked with moisture -- he with sweat, she with tears.

"That's for this morning," he panted. "Now, let's get downstairs and we'll get on with the real punishment for your affair."The real punishment??? After turning her bottom a blistering red, what more could there be?

In the basement, Jack unlocked the door to the storage room and pushed her inside. After looking around, a single word came to mind: dungeon. Jack had removed the paneling from one wall, and had installed all manner of hooks, ropes and chains to the exposed frame. A number of large iron hooks had also been installed in the ceiling timbers, and he'd stripped the carpeting off the floor, leaving bare cement. Many of the dildos and other sex implements she'd bought over the last few days were on display in the bookshelf. And over in the corner lay a bare mattress, hardly large enough for two bodies. Finally, on the back of the door he'd hung a full-length mirror.

"You'll be getting very familiar with this place," he grinned at her. "After all, a slut like you deserves punishment, doesn't she?"

"Yes, sir. I deserve punishment," she agreed, careful not to forget his title. Her butt was still buzzing from the latest spanking, and she had no desire to add some extra swats to her next one.

At his instruction, she stood next to the framework as he tied her wrists to the hooks above her head, and attached ropes to her ankles. Stringing the ropes through hooks set off to each side, he only had to tug on each rope to pull her legs apart. Worst of all, she realized that if he pulled too hard, she wouldn't be able to support herself on her feet and she'd be dangling naked and helpless from the hooks above.

After checking to see that she was properly secured, Jack gathered a few items from the table and brandished them in front of her.

"We're gonna take your punishment in small steps, though after that story you told me, I've half a mind to tan your hide but good. But, lucky for you, I've been thinking about this for some time, and there's a bunch of things I've been dying to try. Besides, I've seen your reaction when I've sometimes gotten too rough. I think you like the rough stuff more than you want to admit."

It was true, Kelli admitted to herself. Sometimes, when Jack would be sucking on her nipples and his teeth dug in too hard, she'd feel quite a bit of pleasure mixed in with the pain. Or if he dug his fingers into her butt or breasts, she'd be surprised to find herself liking it more than hating it. Of course, such realizations of pleasure had always been followed by an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame. It had been that church upbringing again. But, she reminded herself, that had been the old Kelli. The new one was willing to support whatever Jack wanted to do to her.

Taking the first item in his hand, which Kelli recognized as a flog, he began to lightly stroke her skin. Kelli forced herself to concentrate on the sensations against her skin, trying to shut out the intensity in his eyes. That kind of passion scare her, especially since it had to do with something that her mind, if not her heart, considered to be sinful. The many slips of leather slid smoothly along her, feeling soft and supple. Occasionally he would flick the tassles more firmly against her, but for no he seemed content to simply take her measure.

As his caresses continued, she closed her eyes and let her chin drop to her chest. So she was completely unprepared when the first hard slap of the flogger struck directly between her legs, the leather stinging sharply as it snapped against her sensitive pussy lips. She opened her eyes again to see the next stroke traveling inexorably upward, and though she strained to close her legs the ropes held them firmly open. If anything, the second stroke was more painful than the first, now that she knew it was coming. Jack punished her ten more times like that, transforming her pale crotch into a gleaming red patch. Then he turned his attention to her breasts, not so much swinging the flogger down on them as snapping the tips of the tassles against her, so each stroke felt like a dozen bee stings. Throughout it all he remained grim-lipped and methodical, as focused on it as he'd be when completing a particularly complex home improvement project. The only thing that belied his lack of pleasure was the outline of his cock against his jeans, which revealed that he was fully erect and ready to fuck.

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