tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 06

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 06


Day Six – Servitude

It was surreal. Surreal and mortifying. That was the only way to describe the morning's activities, Kelli decided. Oh, the day had started out quite well. She'd been especially attentive during Jack's morning blow job, rubbing her tits across his body even as she brought him up to full erection. She'd reacted appropriately chastened when he spanked her pussy and tits with the riding crop, accepting the punishment she deserved as an adulterous wife. She'd served him a healthy breakfast of pancakes and fruit, and spread her legs wide when he poured syrup all over her pussy lips and proceeded to lick it off. And when he'd revealed that they'd be going out of town for the weekend, she'd only flinched a bit. But it had been enough for him to notice.

"You have a problem with my plans?" he'd demanded, standing over her in the shower.

"No. No, sir. No problem. It's just that, well, it's my father's birthday today, and he was expecting to see us."

"Yes, I think it's important for him to see what kind of woman his little girl has turned into," Jack had replied with a grin. "After you get us packed, we'll stop by their place and then head out."

Packing proved to be quite easy, as Jack's clothes fit into the overnighter, while her lingerie and other skimpy outfits easily fit into a single pocket. More ominous was the fact that he had her pack almost all of the sex toys she'd bought over the last five days, including some that she'd thought were just a scare tactic. With everything stowed in the car, they'd returned to the bedroom to select her outfit for the day. Surprisingly, Jack had passed over her box of slut clothes and headed to the regular closet, which she hadn't entered since the whole ordeal had begun.

"Here, put this on," he'd ordered, handing her a knee-length blue and white sundress. Held on with thin straps, and cut square in the front to reveal just a hint of cleavage, it was the perfect dress for a summer picnic. Perfectly innocent. But when she'd reached for a bra to wear under it, he'd pushed her hand away. "No, just the dress. No bra. No panties. You may be Daddy's little girl on top. But underneath you're still my slut. You'll need to remember that." She knew better than to argue.

On the drive to her parent's house, she'd begun to sweat in apprehension. They'd be able to tell that she was naked, she'd been sure of it. They wouldn't be able to see the dark patch between her legs; Jack had made her shave it pencil thin that morning. But she'd have to stay away from any windows; the material was thin enough that they'd be able to discern her outline. And they might notice the unfettered bounce of her tits. Or the distended mounds of her pussy lips! That was another thing. Did she smell like sex? Or was that just left over from the previous night's fuck in the back seat? Would her parents realize that the pungent odor was coming from their daughter's hot, wet slit? One thing was for sure, she'd have to make sure she didn't get turned on in front of them. Whether by luck or design, the seams in the bodice fell far enough away that any time her nipples hardened, any observer would be sure to notice. In fact, even as she'd thought that, she'd looked down to see the hard nubs poking up below the fabric.

Once they were there, Jack had been remarkably well-behaved. She'd been afraid that he'd make jokes the whole time, dropping lewd comments for her parents to hear. But instead he'd just tormented her when her parents were out of the room. Such as when her father had shouted from the kitchen that he had a bottle of non-alcoholic wine that he "hoped they'd know what to do with," and Jack had answered that he "knew the best way to use it," while adding sotto voice to her, "in your cunt." That comment had caused her to blush in fear that someone had heard it, but her parents were blissfully unaware. Even when she'd made the mistake of opening the freezer to get some ice and the cold air had hardened her nipples, nobody had seemed to notice except Jack, who'd grinned the devilish grin he wore so frequently these days. In fact, the way she'd primly sat on the couch to avoid revealing her bare crotch, and carefully bent over to avoid her tits spilling out had probably been noted approvingly by her mother as a way to act more ladylike.

In fact, she would've counted the morning as a relative success if her father hadn't corralled Jack into helping him repair a window in their bedroom. After looking over the problem, they'd determined that Jack would take care of things inside the bedroom, while her father would climb the ladder on the outside, with her mother steadying the ladder. As soon as they heard the back door slam, though, Jack had ordered her to lay on her parents bed and bunch the dress up over her tits. "Now lay there and play with yourself, in your parents bed, until I tell you to stop," he'd ordered her, motioning at her to spread her pussy lips and tweak her tits. "I sure hope that ladder isn't long enough for him to see in here," he'd cruelly added, giving her something more to worry about. And every so often, as they worked at the problem, he'd make a leading comment that filled her with apprehension, like, "Oh, I can't see your mom. Maybe she's on her way up here."

Then, when the window was repaired, he'd left her on the bed even though they could both hear her parents moving about the house. Only when they heard footsteps coming up the stairs did Jack release her, giving her just enough time to pull her dress down and straighten the bedspread before her father strode into the room. Thankfully, he'd seemed blissfully unaware that anything unusual had happened. In fact, the only dangerous comment she'd heard all morning was when her mother mentioned how flushed Kelli looked. She didn't even need to look to see that Jack was probably struggling to suppress a snicker. Yes, surreal was the best way to describe the morning.

Just as strange was the drive up to the cottage. While they drove along, Jack questioned her for three hours about her affair with Roger. Asking the most explicit questions, she was forced to tell him everything about the affair. And since she couldn't remember what she'd edited out from her last confession, she had to tell him the full truth, though she knew that some of the details wouldn't match. Worse, Jack seemed obsessed with knowing the most intimate aspects of the affair. So she had to describe Roger's cock, how it tasted in her mouth, how it felt in her cunt, how she held it, how she milked it, everything. He asked her how Roger reacted to her body, how it felt to have another man sucking her tits, how his tongue felt in her pussy, everything. He had her run through every encounter, every time they talked, every time they fucked. By the end of the inquisition, Kelli felt as drained and exhausted as if she'd relived every incident.

Approaching the cabin on a two-track path through the woods, Kelli realized how truly isolated they'd be. The last mailbox they'd passed was nearly a mile behind them. With nothing but hills and forest around them, they probably wouldn't see another human being all weekend. She couldn't help but wonder how the isolation fit into Jack's plans. It certainly didn't bode well for her.

The cabin proved to be roomier and more modern than she'd expected, with a combination living room, dining room and kitchen, plus a generous master bedroom, a smaller guest bedroom, and a bathroom with a regular-sized shower. The deck, though, was clearly the drawing point, extending the length of the front and providing a stunning view over the tree-studded valley. For some reason, though, she didn't think that Jack had brought her up here to enjoy the view.

That became more than apparent after she'd lugged all the luggage into the cabin, unpacked everything, and arranged all the sex toys in the spare bedroom. Motioning her to join him out on the deck, he addressed her, "As you can see, we're well away from anything you might call civilization. That's good, because for the next couple days we're going to act as uncivilized as possible. I've got lots of plans for you, and by the time we're done I think all thoughts of Roger are going to be wiped from your mind. So, let's get started," he said, sitting down on the patio chair and beckoning her to stand before him. "Take off that dress. I want to take a closer look at you, my little slut."

Standing before him without a stitch of clothing on, Kelli felt as if there were a thousand eyes on her. The thought sent a chill through her, and caused the hair on the back of her neck to prick up. This was worse, much worse, than running through the parking lot had been. Then she'd been hyped up on adrenaline. Here she was totally defenseless, despite the fact that her rational mind knew there was no one else around for miles. As though recognizing her discomfort, Jack took his time examining her body, making her stand, stretch, bend over and twist so that he could see every intimate curve and crevice. Finally satisfied, he placed her in a submissive kneeling position, and guided her hands to his already stiffening cock. In no time she had it out of his jeans and was vigorously sucking him, her slurping and his moans the only sounds to break the forest's silence.

He stopped her short of cumming, and instead opted to lean back and simply watch as his erect cock slowly lost its stiffness, finally settling back against his body. Roughly grabbing her hair, he forced himself back into her mouth, making her get him hard again before yanking her head away. They repeated the cycle several times, until Kelli thought her jaw might drop off from the effort. Finally he had her just hold his cock in her mouth, unmoving, until it again dropped back to its normal size. Evidently satisfied, he pushed her away and headed into the cabin, leaving her kneeling on the deck wearing nothing but the sweat between her breasts.

He's leading up to something, Kelli thought, carefully keeping her back straight and her hands behind her back. But after a long time, Jack still hadn't returned to get her, and Kelli became painfully aware of the wooden deck slats that were beginning to gouge her knees and legs. As the shadows crossed the deck, Kelli began to notice many other details of her situation. The wind, for instance, had picked up a little and was now tickling her pussy lips as it skimmed between her legs. Though there were no mosquitoes, there were plenty of other flying insects who seemed to regard her as a harmless landing pad. And though she didn't feel particularly turned on, something about her situation had caused her body to react that way, as her nipples were hard and aching, and she could feel her juices beginning to seep out of her pussy.

She'd just begun to ask herself whether Jack really wanted her out here when he returned to the deck holding some clothing she'd never seen before. Made of soft, black leather, it most resembled a thong bikini bottom. But as Jack strapped it on her body, Kelli was startled to find that someone had sewn a plastic egg-shaped device into the lining, and that device fit snugly into the folds of her pussy. Working wordlessly, Jack then had her sit on a nearby deck chair, and he tightly bound her ankles, legs, arms and torso to the chair, leaving her virtually immobile. Coming around to face her, Jack then pulled out a thumb-thick dildo from the bag at his feet, coated it with a greasy white lube, and disappeared behind her. Though she'd been braced for something unusual, Kelli still squirmed with discomfort when she felt Jack's fingers probe her ass cheeks. Her discomfort turned to horror as she felt the tip and then the shaft of the dildo penetrate not her pussy but her ass, eliciting a gasp from her and a chuckle from Jack.

As she struggled unsuccessfully to squirm away from the invading spear, Jack again appeared before her, this time bending to set up a tripod and attach a video camera on top. He intended to film her doing...whatever it was he was doing to her! After assuring that she was properly framed, he pulled from the bag a black box with a line of buttons on it. As he dramatically pressed the bottom button, Kelli was surprised to discover that the egg between her legs was buzzing insistently, sending pleasant sensations deep into her groin. After checking to see that the device was firmly strapped to her hips, and that there was no slack in her bonds, Jack gave her a gentle caress across her bare breasts before turning and walking off into the woods. The egg continued to buzz between her legs.

She had no way of knowing how long she'd been sitting there before the first orgasm swept through her. Only that it had come pretty quickly, boiling up from between her legs like a hot, liquid volcano. Involuntarily she strained against the ropes, as though trying to thrust her hips hard against her unseen suitor. Frustrated by the ropes holding her to the chair, her pleasure took the form of labored gasps and moans which quickly escalated to a fervent cry as her pussy spasmed and her muscles locked, signaling the crescendo of her pleasure. Slowly, slowly, she began to relax, somewhat mortified to realize that the camera had captured her struggles and cries. And the egg continued to buzz.

A minute later Jack appeared from the forest, a smirk on his face. "Geez, Kelli, is everything all right? I heard you yell clear over in the next valley," he mocked her, while checking to see that the bonds hadn't loosened. As he bent beneath her, Kelli smiled as she felt the dildo being removed from her ass, only to let out a gasp as another, larger one slid up in its place. With a smirky "Enjoy yourself!" she watched Jack disappear back into the forest. The egg continued to buzz against her.

The next orgasm was harder in coming. The egg, though nestled between her pussy lips, was nowhere near her clit, where she really needed the stimulation. As a result, the sensations between her legs had plateaued at a point that was maddeningly just below the point she needed for release. And no matter how she twisted or positioned her body, she just couldn't coax the little egg to touch her magic button. She could feel her nerves tingling in every part of her body. She felt hot, flushed, full of energy but with no outlet for it. She tried again to squeeze her legs together, but Jack had not only tied her thighs to the bottom of the chair, but to the sides as well. Squeezing her cunt muscles had no effect either. It was as though her sweat and juices had provided a vacuum seal to keep the egg in place, not allowing a single bit of movement up or down. Her whole body was covered in a sheen of sweat, and she could easily detect the smell of her own juices as they mixed with the sweat. The shaft inside her ass had ceased to be a problem, and only by clenching the muscles back there could she even detect the thick member inside her. No, it was the egg that obsessed her. The egg and its incessant buzzing.

Desperate for release, Kelli closed her eyes and tried to recall the way Jack's cock had felt inside her, hoping to push herself over the edge through will alone. She remembered the brutish ways he'd fucked her, taking her like a soldier might rape a conquered enemy. She remembered the violent spankings, and how he'd probed her cunt after every round, as though testing to see if the heat of her ass had spread inside her pussy. She remembered his savage assault on her tits, the feel of her nipples painfully stretching and reaching their limit. She remembered the humiliation of running naked through the church parking lot, and the fear of getting caught while being fucked in that very same lot. She imagined how she must look right now, tied naked to a chair, a dildo hanging from her ass, panting and straining like a wild animal in heat. And she imagined Jack standing before her, his cock giant and throbbing, and her lying on the deck, legs spread, begging for him to spear her, split her, thrash her with his powerful rod. She imagined her words, not caring as they spilled incoherently from her lips, "Take me. Fuck me. Use me. Push me. Pull me. Fill me. Whip me. Spank me. I'm your slut slave. Your slut, your slut, your slut! Fuck my mouth. Fuck my ass. Fuck my cunt. Just fuck me!"

With that a wave of heat, light and pleasure crashed over her, causing her to tremble violently as her mouth continued to spew out her feelings, "Oh, god, god, god! Aaaaaah! Yes! God! Yes, fuck me! Yes, fuck me, you big fucker! God, yes, I want your cock! Oh, please, I want your cock!" Only after she had calmed down did she realize how much she had taken the Lord's name in vain. And on camera, no less! But she could only give it a moment's notice because the egg continued to buzz.

This time's Jack's visit was brief and silent. Kelli's eyes widened in despair as he showed her the size of the dildo he'd be inserting into her ass this time; it was thicker than Jack's whole cock! Having braced herself for the invasion, she was surprised to feel how smoothly it slid in. Evidently her repeated orgasms had loosened all her muscles. After checking her bindings for looseness, Jack changed the routine slightly, this time pulling the black box from his pocket and pushing the next button. Immediately she felt the egg begin buzzing faster, but unfortunately not any harder. As Jack headed back into the woods, the egg continued to buzz.

Kelli never knew pleasure could be so torturous. Though her cunt burned with the need to cum, she couldn't find release no matter what she tried. Her visualization just wasn't enough, not even when she imagined Jack fucking her up the ass with his hard, hot cock. She could feel the layers of sweat drying on her skin, her hair plastered to her back, her skin flushed and her eyes wild with desire. Her nipples had been hard for who knew how long, and literally demanded attention. Her breath came in ragged gasps, and she'd found herself sobbing at how desperately she needed release. No amount of twisting would bring the egg in contact with her clit. For a time she'd almost thought she'd found the secret, pushing down with her toes to raise the front of the chair off the ground. But while it had shifted the egg slightly, it wouldn't move enough to bring the blessed contact.

Kelli glared hatefully at the dark eye of the camera, seeing a warped image of her naked body reflected in the glass. If Jack had been behind the camera, she could at least beg him for release. She would, she realized, do anything to cum, or at least to end the buzzing between her legs. Anything. She thought of the images she'd encountered the last few days on the internet. Yes, she'd even do some of those, though most disgusted and sickened her. She closed her eyes and imagine d herself kneeling at Jack's feet, with him peeing on her face and body. Yes, she'd do that. She imagined herself with a man's cock in her ass, one in her cunt, and sucking Jack off as he looked down at his whore wife. Yes, she'd do that. She imagined herself strapped to a rack while half-naked men and women whipped her skin with crops and flogs. She imagined herself kneeling to lick Jack's cum out of the topless dancer's snatch, and spreading her own legs while the woman's tongue probed her pussy. She would masturbate with a coke bottle. She would beg to have her tits put in a press. She would suck a stranger in a restroom. Let a trucker watch her pee. Be a sex slave to a black rapper. Anything. Anything at all, if only she could cum. But even these images didn't set her off. Not caring who might hear, Kelli screamed in anguish.

"Something wrong?" Her eyes snapped open to find Jack standing before her, clad only in a tight pair of briefs, the outline of his hard cock ballooning under the cloth. A wave of relief washed through her. She'd never been so happy to see him. He could put an end to her torture with just one thrust of his beautiful dick. Just one thrust.

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