tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 09

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 09


Day Nine – Realization

Had he blown it? By admitting that he loved her, had he blown his control over her? Jack dropped the sheaf of papers onto his desk in disgust. The question had been nagging at him all morning. He'd said those three magic words the day before in a moment of weakness, at a time when he felt warm and secure and loved. Yet it was the truth. He did love Kelli again. He loved her for all the reasons he'd loved her before her affair. And he loved how she was putting her all into pleasing him now, the way she was working to save their marriage, the way she went along with all of his whims, no matter how shocking or depraved. She'd given him barely a hint of reproach at his methods; an amazing feat considering how straitlaced she'd been for so long. For someone to change so much, so quickly, you just had to love that.

He loved her again, but he hadn't said he'd forgiven her yet. She'd be wanting and waiting for that. Yet, over the weekend he'd realized that he wouldn't be able to forgive her in just two weeks. Forgiveness would be a longer time coming. But he didn't want her to know that. He still had fantasies he wanted to fulfill, and she had to believe that the possibility of forgiveness was still there, or else she'd call a halt to the whole thing. She still needed an incentive to participate. Especially with the stuff he had planned.

He knew he was being an asshole. But she had been an asshole to him, having an affair with that prick. He could, at least, begin to rationalize it that way. At least for a few more days, until he'd explored all his fantasies and their two-week experiment was over.

But had his declaration of love given her the impression that he would be softer with her? It might, he admitted, given his performance that morning. The morning had started as usual, with her awakening him with a soft and tender blow job. After she started his shower, washed him down, dried him and attended to getting him dressed, they'd adjourned down to the kitchen for his morning coffee. Rather than tromp back upstairs for her daily spanking, he'd sent her into the living room to await his arrival. But when he entered the room, he paused at the sight before him. Kelli crouched on hands and knees on the ottoman, completely naked, her ass pointing directly at him. Where he normally would walk in and proceed to pinken her pale ass, this time he just admired the round firmness of her ass cheeks, the dark promise of her crack, and the delicate seductiveness of her pussy lips, the twin mounds just begging to be parted. He'd wondered whether Western Civilization's emphasis on missionary fucking was a real mistake. To him, nothing was more appealing and enticing than a full set of pussy lips beneath a nice, taut ass. It was raw animal appeal mixed with simple, open submission.

Which might explain why, instead of spanking her, he approached from behind, knelt down, and stuck his tongue as deeply into her pussy as he could, eating her out with the passion of a starving man. He licked the outside, probed the inside, and left a trail of spit and juices to run freely down her legs. He was strangely excited by the limited access the position afforded him. While he couldn't quite reach her clit, it was fun to cram his tongue deep into her. And whenever he grew bored with that, he only had to touch his tongue to the tight rose of her asshole to make her squirm with pleasure. He'd stopped before bringing her to a powerful orgasm, though he was sure that she'd had several minor ones along the way. But the tenderness and gratification that she'd experienced might have given her the wrong impression: that he was getting softer. And that, most definitely, was not the case.

He had to know if she was still giving her all, still following his instructions to the letter. He'd given her a long list of things to do that day to prepare for the evening's entertainment. Fortunately he'd set up a way to check on her progress.

After making sure that his office door was locked, he went to his computer and logged on to his secret video account. Connected to the camera he'd left running at home, this gave him a real time view of everything that went on in the living room area. By the schedule he'd given her, she should be vacuuming and dusting that room right about now. It took only a few moments for the screen to flicker to life as he sighed with relief. He had guessed right that she'd be in the room at that time. Most importantly, she was still following his instructions even though he wasn't there to check on her. Jack watched as she bustled about the room, carefully dusting every surface. Bare breasted, and wearing only black garters, stockings and high heels, she looked every inch like a slut maid from a porno movie. He inspected her naked ass as she bent over to straighten something, staring straight into the wet pussy he had so recently ravished. He watched her tits jiggle as she walked around the room, and felt his cock begin to harden as she stretched up to clean the bookshelves. When she finally disappeared from view, he had to fight the urge to call and order her to perform for him in front of the camera. Then she'd know for sure that he was spying on her. And besides, she had a lot of errands to run before they met again that evening.

Jack looked up with a smile as his wife entered his office. Once again she'd followed his instructions to the letter. She looked every bit the corporate professional that he'd hoped she would. Her navy blue business suit fit perfectly, from the padded shoulders to the tapered waistline, and right on down to the matching but demure skirt. Yet she'd avoided the frigid bitch look, thanks to a feminine blouse, tastefully patterned stockings and high heels. Attractive yet professional. Perfect.

"Ah, Miss Smith. Come on in. And make sure you lock the door behind you. We don't want anyone to interrupt this interview, now do we?" he greeted her, smiling his best business smile. Of course, he had reason to smile. He was living out one of his favorite fantasies, with a willing accomplice, and without any fear of being slapped with harassment charges. In fact, fucking a career woman had become almost an obsession with him, ever since he'd been approached by one of the Vice Presidents at his firm. He still castigated himself for turning down her advances, especially since discovering his wife's own infidelities. He'd look like a fool going back to that particular woman and trying to initiate something. So he had to settle for the next best thing.

"I've been looking for a good personal assistant for some time," he began, sliding behind his desk. "I'll explain what your duties would be in a few moments. But first, let's take a look at your resume."

Earlier that day, he'd asked her to prepare a fake resume, suitable for a woman sleeping her way to the top. "Let's see. Objective: 'To learn as much as possible while underneath an up and coming executive.' Very clever. And experience? 'You've worked your way up from the bottom?' 'Opened yourself to new experiences?' And 'given your all to the company, day and night.' Very impressive credentials, Miss Smith. So far, your qualifications seem to fit with what I'm looking for in a personal assistant. Of course," he said, pointedly eyeing her breasts, "It's your performance that makes all the difference."

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes to work for you," she replied with a shy smile, taking his lead and running with it. "I know that in the business world, it's eat or be eaten."

Clever. For some reason, this assignment had really turned on Kelli's creative juices. He wouldn't be getting such banter in the real world with any of the women he worked with. So what if he already knew what lay under those conservative clothes? It was the conquest that counted.

"I'm sure all your office skills are OK," he said, gesturing at her resume. "But what sets a good employee apart from the rest is her ability to think of better ways to get things done. For instance, I get very bored looking at the same décor every day. What would you be able to do about that?"

"Well, I do have a few things that might be a little more interesting to look at," she said coyly, flipping up her skirt to reveal the black garters and snaps holding up her stockings. "And if I were to get the job, I'm sure I could expand my collection."

Jack paused to admire the soft silk of her panties disappearing between her legs, the fabric taut enough to reveal just a hint of the mounds below. The garters framed her nether region perfectly, her pale skin contrasting with the black lace in a way that made his heart pound. She was like a stranger at this moment. A stranger he wanted peel and expose before his inquisitive eyes.

"A man in my position can get awfully stressed out during the day, though. What would you do about that?" He swung his chair away from the desk, turning to face her as she slowly moved out of the chair and onto her knees before him.

Smiling sweetly up at him, she dexterously undid his belt and pants, pulling his semi-hard cock through the opening in his boxers. "I believe in giving the need to relax more than just lip service," she breathed, bending to encompass his dick in her mouth. Jack could scarcely take his eyes from her, even though every molecule in his being wanted to stretch and squirm like a cat getting ready for a nap. As her lips passed from the purple head, to the wet shaft, to his steaming balls, he felt as though molten steel was dripping along his rod, transferred there with feathery touch. When her mouth finally enveloped his cock again, he pressed his now hard member deep into her gullet, needing to fuck her mouth as a savage counterpoint to the soft way she'd teased him. He quickly halted, though, when he looked down at her to see her breasts still held firm by her bra, and her pussy still encased by the silk. He had so much yet to explore and to do!

"Sometimes we have to work through lunch. Do you have any problems with that?" he asked her leadingly.

"No Sir!" she replied enthusiastically, hopping up from the floor to sit on the edge of his desk. As he spun his chair to face her, she pressed her high heels against the arms of the chair, stopping its progress and essentially caging him in. Pulling her skirt up, she wisecracked, "As you can see, I carry a little tuna with me everywhere I go, which you're free to snack on." Tuna! Jack chuckled aloud. She'd definitely pulled that term from the Net; he didn't ever remember using it around her. Mostly because her pussy very rarely smelled that way.

Jack pushed his fingers inside her panties to find her cunt lips full and her slit juicy. He was just about to push the fabric aside when he noticed two ties at Kelli's hips. Clever girl. She'd put her garters on over her panties, but had still made it possible for him to remove her panties with the least bit of trouble. With that slip of fabric fluttering to the floor, he stared at the folds of flesh which held so much sway over him and other men. As he gently pressed his fingers on the inside of her legs, he noted how instinctively her cunt began to open, anticipating, no doubt, the intrusion of something between those quivering folds. Using his thumb and forefinger, he pried open the top of her cunt, uncovering the pink pearl of her clit. Thumbing it gently, he smiled as she humped and thumped atop his desk, her ass cheeks sliding this way and that.

Finally tired of teasing her, Jack bent forward and slammed his tongue deep into her gash, thrilled to find her steaming hot and flooded with juices. He lapped at her as a dog might lick water from a bowl, not caring how harshly his tongue or teeth might rasp against her sensitive flesh. In no time the top of his desk was streaked with sweat, spit and her fluids, and she was clenching her jaws to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

Finally he sat back and let her legs dangle off the edge of the desk, her skirt still crudely wedged up beneath her. "That's not bad for lunch. But what if all I need is a snack?" he asked, challenging her to come up with something clever.

Discarding her coat and her blouse, she pulled her arms from her bra straps and unceremoniously pulled the cups down, revealing her firm and succulent breasts. "I've got a couple of jugs here that are sure to wet your whistle," she quipped with a gleam in her eye.

Jugs! This time he laughed out loud. His sweet wife Kelli was starting to sound like a sailor!

Fortunately, she didn't look like a sailor. And with her full tits and open pussy staring him in the face, the hard throbbing of his cock prodded him into action. After kicking off his clothes, and instructing her to do the same, he pushed her back on the desktop, her legs up and spread wide for him. Pausing for just a moment, he used the tip of his cock to lightly tease the outer lips of her pussy, pushing the wet, pliable skin this way and that as his wife moaned and bucked against the desk. Finally tiring of his game, he pushed his way smoothly inside her, relishing the feel of her dripping box against his taut dick. After a few soft strokes he found himself urgently slamming down into her, their mounds slapping together as loudly and forcefully as if he were spanking her for a particularly vital transgression. As the blood pounded in his forehead, he felt almost desperate to give her a good, brutal fucking. To remind her who he was. To punish her for his missed opportunity with that co-worker. And to burn into his memory the fantasy of fucking at the office.

He didn't slacken his pace in the least as he felt the first spurt of cum explode from his cockhead. With blast after blast he coated the inside of her cunt, until his white, creamy spunk was literally being suctioned out of her quivering hole. Pulling out with an audible pop, he coaxed her into a sitting position, so that her abdomen helped to squeeze some of the sticky mess out of her body. He kept her like that for almost a minute, the both of them watching his sperm slowly dripping from her slit and pooling on his desk. The stain would be impossible to remove. Or to forget.

"I think you have the job, Miss Jones," he said, smiling as he regarded her well-ravaged body. "I think you're going to be a perfect fit."

After this loving interlude, to be dominatingly continued...

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