tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 10

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 10


Day Ten -- Provocations

Kelli didn't even bother to stifle her yawn, letting it roll out of her in a single, mouth-stretching moment. "That's not very ladylike," she could imagine her mother admonishing her. But she didn't feel very ladylike, to tell the truth, looking down at her dirty, sweat-stained, red-marked and naked body. She'd challenge anyone to look and feel ladylike after going through what she had in the last few hours.

She'd gone to bed last night feeling quite pleased with herself. Jack's role-playing sex game had been a complete success. Not only that, but it had brought out a part of her that she hadn't known existed. She liked acting like someone else. She could be creative and please Jack at the same time. And it was empowering, too. By pretending to be a fuck slut secretary, she'd fulfilled Jack's fantasy, something he couldn't do without her. She'd gone to bed giddy with excitement, certain that she'd turned a corner on her path to redemption.

Then suddenly, her joy had turned into fear and confusion. At four in the morning, Jack had wakened her from a sound sleep by ripping the bedcovers away and switching on all the bedroom lights, leaving her naked and exposed in the harsh glare. With a wicked look on his face, he ordered her into all kinds of humiliating positions, while he took pictures of her with a camera on a tripod. While she'd become used to posing for him, he'd never before asked her to be so graphic for him. Not only did she have to spread her legs, but she had to pull her pussy lips apart so he could shoot the hollow inside. At his command, she pried open her ass cheeks, twisted her own nipples, sucked on her toes, and jammed her whole hand into her cunt, with the flash from the camera illuminating every act.

Then, abandoning the camera, he led her to the bathroom, where he proceeded to pull out his dick and pee into the toilet. Although she tried to avert her gaze, he demanded that she watch. Equally fascinated and disgusted, she watched as the thin yellow stream unerringly arched from the tip of his cock, over the rim, and into the bowl, landing with a steady splash. She'd heard it every morning of their married lives, of course, but had never seen it, nor wanted to. Unconsciously licking her lips, all she could think of was that the dick she'd sucked so much cum out of lately was the same one that held his pee. That meant...well, she'd shivered at that thought. But that hadn't been the worst of it.

"It's your turn," Jack had ordered, pulling the seat down and flushing the toilet. Her turn??? "I'm not doing it here with you. I won't," she'd said, the words coming from her mouth before she could stop them. Even as she said it, the mischievous look on Jack's face changed, turning into a hard, cold, mirthless mask. "Jack, I, I..." she stammered, not sure how to make it better, or even if she could.

"We'll see what you will or will not do," he hissed, taking her by the forearm and leading her downstairs. In the kitchen, he grabbed a large bottle of water from the refrigerator and shoved it at her. "Drink this, all of it, and don't stop until it's gone."

She'd drunk the whole liter-and-a-half down, her lips never leaving the neck, stopping for breath only when she had to. Anything to assuage the cold look in his eyes. But her new-found submissiveness was only lost on him as he ordered her to her hands and knees on the kitchen floor. As he rummaged through the drawers, she steeled herself for the worst, but was still unprepared when the first smack of the rubber spatula stung her ass. As always, she concentrated on counting. To miscount now would undoubtedly double her punishment. And counting took her mind off the pain.

The fact that Jack ceased at number twenty-seven made Kelli even more fearful. For the first time, she was being spanked for a real reason, not just some imagined or exaggerated slight. Obviously he had some other punishment in mind.

With a cruel yank on her hair he pulled her from the floor and then down the basement steps. Bending her backwards over a table, he lashed her ankles and wrists to the table legs, leaving the whole front of her body stretched taut and easy prey for his sadistic whims. Starting with her breasts, he carefully applied clothespin after clothespin to her sensitive flesh, before topping off the whole creation with a couple of clamps which he cruelly tightened onto her hard nipples. After gathering her hair into a ponytail, he looped a rope through and pulled it taut, so her head and neck were stretched into an upright position. Then he rolled a mirror over so she'd be forced to watch as he went to work on her nether regions.

First he teased her by pretending to attach a mousetrap to her pussy lips. Given that alternative, when he finally applied a clothespin, she'd almost sighed with relief. Surprisingly, she felt almost no pain; the anticipation of the pain was worse than what she actually experienced. What was intense was his tweezer torture. Though she'd shaved her pussy just two days ago, her fine, blond pubic hairs were already long enough for him to pull out. Grasping one after the other, he spent many minutes clearing an area around her slit, sometimes quickly plucking the hair out, and sometimes pulling it torturously slowly, causing her to writhe and pant with pain. She tried to close her eyes to it all, but soon noticed that the more she shut her eyes, the more painfully he plucked her pubes. So finally she forced herself to watch, though she still whimpered every time the tweezers descended. By the time he put aside the tweezers, the skin around her pussy was bright red and inflamed, stinging as though she'd been attacked by a thousand angry bees. But the pain quickly turned into a scorching pleasure as he bent and licked every inch between her legs, soothing the pain and sending a flurry of minor orgasms trembling through her body.

Just as she began to relax against the table, he shifted gears again. After removing most of the clothespins, he looped rope around and around her torso, effectively clamping her breasts between the strands. Two more loops ran between her legs, holding her pussy lips open. With the addition of a lemon and a loop of rope around her head, he'd gagged her and assured she could neither move nor talk. She could still see, however, and she watched in growing disbelief as he bustled about the kitchen pulling all sorts of implements from the drawers. Then he disappeared for a few minutes, returning to the kitchen with the digital camera and a very big hard-on.

The ensuing half hour had already begun to blur in Kelli's mind. Jack had done so many things to her, had violated her so many times, that she could barely distinguish one from the other. He'd started by fucking her open pussy; of that much she was sure. After a minute of that, he'd swatted her tits with a rubber spatula, leaving the already stressed flesh red and puffy. Then came a long series of items stuck in her pussy and ass, including wooden spoons, empty bottles, pot handles, basters, and even a rolling pin handle. Then came the fruit and vegetables, including the obligatory cucumbers, carrots and zucchini. With her slit stretched, sore and drying out, Jack stuffed a scoop of ice cream inside her and sprayed whipped cream around it, before bending down to feast on his creation. Making his way to the pantry, he then coated various parts of her body with flour, sugar, chocolate sauce, peanut butter and other foods, until she looked like the remains of a buffet at a large wedding. And of course, he recorded everything with the digital camera.

When he finally removed her bonds, she'd bitten well into the lemon and the juice had severely puckered her lips. Without hesitating a moment he'd crammed his cock deep into her mouth, fucking her as roughly as he'd previously taken her cunt. His cock already tasted of cum; she'd seen drops of it dripping from the tip all during his experiments on her. She sucked at him greedily, running her tongue up and down the sensitive skin on the underside. She wanted him to cum, in her mouth, on her face, anywhere, in the hopes that his passion and evident cruelty would be slaked, at least momentarily. But just as she thought he might erupt, he pulled himself from her mouth and pushed her head away. From the look in his eyes, he knew what she'd been trying to do.

"You're a mess," he commented, surveying her up and down. She felt a mess, with sauces, food, and other items turning into a sticky morass on her skin. Dazed and overwhelmed, she checked the clock and was shocked to see that it was only 5:30, and that the sun hadn't even begun to brighten the morning sky. "C'mon, we've got to get you cleaned up," he said, to which she brightened a bit. Her brief joy turned to suspicion, and then horror, as he pulled her not to the shower, but outside the door wall, off the deck, and into the backyard. She was outside, in full view of the neighbors' houses, naked, covered in food, with a clothespin still attached to one of her tits! She frantically whipped her head around. So far, no lights shone in any of the windows. But any minute now the neighborhood would begin to awaken. And then they would see her in this humiliating position!

She yelped with surprise when the spray of ice cold water hit her, the splash momentarily blinding her. Jack was...was hosing her down! Like you'd clean off an animal! The strong stream of water sent icy blades knifing into her body, playing up and down her limbs before centering on her boobs, turning her nipples into rock hard icicles. At his command to spread her legs, she had no choice but to lay back and accept the stream of water as it blasted along her thighs before probing her anus and finally power-cleaning her cunt. She just wanted to be back in the house and away from any prying eyes. Oblivious, or possibly relishing her discomfort, Jack made her roll onto her hands and knees, and then used the water to invade her cunt and ass from behind. When she saw the bathroom light come on in the house behind them, she could only imagine the depraved scene they made, should that neighbor glance out their window. She, dripping wet, her tits hanging down, her hair a soaking wet mess, her ass and cunt perfectly positioned for the neighbor to see. And Jack, naked and sporting an impressive hard-on, spraying her ass with a coarse stream of water, which when played on her pussy caused her to buck and sway like a cow in heat. Finally, as another light flickered on, Jack relented and ordered her onto the deck. In the gathering dawn, with her kneeling obediently at his feet, he changed the sprayer to mist and forced her to swallow the water until she could swallow no more. Only then did he let her retreat to the safety of the house.

She was completely cowed and somewhat fearful when he led her back up the stairs to their bathroom. By now all that water was pressing firmly on her bladder, and protest was the last thing on her mind when he ordered her to take her place on the toilet. She felt no humiliation, only relief, as she peed steadily into the bowl. Even when Jack insisted that she stand and squat. Even when Jack peed and then had her clean his cock with her tongue. There were worse things than that, that was for sure.

The rest of their morning had proceeded normally, although Jack had forbade her to have breakfast or lunch, or to take a nap or sleep at all. He'd removed all the clothespins but left her nipples clamped, and would occasionally tug on the chain as he moved by. And he'd rewritten her instructions for the day, giving her a task so monumental, she doubted that she could finish it.

Which was why she sat incessantly yawning in front of the computer, her mind buzzing from lack of sleep, with images of sex acts flashing before her eyes. Jack had ordered her to download 1000 sex pictures from the Internet, with one strict rule: no duplicates. In fact, if he found any of the pictures were duplicates, she'd have to stay up all night and download another thousand. So not only did she have to find the pictures, she had to keep track of which ones she already had. And despite the lack of sleep, the hunger and the mental overstimulation, she found herself getting turned on. But Jack had strictly forbidden her from touching herself in any way. And she wasn't about to disobey him again today.

She was only 47 pictures away from her goal when Jack called her at 4:30 that afternoon. "Having fun?" he asked sarcastically. "I'll be home in an hour to inspect your work. Between now and then, I want you to open a bottle of wine and drink a big glass of it. Don't eat anything, though. I'll be bringing home something for you to eat, if you know what I mean." His laugh left no doubt as to what he meant.

An hour later, Kelli had finished her task, and had even double-checked her work for duplicates. The sleep deprivation, the sexual input and the wine had left her both very tired and very horny. She'd snuck a few swipes at her pussy while reviewing the pornographic pictures, but that had only enhanced her need. She didn't dare bring herself to orgasm; she had no doubt that Jack would discover her disobedience, and had no desire to go through the morning's events again.

At the sound of the garage opener, she scrambled atop the kitchen table, her nude ass pointed at the door. As Jack had ordered, she'd laid out a selection of dongs, vibrators and dildos on the table next to her. As his footsteps echoed in the kitchen, she quit trying to spot him from between her legs, and instead turned her attention to the chain dangling between her tits. The clamps had been on her nipples for over 12 hours now.

She had to bite hard on her lip to keep from yelping when he pushed a thick, knobby dong deep into her quivering pussy. And she failed in her attempt to quell her cry when he twisted another thick dong into her tight asshole. She accepted the third dong in her mouth as submissively as possible, knowing that any reaction might give him incentive to torment her even more. He kept her kneeling that way for over 20 minutes, feeling like an obscene porcupine but unable to do a single thing about it.

"What are you, some kind of masturbating slut?" Jack barked at her as he returned to the kitchen. "Take that ridiculous stuff out and put it back on the table. You'll get to use one, just one, of those when we return tonight. But you have to pick which one now."

When they returned? From where? Kelli could tell by the tone of his voice that it was some kind of trick question. The trouble was, she couldn't tell what the trick was. She could go for a big one, especially if he was going to keep her on the edge all night. But if she was sore tonight, then a big one would just make it worse. A small one seemed to be the safest bet. She chose a small dildo, about five inches, and not much bigger around than her thumb. She hoped it would be enough to do the job...whatever it might be.

"OK, then. You have ten minutes to run upstairs, put some makeup on, put this on and drink another glass of wine." He threw her a handful of lingerie. "Put a short skirt and top over it. We're going someplace special."

In the car, the closer they got to the sleazy side of town, the more skittish Kelli felt. The lack of sleep, the porn and the wine were all having an effect on her. She'd been surprised upon removing the dong from her pussy to find it slick with her juices. Even now, she had the distinct feeling that she'd already soaked the thin fabric stretched between her legs. So Kelli felt about ready to bolt when Jack finally parked next to a nondescript, unmarked business building. What was going on?

She still hadn't gotten the answer after they'd entered and found themselves in a white-washed, undecorated office, with two unmarked doors leading to the interior. The receptionist's gaze barely flicked over her before stopping to appraise Jack for several seconds. At her nod, they entered the door to the right, and found themselves in an unadorned room, with clothes hooks stretching down one wall. Women's clothing hung from five or six of the hooks. "I guess you should take off your skirt and top and hang them on the hook," Jack said to her. "Then put these on," he said, brandishing a pair of stiletto heels that she hadn't even noticed in his hands. Dressed in the tight teddy and wearing the tall heels, Kelli felt she could pass for a hooker or call girl. Surely that's not what Jack had planned! By now her heart was hammering with trepidation. They proceeded through another door into a room containing about a dozen cubicles surrounded by a dozen doors. The only lighting came from the green and red lights above the doors, and the soft light emitted from the video monitors that appeared to reside in each cubicle. Despite the tranquil appearance, the room was alive with voices. As they walked through the aisles, Kelli noted that a man sat in each cube, staring intently at the monitor and talking into an adjoining microphone. And every single monitor held an image of a woman in some state of undress.

"Here we are," Jack said, drawing her into an empty cube. The scene on the video showed a small bed with red satin sheets, a single pillow and two stuffed teddy bears. Evidently she was going to go in there and undress for him. That much was clear. But why? They could do this at home. He'd already taped her doing it.

"Have some more wine," he ordered, pulling out a small bottle with a metal cap. "Now, listen, this is important. You're to follow my directions completely and without hesitation. Understand? Everything you do tonight will be a reflection on me. If you think this morning was tough and embarrassing, just see what happens if you make me unhappy tonight." Kelli shivered. She most definitely didn't want him to be displeased. But what was all this leading up to? And why was he so deadly serious?

"You're to go through door number eight. I'm going to lock it from the outside. So if you need to leave, you need to tell me. I want you to go inside and sit on the bed. I'll be talking to you through the microphone. Do everything I tell you to, as enthusiastically as you can. Be as sexy as you can. Concentrate on me, and what I want you to do. And when this is over, we'll head home and get your reward." She nodded when he asked again if she understood, though she was still completely mystified by the whole thing.

The small room looked exactly as it did on the monitor. Kelli stood outside the door as her husband arranged the pillow and teddy bears to his liking. She then primly sat on the bed as he locked her in. Only then did she notice that the walls were actually glass. And that a dark curtain on the outside of the glass was silently sliding aside. She was on display in a glass-walled bedroom! And there were men, dozens of men, rushing over to stare at her!!! Quickly she clasped her hands over her cleavage and pressed her knees together, even as she realized that these men would probably be seeing more of her. Much more.

"J-Jack?" she whispered once, and then a little more loudly. Silence. She tried to avoid the probing looks from the men outside by staring at the ceiling, but she could feel their eyes already undressing her. "Ja-ack?" she tried again. Still nothing. She knew what he wanted. What she would have to do. She'd have to do it anyway. Silently, she cursed Roger and his manipulating ways. She cursed her weakness. She cursed the deal she'd struck with Jack. Then she let her hands fall away, parted her legs a bit, and gazed back at the lusting faces on the other side of the glass. They looked like they wanted to fuck her. And she hadn't even done anything yet.

"Jack? I'm ready," she tried again, her voice cracking from nervousness. She was already envisioning herself laying on the bed, her legs splayed open for all these strangers to see.

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