tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 12

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 12


Day Twelve – Feminism

Flick. Flick. Rub. Rub. Flick. Rub. Twist. It didn't really strike Kelli as being odd that she was laying on the bed, stark naked, slowly and absent-mindedly masturbating. The open display of her sexuality had become second nature to her. Besides, she had much more important concerns swirling in her mind. Such as the events of the previous night. At first she'd been mortified, no, horrified, to be forced to expose her body in so many public places. To be touched, groped and spanked by so many strangers. To be used sexually for someone else's viewing pleasure. She had tried to go to that place where her mind was on automatic; where she could sit outside herself as her body fulfilled Jack's wishes. But she hadn't been able to get there. Something had been in the way. Danger. Excitement. Thrill. She had enjoyed being an exhibitionist! Enjoyed it immensely. Even now the memory of catching Jack's cum spray while the clerk watched was causing her to speed up her sexual manipulations. And being spanked by a stranger? Touched? Groped? Not her favorite part, but acceptable as part of the experience.

She realized that Jack wouldn't be letting up on the activities, as she'd once hoped. He was determined to make his every fantasy a reality before his fourteen days of control ended. The next few nights would be rough. But she'd found more clues that Jack was beginning to forgive her. After they'd returned home last night and climbed into bed, he'd given her a warm goodnight kiss and said, "Loves and kisses," a phrase he hadn't used since they'd been honeymooners. And she'd slept the entire night curled up against his body, the warmth and strength of him as comforting as a favorite pillow.

Even that morning he'd been a little extra considerate. After she'd awakened him with a long and languid blow job – she made sure not to miss that – he had skipped her morning spanking and they'd spent the extra time together in the shower. Had she imagined it, or were his touches more like caresses than gropes?

One fear still niggled at the edge of her mind, though. If she examined Jack's most recent demands of her, it seemed as though he might be leading up to something. And that something made her feel most uncomfortable. First there'd been the kinky sex show he'd forced her to perform for dozens of men at that sex club. They could look but not touch. Then he'd forced her to perform in front of several men last night, who were allowed to touch. What was next? Would he, indeed, force her to spread her legs for another man? Could he possibly stand and watch another man's hard, throbbing member slip past the gates of her pussy lips and deep into her steamy hole? And could she?

Kelli had just finished cleaning the house when the telephone rang. She jotted down a note as Jack gave her instructions for the evening. After hanging up, she looked at the list in despair. It certainly appeared that he was preparing her . . . to be a gift to another man!

The first instruction was to take a bath using perfumed bath salts. She selected lavender, as it made her feel softer and more feminine. After a long soak in the hot water, she perched on the side of the tub to shave her legs, armpits and pussy. The latter took some extra time. After having been tortured by Jack plucking her pubic hair out one strand at a time, she always made sure that she removed every single one. To all the freshly shaven skin she applied a lavender-scented baby oil. She also applied it to a thick, black dong, which she placed prong-up on the floor. Straddling the tip and holding the counter for support, she let herself down onto the oil-covered shaft, the tip spearing her anus. Lowering herself slowly, she could feel her sphincter gradually relax, allowing more and more of the ridged rubber into her ass. She pressed down until she could feel the fake balls pressing against her ass cheeks, which placed over seven inches of plastic cock in her most inaccessible hole. So not only would she be spreading her legs for some strange guy, but Jack would also be letting him ass fuck her! Would it be exciting or simply degrading?

After spending several minutes working the dong in and out of her anus, she removed it and cleaned off her ass. She knew that it would take several hours for her hole to tighten again. And Jack would be home well before then. In fact, Jack had taken a picture of her bent over after removing a dong much like the one she'd just ridden. In it, the hole stretched by the dong had remained open, and you could see well into the darkness inside. It was one of the more disgusting photos of her that he persisted in keeping on his computer.

Her next task was to dress for Jack's arrival in some of the lingerie they'd purchased over the last twelve days. He'd selected a basic bra and garter set designed to compliment her hair and figure. The white bra was semi-transparent, with no inserts or lace to impede the view of her dark nipples. It tied in the back, and she made the knot into a simple bow, so that a single tug on one string would allow the whole thing to fall off her body. The matching bikini panties clung tightly to her slit, the contours of which were clearly visible between her legs. She wore the panties over the garters, of course, so they could easily be removed without unclasping the garter straps or removing her white stocking. Four-inch stiletto heels completed the ensemble, though she set those aside to don once Jack pulled into the driveway.

After straightening and primping every inch of her slut gear, she pulled out the ever-burgeoning box of sex toys and devices. Jack had given her a long list to assemble, and she went over her cache and list several times to assure that she had them all. These she took down to the living room, where the shades were already drawn and the lighting dimmed.

Finally, with just forty-five minutes before Jack arrived, she sat down in front of the TV and turned on the porno DVDs he'd left for her. After all she'd been through, these didn't seem nearly as scandalous as she'd once believed. She didn't quite buy into Jack's explanation that the women were using their God-given talents the best way they could. On the other hand, they weren't quite the threat to home and family that she'd been raised to believe. The women in the films weren't real, in the sense that they could hop off the screen and begin screwing her husband. As long as it was strictly a hands-off affair, she didn't have that much of a problem with how these women chose to make a living. And once Jack had explained the special effects they used in the films, the fake cum, the doubles, and the primpers used to keep the men hard, it wasn't nearly as much pressure as it had first seemed.

Though she was quite worried as to what Jack had planned for the evening, Kelli forced herself to concentrate on the action on-screen. A businessman had decided to earn a promotion for himself by giving his wife to the boss for a night of sexual pleasure. Was Jack trying to send her a message? She watched as the woman dropped to her knees in front of the boss, pulled his dick from his pants, and gave him an enthusiastic blow job while her husband hovered nearby, watching and playing with his own dick. Unlike most porn stars, the woman was a fair actress, and Kelli could see how her trepidation slowly transformed into pure animal lust. As the scene continued into an all-out fuckfest, she could feel herself beginning to get moist, while her breasts started to tingle with need. Just when she thought she might need to bring herself off, the man pulled out and sprayed his employee's wife with his thick, hot seed.

Then, suddenly, she was faced with one of the many lesbian scenes that seemed to inhabit most porn movies. She watched as the two busty women frantically stripped, paused for a speedy kiss, and quickly moved into position for some mutual licking. While Kelli had never really imagined herself in such a scene, and didn't find it particularly arousing, she could see why Jack and most other men found them so appealing. Two sets of everything. Lots of graphic close-ups. Moaning. Sucking. Sweating. Arousal. Lust. Climax. And she felt at least as attractive as the two women on the screen.

Flick. Flick. Rub. Flick. Rub. Push. Flick. She'd pushed aside the thin fabric between her legs without even realizing it. It'd be a while before Jack finally got home . . .

Kelli's heart was beating full-throttle as she pushed her way into Room 112 of the Bel-Aire Motel. Fortunately, the room appeared empty, unless someone was hiding in the adjacent bathroom. She'd been sure, almost positive, that Jack was leading her to a rendezvous with another man. But, so far, it was still all in her mind.

She dropped the bag of sex toys on the room's single chair, then quickly shed her dress, leaving her clad only in lingerie. As she adjusted her bra and panties, Jack entered the room, dragging along his tripod and video camera. Evidently he planned on filming whatever they were going to do. At his instructions, she carefully set out the sex toys on the top of the dresser as he positioned the camera in the corner of the room. She'd just finished pulling out the last toy, a strap-on, when she felt his hands reach into her bra from behind. Capturing her nipples between his fingers, he pulled her back against him, until his lips touched her neck. With a soft animal growl, he brutally sucked, nibbled and kissed the soft, vulnerable flesh. Turning her in his arms, he trailed kisses right up to her mouth, where he crushed his lips against hers. His tongue ravaged her mouth, running roughly along her teeth, fencing with her tongue, seeking to suck out her very soul. Surprised by his passion, she responded in kind, her actions mirroring his. She thrust her body against his with abandon, needing to wrap him in her legs, to massage him with her tits, to give all of herself to him.

Entwined and entranced, they fell back upon the bed, the well-used mattress sinking beneath them. Kelli fought to get her hands inside Jack's pants, but quickly desisted when he grabbed her arm. Even in their lust-filled state, he was setting the rules. With a sharp, painful tug, he literally ripped the bra from her body. The fabric of her panties parted with a raw tearing sound; he threw the ruined cloth to the floor. Though her breasts were bare and her pussy open, his hands stayed tangled in her hair. Lips locked, they writhed upon the bed like a couple of teenagers. She wanted him so bad. And from the feel of the hard lump in his pants, he wanted her too.

Bam! Bam! The sound of a fist against the door brought a sudden fearful memory to Kelli, of her father catching the two of them making out on her bed at home. Never unclothed like this. But kissing, nonetheless. Bam! Bam! The sound brought her back to the present, where Jack was releasing her, his eyes filled with lust, his hair a mess, his breathing uneven.

"Get the door," he groaned at her, shaking his finger when she picked up the dress to cover up.

Get the door like this? She couldn't do that and still cover up her breasts and her sex! Unless . . . unless whoever was at the door was meant to see her like this. Her lust rapidly turning to fear, she placed her hand upon the knob . . . and opened it.

Surprise, shock and amazement hit her in rapid succession. It wasn't the big, burly biker she'd imagined all day. It was a woman. A sexy, busty, green-eyed blonde woman dressed in a tight, black spandex minidress, with black hose and mile-high heels. Kelli knew this woman. But from where? As the woman slipped into the room, the memory of another night hit Kelli like a ton of bricks. The strip club! This woman had given her a lap dance. She felt her face turn beet red as the full memory replayed in her mind. The woman's body sliding up and down hers. The full breasts. The erect nipples. The dampness between her legs. And a more immediate memory . . . that night's porn movie. That had been a message. One of lesbian love.

"Hey again, honey," the woman called sweetly to her as Kelli fastidiously locked up. She needed to keep everyone out, especially any memory of her father's hand upon the door.

"Kelli, you remember Candy," Jack said, getting off the bed to stand next to the woman. "Candy, this is my wife Kelli. She's going to be your play thing for the next couple of hours. With a little help from me, of course."

Kelli stiffened as Candy came over and inspected her. "My play thing, huh? I've been someone else's play thing, but I've never had one of my own. This could be lots of fun!" Kelli fought the urge to run as the woman's fingers trailed over her bare ass. "I remember you from the club," Candy continued throatily. "We kissed. And your nipples were hard under your blouse. Sooooo hard."

"Kelli's just learning, so take it slow," Jack warned, stepping closer. "She may need some special help."

"Ohhhh, I think she'll get all the help she needs. And I don't think she needs that much. She's already hot, aren't you baby?"

Kelli didn't know what she was feeling. Dread? Icky? Curious? Excited? Interested? It was all mixed up inside her, leaving her with an overall feeling of unease. Certainly not the pure revulsion she would've felt just two weeks ago. Two women together? That was sinful, with a capital S. It was just, well, that little kiss at the club last week had been tugging at her brain. Had she been excited by the overall sexuality of the place? Or had there been something else in their brief but intimate encounter? She shot a quick look at her husband, but from the way his eyes were smoldering, she could tell he'd be no help at all. His instructions to go slow had been all bluster; he wanted them to jump to it right away.

As the woman moved towards her, she instinctively edged away. Suddenly, though, her legs caught the edge of the bed and she fell backwards onto it. There was no place left to flee. Candy hopped on the bed next to her, and for a fleeting moment Kelli was sure that the woman was going to grope her open pussy. She was totally unprepared when she found the woman's soft lips upon her own, and the tip of a tongue tentatively probing her mouth.

"My goodness, you're shaking like a leaf," Candy commented, looking down at her. "There's no need to worry, hun. All that talk of being my play thing is gonna come later. We're gonna put on a show for your old man and his camera, you and me. Right now, though, is about us. And who knows better how to pleasure a woman than another woman. Right?"

She didn't have a chance to reply as the woman lowered her mouth onto her breast and took the nipple between her teeth. It was different from the way Jack sucked on her! Different from him even in his most tender moments. Candy massaged the hard pellet up and down the sides, until sharp sparks of pleasure made her twitch and moan on the mattress. She could feel herself break out in a hot sweat, with the spot between her legs turning into a cauldron of volcanic liquids. Her brain started to buzz loudly, and she couldn't tell whether she was moaning out loud, or if it was just in her head. Of their own volition, her arms clasped themselves around Candy's body, wishing that the woman had shed her clothes and that she could touch the smooth skin beneath.

Perhaps misinterpreting the touch, Candy transferred her attention to Kelli's other breast, this time giving all her attention to the very tip of the nipple, at times seemingly stimulating a single nerve at a time. Kelli let herself drop into a whirlpool of pleasure, all questions and doubts of male, female, sub, dom, guilt, innocence, Jack and Candy swept away by the ecstatic sensations pulsing through her body. She was a live wire, and anyplace that Candy touched, on purpose or accidentally, became an electric point of contact.

Her breath caught when Candy's lips finally left her breasts. She knew what would come next, what must come next, and her body vibrated with anticipation. In Candy's place, Jack would've tortured her, made her wait, made her beg. In just a few short minutes, Candy had earned her trust. Candy wouldn't do that. Candy knew what a woman wanted.

Even expecting it, the touch of a tongue to her pussy jolted Kelli like a long, sustained flash of lightning. Pure pleasure arced from her cunt to her nipples to her hands down her legs and back to her cunt. She looked down in amazement, her body so attuned to every sensation that she could actually feel every strand of Candy's hair as it slid softly along her thighs. The tongue sought the hole under her pussy lips, suddenly and aggressively filling it, just like Jack's cock had done too many times to count. But this invader was more flexible, and it writhed inside her hole as though seeking the source of her nectar, like a snake entering a cave in search of its next meal. She screamed and groaned and arched her back, thrusting her pussy up so that the tongue speared into her ever deeper. And even having lost control to that degree, knowing that more intense pleasure was on its way.

Kelli could physically feel the change in demeanor in Candy's body. Tenderness gave way to aggressiveness as the tongue suddenly withdrew from her inner hole and landed firmly in the slit leading up to her clit. And finally Candy's mouth was upon it, enticing the tiny pebble of flesh from its hooded lair with her dancing tongue. Kelli screamed again, on the precipice, wanting more than anything to push her fingers inside and finish the job, but blindly understanding that to wait for the tongue to finish her would be better. Much better.

Looking down, she saw that Candy had buried her face between her legs, only the tip of her nose and her clenched eyelids visible above the red, sweat-soaked skin. She glanced over to see Jack grinning madly, then had to close her eyes as another wave of tension threatened to push her over the edge. She grabbed handfuls of the bedspread and spread her legs as wide as possible, giving the woman extreme access to her quivering clit. She could feel Candy's teeth rake the exposed nub, with her tongue trailing along to wet and soothe the throbbing flesh. It all came together in a split second of ecstatic, orgasmic pleasure, the sudden release of tension pouring forth like a torrent of water from a breached dam. She wailed as though branded, the searing heat gushing along her synapses between her legs to every muscle in her being. Candy continued gnashing at her, just long enough to pull the last rivulets of pleasure out, but not long enough to allow the tension to begin pooling again. It was a distinction very few men could achieve.

Kelli released the bedding and lay panting like a dog after a long and joyful run. She knew she'd have to respond in kind, but right now the thought was a distant fear, not worthy of notice. She let herself sink into the bliss, her limbs and brain and emotions as pliant as though in the grip of inebriation.

All too soon it had to end, as Candy crawled back up the bed and perched next to her.

"Help me with this, hun," Candy said, turning so that Kelli could unzip her dress. As a stripper, Candy could probably shed her clothes in two seconds flat. So it was obvious that she was playing to Jack and the camera. With a sharp tug, the dress came over her head. Kelli was not at all shocked to see that Candy wasn't wearing a bra, and had only the barest slip of cloth between her legs. "Now help me take this off," Candy said, handling the g-string. "With your teeth," she added with a devilish smile. So they were going there right off the bat. Kelli had thought she'd be able to start with a kiss, some sucking, before having to go down there. Something to help her get used to the idea.

Except for the trip to the strip club, this was the closest she'd ever been to another naked woman. Even in school she'd blushed when dressing in the locker room, and had turned away to avoid looking at another woman's breasts or nethers. Now she had one right next to her. The woman's sexuality seemed to ooze from her very pores, and Kelli could almost taste the expectancy in the air. After the heights this woman had just taken her, she couldn't refuse to do the same.

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