14 Days To Redemption Ch. 14


Now she sat in the front seat, reading off the directions and wondering where they were headed. Two turns later, she had her answer. She could only look questioningly at Jack as he pulled into the attached garage of a small brick ranch home on the city's west side. And she almost broke his command of silence when the garage door noisily slid down, trapping them inside.

He stopped her, though, with a wave of his hand. "Now it's time for you to show how much you've learned. The man inside this house has helped me a lot during the last two weeks, though I've never met him in person. He's given me lots of advice on how to turn you from what you were into a fully obedient wife. I want to treat him with as much respect as you treat me. You'll call him Sir and me Master. When we get inside, you'll drop immediately into your position, and from then on you'll do anything he says. He'll be as much your master as I am." With that said, he pulled her close and kissed her sharply and deeply, his tongue jamming into her mouth as if he were fucking her with it. Just as she began to lean into his kiss, she felt his hands place something around her neck and heard a "click" next to her ear. Instinctively, she reached to touch her neck, only to find that he'd placed a collar around it. And to that collar he was attaching a leash!

The stiff leather cut into her chin as he pulled her out the driver's side door. As she tried to untangle herself from the steering wheel, the inside door opened and a barrel-chested man stepped out, his eyes skimming over her and then warmly resting on her husband.

"Jack, I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place?"

"Nope. We were just out at the State Park for a little adventure when you called. Just a short stop to change, and we're here."

"An adventure, eh? Seems like a good day for them," the man said with a sly grin towards Kelli. "Let's get inside, shall we?"

Though completely confused and more than a little intimidated, Kelli dropped into her kneeling, submissive position as soon as they entered the house. They had paused in a small laundry room. To the right was a spotless white kitchen; to the left a well-kept family room, with all the vertical blinds closed, so that the only illumination came from the light leaking around the edges. With her head bowed, all she could see of their host was his beefy hands, which twitched occasionally as he spoke. He wore jeans but no shoes or socks, which to her seemed like a casualness that was out of place in a house that was so tidy. Not a single item appeared to be out of place.

"And this is your slave slut?" the man asked, as naturally as one would ask about the weather.

She kept her head stiffly bowed as Jack answered, "Yes. This is my slave. But I haven't come up with a good name for her, so I just call her 'slut.' She's come a long way since we started, Al, and I have you to thank for that."

"She looks more delicious in person than on the screen," Al answered with a chuckle. "Let's head into the family room and we'll get a better look at her."

Jack snapped the chain, and Kelli took that to mean that she should crawl down the steps into the family room. The two men took their places in adjoining leather chairs, while she knelt in her submissive position on a padded coffee table in front of them. Al reached across to the wall and flipped a switch, and suddenly Kelli was awash in a cone of light from a spotlight right above the table.

Jack began to hand the leash to the man, but Al stopped him. "Never hand over your property to another man unless it's an even exchange. And as you can see, I've no one in my stable at the moment. I would be happy if you simply relayed my requests to her, as she should only take orders from you. Now, let's see what this little dish has to offer."

At Jack's direction, she stood on the table and slowly twirled around, feeling as though Al's gaze was penetrating her flimsy lingerie. Not that he would need to use his imagination, she remembered. He'd surely seen all of her in the pictures Jack had evidently sent to him. She wondered how much Jack had shared with this stranger. And how many more people were in on their secret?

She had to stow her curiosity, though, when Jack had her kneel back in front of their host. At Al's suggestion, she pulled her lacy bra up, revealing her bare breasts and rapidly hardening nipples. Despite her trepidation she was becoming quite aroused. She didn't know what would happen, and performing for a stranger added an exciting element of danger. She couldn't help but flashback to her performance in the sex club, and the times that Jack had banged her in front of those college kids at the cottage. She shifted her legs instinctively; she was becoming quite wet, and she worried that the thin fabric would soon give that away.

"Ah, patience, pet," Al said to her, as if reading her mind. "You will soon have the chance to perform as a little slut should. You will soon be performing the only task a woman need perform: to please a man sexually."

She'd become almost inured to such talk from Jack. It was almost a way of girding himself for battle. But the idea of servitude, coming from this man, made her blood run cold.

Abruptly, Al got up and headed for the stairs, motioning for the two of them to follow. It was pitch black at the bottom of the stairs, though Kelli could hear the two men moving about. Suddenly she felt a hand roughly squeeze her breast, while a pair of fingers quickly found their way into her pussy. It wasn't Jack's hand, of that she was sure. But was it Al's, or some unknown man's? The incursion lasted only seconds, just long enough to leave her feeling violated and vulnerable. What kind of hell had Jack led her into?

The fingers left her and a moment later the lights flickered on, revealing Al to be some distance away. Only her husband stood near. Had she been mistaken? Her questions left her as she stood and gazed at the basement room. It was a very elaborately equipped dungeon! She'd never seen one in person; only in the background of Internet bondage pictures. On one wall hung a variety of whips, crops, paddles, floggers, ropes, chains and other paraphernalia she couldn't begin to identify. Another wall was a full-length mirror. The third wall was completely unfinished, a stud frame filled with hooks, pulleys and cross frames. Various ropes hung from hooks in the ceiling, and two four-poster tables sat in the middle of the room, along with two saw horses and a variety of odd-looking contraptions. Ominously, two cameras were poised on tripods next to one of the tables. An expensive-looking video camera, with wires that ran to another small room was pointed at the well-lit table already. And a still digital camera sat waiting next to it.

Kelli could feel the two men watching her as she took it all in, then wondered why they hadn't given her an order. Then it hit her. She dropped to her knees like a rock, quickly assuming the position of subservience.

"About time," her husband remarked dryly. "Any longer and you wouldn't be able to sit for a week. Even so, you're going to wish you'd been more observant."

She tried to make herself look as repentant as possible, knowing that she fought a losing battle. They didn't need an excuse to punish her. They had the power to do that anytime they wanted. She'd given it to them.

"You can watch the preparations if you want, my sweet," Al called out to her, as she endeavored to study the carpeting in front of her knees. "I'm sure you'll find it personally interesting."

She looked up to see him switch on a video monitor she'd overlooked earlier. He swung the camera around to point it at her, and she immediately appeared on the monitor, kneeling submissively in her lingerie with her tits hanging out. The camera was so good, she could even make out the hard nubs of her nipples.

"Now to go public." With that, Al disappeared into the room where all the cables led, while Jack stepped around to the camera and zoomed it in until her right breast completely filled the screen, her swollen nipple now as big as a baseball. Suddenly, the image was replaced with an Internet site, which rapidly changed from screen to screen to screen. Finally her breast reappeared on the screen, with a gray area below it marked only by a flashing cursor. It hit her then. This was being broadcast over the web! Live! But to how many people? And who?

She looked pleadingly at Jack, but he refused to meet her gaze. She knew better than to speak out. It would embarrass him in front of his friend. Or mentor. Or whatever Al was to him. And that would make him even more likely to allow Al to do whatever he wanted. And it was clear that Al had a much kinkier mind than Jack.

"Nice open, that one," Al remarked as he came back into the dungeon. "That tit shot will keep 'em wondering, wondering whether the rest of the bod is as firm as that nice tit. We might get another ten percent viewership from just that open. Good job, Jack."

They were broadcasting it! And charging for it, too

Al had seen her look. "Don't worry about it, sweet thing. You've got other things to worry about, besides who's watching what. Jack's got a debt to pay off, and you're going to help. You should be happy you can do that. Just obey. React naturally. And everything will fall into place. Speaking of which, I'll man the camera while Jack gets you into place. The red light shows we're on the air with video. The blue light shows when audio is going out. And we'll reply with this wireless keyboard when we need to. And now we pull out to show the rest of our dish for the evening... And, let's get you strapped down on the oak table for a little fun!"

Kelli was trembling so badly that Jack literally had to help her to the table. As she lay down, she felt him place a V-shaped pillow under her head. Not only was it more comfortable, but she had a much better view of the proceedings. She remained limp as Jack fastened her wrists to clamps located at the top corners of the table, and then did the same to her ankles at the bottom. As he stepped away, she tried to move, and found that she could shift back and forth in place, as well as lift her hips from the table, but couldn't move much more than that. She ceased trying as soon as she saw the lascivious grin on Al's face as he watched her from over the camera. He was enjoying her struggles!

At Al's direction, Jack stepped back in and pushed a ball gag into her mouth. She immediately hated the thing. As if by magic, her parched mouth was suddenly full of saliva, and she could feel it beginning to leak around the edge of the ball. How attractive could that be, she wondered?

What followed was a long trial of sadistic acts, each one more degrading than the last. As she lay helpless upon the table Jack poked and prodded her most intimate places, squeezing, twisting and teasing her delicate skin. He wrapped rope around her tits and pulled it tight, squeezing them until they turned purple. he attached clothespins to her nipples, and then, most painfully, along each flap of her pussy lips. Fortunately, he removed each implement of destruction after only a few minutes, leaving them on just long enough for the audience to get their jollies. One item that he didn't remove was the nipple clamps and the chain joining them. This he tugged on often, sometimes pulling sharply and cruelly until tears came to her eyes. She couldn't scream thanks to the ball gag, but she knew he could see the pain and humiliation in her eyes. So too, could the internet audience. And she knew that was the point of this.

After a time, it became too cumbersome for Al to take suggestions from the internet audience, relay them to Jack, and then instruct Jack on the best way to fulfill the request. So they switched roles, with Jack handling the computer and camera, and Al inflicting the damage to her body. He was both gentler and crueler than Jack, having much more skill and experience in carrying out each act, but also knowing exactly which buttons to push to get the maximum reaction from her. He never tugged the chain but rather smacked her breasts with the back of his hand, stinging her flesh while creating an evil sound.

On the monitor she could see the sweat glistening on her body, and the haunted look of fear reflected in her eyes. But she could also understand the appeal. She was completely under their control. They owned her and her body, and could use it as they wanted. She wondered if the audience could see the defiance that was beginning to build inside her. The aggressive attitude that said 'Bring it on. You haven't broken me yet.' And if they did see it, did that inner spirit make this all the more tantalizing, all the more challenging?

She watched with some trepidation as Al pulled over an evil-looking machine, locking the cart down and plugging it in. It looked like a cylinder with a long rod coming out the front, with the tip of the rod positioned just outside her pussy. Working slowly and deliberately, Al attached a thick, black dildo to the end of the rod, slathering the dildo with lubricant. Only when he pressed the dildo into her cunt did she really understand. It was a fucking machine! Her guess was proven when he turned it on, the dildo sliding slowly back and forth inside her cunt. Though she thought that they'd immediately speed it up, Al instead simply applied a little more lubricant before turning back to her husband.

"Al, the natives are getting restless. They want to see some cum," Jack read off the computer screen.

"If you want to do the honors, I can take over back there," Al replied.

"Nah. You've done all the work. You should enjoy some benefits from it. Besides, she's my slut, and she does what and who I say."

So this was it. Somehow Kelli knew in her heart that this moment would come. It didn't really surprise her that Jack would give her away like this. He'd been leading up to this over the past two weeks. And it played to his sense of irony. She'd given herself to another man without permission. Now she was going to be used by another man again. But with one big difference. This time, he was the one doing the giving. She didn't even bother to look to Jack. Instead, she looked straight up at Al, who once again wore that smile that said he knew all the mental gymnastics she was going through. Then she glanced over at the monitor and almost laughed, had the gag not stopped her. She was that woman on the screen. Stark naked. Tied to the table. Criss-crossed by ropes. Sweat-soaked. Nipples clamped and chained. Gagged and drooling. Being fucked in her spread open cunt by a dildo-tipped machine. Completely helpless. And she was debating whether sucking another man's cock would be too degrading?

She gasped when Al took the gag from her mouth, then gasped again when he pulled his cock out of his shorts and slammed it into her mouth. It was less a sucking than a mouth-fucking, as he slammed his rod into her with a vengeance. Kelli could only keep her mouth open and her tongue out of the way as he bumped against her face, the dark mass of his pubic hair rhythmically obscuring her vision. So frantic were his actions that she couldn't even taste the rod in her mouth. She was a fuck hole and nothing more. Al didn't even bother to try and hold back. He banged her savagely and was on the verge of cumming in almost no time. When he pulled out from her mouth and began pumping his cock, she obediently opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, looking as eager as a baby bird to receive its meal.

Even expecting it, she almost gagged as the slippery cum spurted into her mouth, quickly coating her tongue and then leaking out onto her lips and chin. The next spurts coated her cheeks and face, before dribbling down onto her neck. She didn't need to look at the monitor to know that Al had blasted her entire face with his milky cum, turning her into as much of a cum whore as the professional sluts featured on all those internet web sites.

Even as she licked and swallowed the salty seed from her lips, she almost yelped in surprise. Looking down, she saw that Jack had turned up the speed on the fucking machine, which now pumped its evil extension in and out of her cunt at an alarming rate. A pleasurable rate, too, judging from the sensations emanating from between her thighs. Not only was the dildo sliding in and out, but it was also twisting along the way. She was literally being screwed! And though there was enough lubricant to keep the dildo from sticking tightly, there was enough resistance that every twist of the tool it stretched her cunt to the point that her clit was directly stimulated. Even as she strove to stay focused on sucking the stray drops of cum from Al's cock, she tried to grind her body back against the machine, humping it in a desperate attempt to get off.

When the orgasm hit it was blindingly intense, her pelvic muscles locking against the still pounding dildo, causing an even sharper stiletto of pleasure to slice through her. She spasmed against her ropes, the bonds cutting even deeper into her skin, the pain mixing with the pleasure to shock every fiber in her body. She shook as if in a seizure and wailed again and again as the machine continued to grate against her stiff burning clit. She couldn't stop shaking, so intense was the pleasure, and her wails rose and rose in pitch as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her with adrenaline. Finally, mercifully, Jack shut off the machine, but still her body continued to shudder, her muscles taut against the ropes and her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she tried to catch her breath. She felt as though she were out of her body, as though the sweat-soaked, cum-stained wretch on the table was a stranger, someone to be pitied for her lack of control. And most certainly not the good daughter of a god-fearing couple.

Her head lolled to one side as she felt Jack approach. She expected him to pull his cock out, to force her to come up from her exhaustion and give the audience one last show. But instead her crouched down next to her, placing his mouth next to her ear but keeping far enough away so that Al's still warm cum wouldn't smear on him.

"Now are you glad that we decided to keep going?" he whispered into her ear.

She turned her head to look down her body and took stock. Her toes were still tightly curled from the extreme sensations. Her legs were still pried apart, giving anyone who cared to look a full view of her gaping, juicy pussy. Her hips showed the signs of abrasions where she'd bucked against the ropes in a mindless desire to fuck back against the fucking machine. Her nipples were still tied together by a chain that marked her as someone's property. The ropes holding her torso to the table had cut into her tits, leaving red welts as a sign of her passion. She turned to the monitor and saw that Al's cum had mixed with her sweat to plaster her hair back in places, while her face was streaked with the slimy remains of the rest of it. And her hands bound above her head, keeping her helpless and at the mercy of these two men.

As she gazed at the monitor she remembered that it wasn't just her husband and Al who had just witnessed her complete transformation into a wanton sex slave. She thought of the countless men out there, sitting before their computers stroking their cocks as they fantasized about what had just happened to her, and how it would feel if it was their cock in her frantic mouth. Their cock commanding her complete devotion. Their cock always at the ready to pierce her cunt or her mouth or her ass, ready to dump a load of sperm and mark her as their own. Some of those men watching might be the men from church. Or the manager of the grocery store. Or even some of her father's friends, those who never shared their fascinations with him. And how some of those men might see her in the future, and recognize her, and remember how she looked with her legs spread wide, desperate for a cock to fill her. And how her breasts looked as they strained against the bonds, or as a greedy hand groped and twisted and pinched her nipples. Or how eagerly she took a cock in her mouth, and how obediently she waited for the cum to grace her mouth, and how quickly she licked the precious fluid up, as though it were water in the desert. She thought of those men looking at her firm tits in real life, and wanting to see them again. And of those men looking at her shapely ass, and wanting to see it and touch it and spank it, the way they saw Jack and Al do it on the computer screen. She thought of those men licking their lips, and feeling their cocks begin to grow, as the wondered whether they could approach Jack and ask him please, please can you let me see your young wife's tits just once more? And what do I need to do to earn a cock sucking with her talented mouth?

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