14 Days To Redemption Ch. 14


She thought too of the other men, the ones sitting before their computers, their hands wrapped around their cocks, who beat off as she was being beaten. Their hands now sticky with their own cum. The ones who yearned for her, even as they yearned for a wife who would be so compliant and submissive. No more talk of headaches. Just kneel on the floor and suck me, bitch. And she thought of the wives of those few who had the guts and the means to ask or demand that their partners be as compliant. Of the women who would end up that night bound and dominated as she had been. Their pussies explored and violated. Their tits abused. Their assholes rent with all manner of degrading objects.

Then she turned to look at Jack's crotch and the stiff tent between his legs, knowing at that moment that the night's activities weren't over, and that their audience would indeed see her again drowning in a gusher of cum, and twisting in a net of pain and pleasure. She looked at his growing erection and knew that their home life would never be the same. That he would want this often, and she would need it often. And damn the consequences, because if god didn't want people to do it, he wouldn't have made it feel this good.

She felt a touch of dread growing in her but let the aggression stamp it out. Jack could try and break her and she welcomed the challenge, but in being out of control she had the power. And she knew that she'd always possess it, even when she let him possess her.

So she turned and breathed a simple answer back to him, "Yes."

The End

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by Anonymous

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by wanderinggipsy03/23/17

mr bbonz1's most wretched and miserably pathetic psycho erotic fantasy planet?;)

My my mister bbonz1.....what has Christianity come to?!
over depraved,overly psycho sleazeball perverts of husbands would dole out 'Redemption'?! for a cheating the wife owned up about...and tearfullymore...

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