1422 Clemency Drive


I rubbed my cock a few times, trying to get the feeling out of it. I could feel pins and needles in it, and it felt hot and itchy. It was so hard it hurt, and I looked at Rae, who glanced down at my cock again. I stared at the woman, and then moved behind her and pushed her to the desk.

The woman pushed me away and reached for a pack of cigarettes, and I spanked her ass, hard. She gave a lurched giggled, and I hit my cock on her ass cheek a few times. Rae's breathing was driving me insane again, and she moved up behind me, dragging her nails along my thighs and pressing her body against mine.

The woman turned around as I lifted up her robe and pulled aside her panties. I spread her cheeks wide, and moaned as Rae began to jerk my cock from behind me. I pushed against the woman's asshole, and she tensed it shut, then relaxed a little. My thick cock-head was suddenly swallowed by her asshole and the head was inside her bowel.

Rae gave a low laugh as she moved around to the opposite side of the bench. She climbed up onto a stool and unzipped her pants again. She leant down to the woman's face and put her hands in the woman's hair. "My boy's gonna fuck your asshole now, you sadistic whore. And you're gonna like it, aren't you? Because you're such a slut, you need a big, fat cock in your shitter."

The woman moaned and Rae spread one leg out, opening herself to the woman. She tilted the woman's head and pushed it into her pussy crack. Rae stared at me as we locked eyes. I was fucking the woman who was sucking her out, but it could have just been Rae and I in that room together. I could feel the itchy pain of my cock going away in the heat of the woman's asshole.

I brought a hand up and then brought it down stingingly across her bouncing cheeks, and the woman gasped against Rae's pussy. Rae reached behind her and began to play with her asshole as the woman ate her pussy, and she watched my cock moving into the woman's ass.

Rae got off the bench, letting the woman's head drop to the vinyl, and then disappeared. She came back a moment later, the strap-on cock bouncing from her hips. I pulled the woman's body back, feeling her breasts heaving with her gasping breaths as Rae sat down on the stool next to us. I moved us over, and the woman looked down between Rae's legs and gave a short whine.

Rae eased herself up under the woman's spread legs, and I felt her tense down hard on my cock. I slowed down and finally stopped, fully up her ass as Rae slid her strapped-on cock inside the woman who had used it on her. Rae and I were grinning stupidly at one another as we resumed fucking her, and the woman leant over and pushed on the bench, trying to keep herself up.

I leant down and kissed Rae, who kissed me back and gasped into my mouth, then moaned against me. My hips were moving quicker, and Rae leant back and spanked the woman's hip. A frown crossed her face as I started to feel myself about to cum, and she grabbed hold of the woman's throat, bringing her back across in front of her.

"What's your name?" she asked incredulously, and a part of began to laugh at the absudity of this whole happening. The woman began to play with herself as she was filled with cock, and her mouth opened, though at first all she did was pant.

"Di-i-iane...ooh...fuck...yeah, oh yes...so full of cock...Diane...Robinson..." Rae started to laugh, and I followed suit, but stopped as I felt that tell-tale tingle at the base of my spine. Rae was watching my face, her smile huge and bright, and her hands came up to grab Diane's throat as we fucked our cocks into her.

"Here's to you Mrs Robinson," she smirked as I gave a roar and began to cum. I couldn't stop, just felt my cock jerking and blowing a massive load, bigger than before, up Diane's bowel. Rae's legs fell off the stool and she quivered, and I remembered somehow that there was another phallus shape inside her on the other side of the strap-on.

I fell back, pulling my cock out of Diane as I fell, mesmirised by her asshole. It was wide and gaping, slowly shrinking back down to size. A small trickle of my cum came out, and dripped down her cheek onto her leg. I looked at Rae, who flicked the buckle and undid the strap, pulling it out of her pussy with a sigh.

Diane moaned and collapsed onto the floor as I caught my breath. I heard a car-horn, and moaned, looking at my watch. It was the bus, looking for us. Rae and I quickly stumbled through our clothing and grabbed the clipboard and our bags. We moved through the garden, leaving the door open and jumped onto the bus's steps. The driver leered at Rae and I, and then we were passed him and moving through the seats. We found an empty one and sat there, ignoring the teasing comments.

I looked at her once we were on the way, and she didn't meet my eyes again. I knew then that it was just a freak one-off, something to dream about when I went back to being a boring geek. Two days passed, and she still didn't say anything. Then it was summer break, and I didn't see her again.

I waited anxiously, and couldn't help myself. I drove past Diane's house six times over the break before I went in. When university began again, I'd changed a bit. I caught sight of some familiar blue and black hair, though in soft curls this time, and yelled Rae's name. She turned around and smiled, and grinned back.


"Hey back. How um... sounds pretty stupid. How are you?" She smiled naughtily and I noticed that the studs were gone. Her eyes were brown and clear, with no eyeliner, or at least very little. The piercings were all but gone, and I notices some small scars in her nose, lip and eyebrows. She wore her curled hair softly framing her face, and I found myself smiling at her more.

"I'm really good. You look good, did you get contacts or something?" She laughed ruefully. "And go to the gym, and get a wardrobe make-over?" I had gotten contacts, and I had gone to the gym, and I had changed my clothes. My sister helped with most of the clothing, but the rest was all me.

"Yeah, uh, I decided that going through life looking like an accountant probably wasn't the best thing." She nodded and jerked her head towards the university entrance.

"Look, um, I'm sure we'll be getting a tonne of papers and homework from here on in, so what do you say I come, uh, over to your place tonight and we get some studying done? I mean, if that's okay?" I could barely contain my grin, and nodded.

"I'll cook dinner, you bring the movie." She nodded, smiling shyly.

"For after." I nodded, hoping my expression conveyed my absolute sincerity.

"Sure. Of course. For... after... after homework." She smiled, a flush creeping up her cheeks again. I liked this side of her, this softer side.

"Someone get a confidence booster, huh? After..." She looked away, and we continued walking together, moving towards the classroom. "Did you, um... hah... did you go back?" I didn't answer for a moment, then nodded.

"Yeah. She was getting it on with some guy, younger than me. He was covered in those crappy little badges proclaiming he was "18 TODAY!!". Guess she's a bit of a local legend. Anyway, we ended up doing her again. But it wasn't the same. I guess, I just ended up... I mean, it was an excuse to be with... uh..." Rae smiled as she leant in close to me, bumping me softly, playfully.

"I went back too. There was another girl there, and we went beserk, all three of us." My eyes widened and she laughed shrilly. "Oh, come on, it's university. We're young adults now, time for experimenting. Besides..." she started as we turned in to class and she gave me a lingering cuddle.

"Who else do you think wanted us to happen? I wanted you first, baby."

I couldn't help but grin, feeling my cock already getting hard. The lecturer raised an eyebrow at me disapprovingly and I slid into a seat beside my sudden girlfriend, and winked at her. Rae caught our lovely lecturer's gaze and grinned, then reached down and stroked my cock under the table.

1422 Clemency Drive, here we go again,

The End.

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